Spiritual transformation and growth can be an intense process. When you are in a moment of change in your life, you often receive downloads of energy and information. This Awakening Meditation will help you integrate that energy with each of your chakras, allowing you to interpret the guidance you are being given and put it into practical action steps that are aligned with your soul.

Awakening Meditation

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Meditation Transcript

This meditation will help you integrate your awakening energy. Whenever you’re in a moment of profound realization and spiritual transformation, there’s often a lot of energy and information encoded in all of these downloads of light, and energy, and frequency.

These are all messages from your higher self and your divine team, your guides and angels, spiritual mentors, and counsellors, and maybe even a few past loved ones. This meditation will help you integrate all of this profound information and ground it into your experience so you can take action that is meaningful in the moment of your present life.

Let’s begin. Gently close your eyes. Soften into your seat. Let any tension flow out of your face and neck. Soften your eyes letting them rest gently closed.

Soften down through your shoulders, letting your neck grow long. Softening through your upper back and creating even more space around your heart with a deep sigh of relief.

Noticing any tension in your belly, any held breaths, any nervous energy. Just let it all go with a big sigh. Maybe even a stretch or a yawn here as your nervous system settles into a state of peace and relaxation

Softening through your back body. Really releasing through your lower back and low belly. Connecting in with the hips and letting the inside corners of your hips and the outside corners of your hips relax, connect, and ground.

Letting the whole of your legs soften. Bringing your awareness right down to the soles of your feet. Soften through the arches of your feet. And let the energy flow and connect right down to the center of the Earth.

Letting any tension, or nervousness, or busyness of the day just flow into that beautiful supportive Earth. And allowing that nurturing present energy to flow back up. Filling your whole body with grounded awareness and presence. Feel as though you’re becoming one with the earth, part of nature, part of all of life.

Then notice the high-frequency energy at your crown, at the top of your head, or maybe even just above it. This is all of the energy and information you’ve been asking for. It might be a very strong sensation. Just know that all of this information is for your highest good and you can safely allow it in as you’ll be bringing it to each of your wisdom centers in your body.

Each chakra and energy center in your body will get a chance to view, understand, and interpret this information. You can really examine it and think it over before you take any action. Making sure it’s all aligned with the path of peace and flow, and prosperity and love and joy that furthers your expansion as a soul in a body. Your beautiful life and this present moment become alive through this process.

Gently soften the top of your head, releasing through your scalp. Letting the energy flow down through your brow and your third eye through the center of your head. Notice the beautiful indigo colour here, a deep, dark blue.

Then bring the energy down to your throat and let a peaceful blue energy wash like a wave over this incoming information. Allow that pulse of energy to flow into your heart space. Expanding and awakening. Allowing the wisdom of your heart, that core essence, to begin to deeply look, sense, and feel the compassionate nature of this information.

Allow a beautiful emerald light to bathe, nurture, and protect you here. Allow that beautiful green light to fill this information with wisdom, love, and joy. Then, allow the energy to flow to your solar plexus, in your upper belly. Everything becomes illuminated with that pure sunlight, golden yellow colour.

Understanding deeply that you are in control of this process. Your boundaries are clear, and you get to choose what to take and what to leave. You can integrate the energy at your own pace and time. Bringing wisdom, guidance, and love into your practical lived experience.

Allow the energy to flow down into your lower belly at your sacral chakra. Allow this energy to be bathed in orange light like the setting sun. Allow this information to be interpreted through the sacral chakra with flow, and wisdom, and balance. Bringing a deep sense of joy and harmony, prosperity, love, pleasure, and play.

Allow this energy to flow to the root chakra at the base of your spine. Allowing the wisdom of the Root Chakra to flow its energy into this new information. Bathing it with Ruby Red Light. Providing information on structure, routine, safety, and support.

Allowing this energy to flow all the way down through your legs. Shining out through the bottoms of your feet. Flowing deeply into the earth. And allowing the wisdom of Mother Earth to provide that kind, and wise, and patient guidance, love, and support.

Anchoring in this information and energy with the wisdom and grace of your soul. Bringing deep understanding and awareness of what this energy means for you and how to best implement it within your life.

Notice now, the energy at your crown like a beam of light, a flow, a symphony, a harmony of energy. Letting it flow and soften through your senses. Relaxing through your eyes and ears and mouth. Softening through your tongue and your neck.

Releasing the back of your head. Illuminating through your throat. Softening down through your collarbones and ribs. Expanding through the center of your heart. Take a deep sigh of relief. Flowing warmly to your belly. Letting everything melt.

Connecting down through the sacral. Feeling the support. Softening through the roots. Letting the rhythm and timing guide you. You know what to do and when to do it.

Listening to the sensations in your body, a feeling of openness or a feeling of closed for what is the best path going forward. Trust that this process is ever unfolding, illuminating, and guiding you.

Feel the insights, awareness, and guidance from the earth flow upwards through your body, around your body. Flowing around the energy space around your body. Clearing and cleansing your entire aura. Feeling totally safe, secure, and connected. Totally illuminated, awake, and aware.

Feeling peaceful, calm, and centered. Trusting your inner being to allow its wise guidance to show up for you with clear messages, insights and illumination as the days and weeks progress.

You can return to this meditation again and again to get clarity, guidance, and wisdom directly from Source. And directly from your Source, your Soul.

Let everything soften now and integrate.

Bringing gentle movement back into your body. Wiggling your fingers and your toes. And when you’re ready, you can open your eyes.

Invite you to journal for a few moments following this meditation. Have a wonderful day.