In this podcast episode, Kim Star joins Geneva Robins to chat about new and powerful sessions at LunaHolistic, our Special Sessions! Part one discusses the life-changing magic of Multi-Generational Healing Sessions and Past Life Healing Sessions.

In our next episode, airing on May 15th, we’ll share more about our Creative Manifesting Session, Meet Your Loved One Session, Pattern Healing Session, and Meet Your Team Session. It is powerful and transformative work, and we’re so excited to bring it to you.

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What could two and a half hours do for you?

A potent combo of guided visualization, custom guided meditation, and a Reiki healing session immerses you in a healing landscape of the soul with your skilled guide, Geneva, who helps you clear ancient patterns and beliefs that hold you back.

Our Special Sessions at LunaHolistic are massive, and they are also incredibly beautiful and transformative. Led by Geneva, a seasoned Reiki master with over a decade of experience, each session is a unique journey of self-discovery and healing. We start with a brief chat to understand your needs, followed by a custom-guided meditation experience within the context of Reiki. This process helps the energy flow and open, creating a space for you to deeply heal and change old patterns and limiting beliefs.

Multi-Generational Healing Session

Our Multi-Generational Healing Sessions offer a unique opportunity for you to engage in a loving conversation with an ancestor. This conversation is a powerful tool for releasing any trauma you might be holding and receiving generational gifts. We guide you to the soul plane, a meeting place of high vibration, where you can release anything that might have been inherited through the family line. This process is effective for both adopted and genetic families, focusing on healing energy patterns. We provide the support you need to hold that energy steady, allowing you to connect in this healing space.

We help you put together an energetic family tree and select an ancestor connected to any family pattern you wish to release. In the guided meditation, you hand back any patterns you might be holding in the form of a gift, maybe even what your ancestor needed at that time. You learn more about what generational gifts, skills, and talents that ancestor might have for you.

You understand what you’re holding and have a healing space to release it. The whole experience is divinely led, and you get a fresh set of eyes to look at things in a new way. You leave with compassion for both you and your family. In these experiences, your highest self can also speak to you to guide you to the best healing plan going forward. The joy and positivity that flow from these sessions are just so profound and help clear blocks and any lingering limiting beliefs.

Past Life Healing Session

We have many past lives, and in each of them, we have patterns of behaviour and possibly traumatic experiences that could influence our present-day lives. We also have wisdom from all of these lives. When you heal the trauma, no matter how long it has been there, you’re left with all the gifts, skills, and wisdom.

In our past-life healing sessions, you get clear, and all of those gifts, talents and skills you once had come forward in your present life in a remarkable healing way.

Past-life healing is especially wonderful if you find yourself in a karmic loop, where you are in repetitive patterns or situations that seem to have no clear cause in your current life. If you notice that there are patterns in your life that are on repeat, say you’ve had the same kind of relationship over and over, or the same kind of situation keeps popping up in your job even when you change careers or even change locations, these sessions help you get out of those loops. You get a big boost of healing energy and a fresh new energy pattern.

We are on a spiritual voyage through time. All moments of time are connected through the present, that powerful NOW moment. In the past life guided meditation we create for you in the healing session, you connect to that powerful and present NOW moment, which helps you connect to your past lives. And when you do, you help clear fears that have been present and clear any karmic patterns or loops. Those qualities and skills you had in a past life you can bring forward into your present life. The sessions help you reconnect to past knowledge; with that connection, you gain a deep healing and connection to the wisdom of your soul.

Connect, Heal, and Clear

You can heal the past no matter how long ago it all was. We go beyond time and space to create a massive healing wave in each of these sessions, the multi-generational healing session and the past life session. It brings so much understanding and insight. All of the lives heal and are connected to one life that heals. All this work is about what moves you forward, and we deeply believe you can heal anything holding back your light. You will leave our sessions feeling radiant, fulfilled, and illuminated, ready to embrace a new chapter of your life.

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