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Do What You Love

Activate your LIGHT in the world and make a nice living doing it!

Get one-on-one support and coaching to achieve success in your holistic or heart-based business.

Creative Dream Building

Learn how to embrace an abundance mindset and start your business of the soul. Our gifted teachers share from their vast wealth of experience in being heart-based entrepreneurs for many years. Get past the nerves and start shining!

Get Support as You Support Others

You are a wise, insightful, and intuitive person. Your business is YOUR business! And we operate under the deep belief, that YOU have all the answers you need to create all the success you desire.

All you really need is a little nudge to get going, a little cheerleading to keep going, and some solid, practical tools to help you get clear on which way to go.

Build a business that is aligned with your purpose. Get help to blast past resistance and procrastination, and reach more and more people who need your products or services.

Online Courses to get you Rolling

Try out some of these online courses to get your creative work out of your head and into the world.



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Giving Back Program - Complimentary sessions - LunaHolistic.com

We are also very happy to share the gift of Reiki through our Giving Back Program! Every month we give away free Reiki sessions to exceptional people. 

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