Special Sessions

Create Profound Transformation

Each of our Special Sessions are 2.5 hours in length. You’ll chat with your practitioner to determine the intention and direction of the session. Then, you’ll be guided through a custom meditative journey where you’ll connect to profound soul-level information. You’ll close your session with a debriefing chat and Reiki to enhance the healing.

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*Please note that we’re currently booking 2 to 4 weeks in advance for these sessions.

You can also call us at 403-284-0176 or email info@lunaholistic.com.

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Trying to decide which session to choose?

Email us at info@lunaholistic.com or call 403-284-0176, and we can guide you.

Or! Book in for a Special Session and we can customize it for you.

All the Special sessions are the same length and price ($295 including GST for 2.5 hours), so it’s easy to switch it if you need a different one.