In this video, we chat about the power of following the heart and soothing the ego. When your heart says yes, but your ego says no, it can be confusing. But we’ve found that life moves forward in a beautiful way when you listen to the deep wisdom of your soul and take mindful steps to calm the fear of change.

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This is an excerpt from our Podcast Episode 3: Why is Reiki so Weird? with Angela Hoogeveen and Geneva Robins.

Sometimes, the overprotective ego wants to keep you stuck just because the positive thing you’ve started is creating change. We see this happen a few days into a new exercise routine or the start of a meditation habit. Resistance builds up, and forward progress just stops.

The way through is to access the great wisdom of your higher self, the part that is totally aligned with the new changes and growth. That soulful self is completely unafraid and is even eager to get going on the new plan.

How do you tap into your Heart’s wisdom?

Our favourite method to access the wisdom of the soul is to practice a few minutes of grounding or self-healing with Reiki. Walking in nature or even a big sigh of relief can help you return to your core self.

Some resources that you might like are the Awakening Meditation and the Activating Divine Will Meditation.

A Reiki session can also help you get clear and set the noisy ego aside so you can hear what your soul is saying to you.

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