Grounding is one of the first things I teach in Reiki, but it is a powerful skill that anyone can do. Grounding is simply connecting to the vast love of Mother Earth and allowing this energy to support and heal us.

This meditation will help you connect to that vast and loving power.

Grounding Meditation

Grounding is very simple. Keep it simple and serene, just like Nature.

Use the grounding meditation anytime you feel scattered, off-centre, unbalanced, or feeling unpleasant emotions, like worry, anxiety, fear anger, or rage. You will feel a sense of peace and calm fill you and soothe you. Just visualize the Earth energy and your energy connecting.
That is all you need to do.

Try this meditation to guide you deeper into that stable and nurturing connection with the Earth.

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Earth Energy is Love

Mother Earth has a vast reserve of energy and love for us. This deep and eternal love is available to us all, without judgment and without reserve. You do not need to be perfect to earn this love; you do not need to recycle to earn this love. She just loves you. She loves you just the same.

This ever-present, abundant, and kind Earth Energy is available to all who call upon it. Earth Energy is inherently healing. We can feel this healing power whenever we are outside in the fresh air or surrounded by plants, flowers, trees, or forests.

Earth energy is yin, on the yin-yang, passive-active, spectrum. It is low, like the ocean. It gathers energy to it with the ease of gravity.

This energy forms a vast resource that can be accessed strongly by focusing our thoughts and being aware of the energy in the Earth. Just simply this awareness is enough to begin the energy flow.

The energy of the Earth can be soft and gentle; it can be powerful and strong. It responds to what is needed by the Law of Least Effort. The yin nature of this energy means it responds best to surrender, rather than force. You have access to greater amounts of Earth energy when you allow it to flow to you, rather than trying to force it or suck it up like through a straw.

Earth Energy is able to wash away emotional toxins from the body. Strong emotions are immediately soothed. Simply being in Nature is healing.

Simply being aware that we are ALWAYS in Nature is healing.

This deep and pure and stable energy is necessary for energy work, like Reiki. Earth Energy connects us to the physical world and provides a stable base for us to explore the spiritual world safely. This energy gives balance and stability to our daily lives.

Earth Energy refills and replenishes us each night when we sleep. We lie horizontally and let go of our daily concerns. We allow all our systems to rest, and in this rest, we are renewed. That is the power of the Earth. If we let it, it can heal everything.

We rely on the Earth for our air, water, and food. Our very lives are indebted to Mother Earth. She is ours, and we are hers. She has the powerful ability to nurture all our ills and soothe all our worries.

Just a 5-minute walk outside at lunchtime can completely renew and replenish you, especially if you bring to conscious awareness the healing energies of the Earth.

Looking for Nature, wherever you find it, and being aware of the beauty, no matter how small, is a deeply spiritual practice.


Meditation Transcript

Very gently, let your breath to relax.

Place your feet flat on the floor and bring your spine straight.
Just gently become aware of the energy of the earth just below your feet, just below the base of your spine.

Notice this vast expanse of energy available to you now. This energy is wise, dependable and nurturing. Feel the charge and character of this earth energy now.

Now become aware of the energy within your body. Observe the difference or similarity between your energy and the earth’s energy. Notice this gently, easily and with great kindness.

Now easily, with your breath, allow the energy of your body and the energy of the earth to balance out.

Let the energy reach its own stable resting point, your natural equilibrium.

Allow the charges in your body and in the earth to harmonize easily and gently with your breath. Notice how your breath helps the energy flow.

Notice the love, support and comfort that is available to you now. There is no need to push or pull the energy here. Step aside and let the energy flow. Allow the earth energy to rise up your body right to your crown.

Allow any unwanted energy retention to flow off right through your feet. Let the nurturing presence of Mother Earth be with you now.

Surrender all barriers and blockages to her magnificent love. You are so loved. Feel it now. Rest here for a moment.
When you are ready gently wiggle your fingers and your toes.

Rub your hands together and then bring that energy down your legs. Give yourself a hug and have a wonderful day.



This meditation was recorded, produced and mixed by the brilliant Braden Lyster of TrooKnot. Braden is a musical comedian that gets crowds grooving, giggling, and wondering what he ate for breakfast. He blends humour and music into an explosion of creative surprises.

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