Geneva Robins and Angela Hoogeveen are talking about the weird nature of Reiki in this podcast episode! We love Reiki, and Reiki is so delightfully weird. It brings us to the edge of our knowledge and into the unknown mysteries of the Universe itself. We discuss why we think that Reiki is so wild, weird and wonderful.

Angela shares what brought her to this wild Reiki thing. Something just felt right about Reiki. She leapt into the course with no intention at first of doing it as a job. She really followed her heart and trusted it.

Trusting the decisions that come from the heart, while at times confusing to the mind, very often leads to the best places. Sometimes the best decisions in life are ones where the brain does not get a vote! 

The heart calling us to our purpose creates a wave of energy that gives the mind a vacation. For Geneva, she finds that the mind doesn’t know what to do; it just tries to keep her out of trouble. The ego mind keeps her on the ‘safest route,’ but that is never where the juiciest and most satisfying soulful choices live.

It can be very vulnerable to lead from the heart, but it is absolutely the best decision, at least for Angela and Geneva! When you follow those heart decisions, there’s a deep feeling of ‘rightness.’ It’s vulnerable but so worthwhile.

Vulnerability comes up when you follow your heart, but there is a space inside that is certain. We call that wise and quiet space inside your soul. The soul is eternal and isn’t afraid of anything. It has so many energy resources; it’s calm, certain, and grounded. 

Courage is living from the heart space.

The ego is fearful, but it doesn’t have all the information. The ego will keep us stuck in discomfort and find better ways of managing it instead of following the wise guidance of the soul. Angela and Geneva are well practiced at living in this soul-space, and the choices from that energy have always been the best.

Practise following your heart with the little tiny choices in your day from the feeling of the fulfillment of your wishes. It creates a wave of potential energy in front of you and brings you your manifestation faster. Highly recommended!

Why is Reiki so Weird?

We love it so much, but it is truly weird. Reiki is all unseen, so sometimes, it’s difficult for the mind to grasp. Even though we have practiced Reiki for several years, we are still in awe of the process. 

The word ‘weird‘ means supernatural or uncanny and comes from an Old Scottish term that means “a person’s destiny.” We think this fits perfectly as a description of Reiki!

Reiki takes you into the unknown and into the spiritual dimension. Reiki is universal life force energy from a quantum mechanical space beyond matter to the field that unites everything. 

It’s weirder than you can think!

If quantum physics is new to you, a fantastic movie exploring the connection between the subatomic realm and our larger world is “What the Bleep do we Know.” Quantum physics is weird. The nature of reality is strange and difficult to understand, even from a scientific or spiritual view.

If you study the nature of the Universe, you eventually bump up against the edge of our knowledge and worldview. So with Reiki, we dabble right up to the edge of the unknown, and that makes it weird to us.

How is it even possible to release a massive lifelong trauma and pain in a 5-minute Reiki session? We don’t know! But we’ve experienced it ourselves and have helped others do the same.

In the post, Quantum Leaps: How Reiki Works, Geneva explores this connection of Reiki to the weird mysteries of the Universe.

Reiki is the definition of weird. 

It doesn’t make sense to the material-focused mind. In Reiki, we are directly interacting with the quantum nature of the Universe. As practitioners, we have a method to bring in this universal life force energy and direct it to a positive intention.

We practice getting the ego out of the way in Reiki sessions so the energy can flow smoothly. But honestly, it is not likely that the ego can understand it. Just simply the intangible nature of Reiki causes the ego confusion. It pushes on the boundary between what is known and unknown.

For us, Reiki is like peering into the mystery of the Universe, which is wild and weird. Yet, we continue to see major changes in ourselves and in our clients even if the mechanism is still being understood from a pure science point of view. 

Reiki can help to shift the energy around you.  

Reiki is inherently non-judgemental. It simply meets you wherever you are with grace, love, and unconditional support. We love that Reiki creates a space for all of the feelings and helps to transform and heal at a deep level. It helps to process the feelings and the energy residue in your body and mind.

We open up the energy in the room and create a space where people can connect to that universal life force, and it soothes and lifts the heaviness. As a transformative practice, Reiki has helped us move through so many things. Reiki helps with your spiritual well-being and fits very nicely with other forms of therapy.

How do you Stay Clear as a Reiki Practitioner?

We are protected and safe as practitioners because the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing gives us a very safe method to be in a very clear field of energy. It’s like standing in a waterfall of light, like being in a very special place of being a witness to someone’s miracle process.

Even when people are in a state of suffering, the Reiki energy answers it with an even more powerful flow of love, hope, and healing. We’re honoured and grateful to facilitate those big sessions for others. We get to witness other people’s growth and transformation; it is humbling and a huge honour.

When we are in the presence of a miracle, we know it because there is a win-win-win effect for all involved.

A Course in Miracles says, “Miracles are a kind of exchange. Like all expressions of love, which are always miraculous in the true sense, the exchange reverses the physical laws. They bring more love to both the give and the receiver.” Miracles are weird because we don’t understand how they work. But we experience them, and experience is always the best teacher!

Reiki helps us participate in the miracle process of another’s healing. And for that, we are extremely grateful!


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