Angela Hoogeveen

Reiki Master

Angela Hoogeveen - Reiki Master -

Hi! I’m Angela!

I am a Reiki Master and practitioner here at LunaHolistic.

Reiki has helped me change my life!

In-Person & Virtual Sessions

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Life Changing

I have benefited greatly from Reiki, so it’s a privilege if I can do that for someone else! It’s very rewarding to help someone. It fills the heart when you’ve helped someone heal/feel better. If I can do something to improve someone’s life, I’m happy to do it!

Being super sensitive to energy, and taking on other people’s energy, has always been a negative in my life. I am now grateful for my sensitivity. It allows me to open myself up to be a conduit for Reiki. This is the first time that being an empath is a positive! It allows me to tune into the Reiki energy, and it helps me create a safe, judgement-free, love-filled space for whomever I’m giving Reiki to.

Reiki is Love

My spiritual practice is meditation, affirmations, gratitude, trying to be the observer, journaling, and hiking. Hiking in the mountains fills my soul!

Reiki brings me closer to myself, closer to others and closer to the Divine. It fills my emotional cup when I can do Reiki on others. Reiki has helped me clear things that talk therapy never could. It has helped clear old patterns and old energetic negativity.

Sharing my Reiki journey/experiences with people around me has, I believe, created a space for them to be introspective. I feel like it has opened the door for others to explore and grow their own spirituality.

I love Reiki because it brings me closer to the Divine - Angela Hoogeveen -

Trust the Transformation

Angela sparkles with kindness, graciousness, and good humour. She’s a phenomenal energy healer and is so caring and compassionate in her sessions.

The warmth that flows through her hands immediately sets you at ease. You can trust the transformation you’ll receive in a session from Angela! Very deep and long-lasting work!

Geneva, Reiki Master

It was very relaxing doing the Reiki, I felt pretty good for a couple days. I really appreciated the things she [Angela] had done for me and I would recommend it to anybody.

Arnold, Reiki Client

My Reiki Journey

I feel like I was guided to Reiki. I had one Reiki session many, many years ago but that was to help a friend out who wanted people to practice on. So I’ve been familiar with Reiki for many years but was never really interested in it.

A few years ago, I felt somewhat guided to seek Geneva out for a Reiki session. During that first session, I decided I was going to be a Reiki master! Well, it wasn’t really like I decided it was more of a knowing, more like ‘oh, I guess I’m going to be a Reiki master now.’ I signed up for level one during my first session.

At the beginning of my Reiki journey, I was told that Reiki was going to change my life. Little did I know!!

My original intent with becoming a Reiki master was to learn how to self-heal, maybe do sessions for others, grow my spirituality, and to meet like-minded people.


The path so far…

Prior to COVID, I had no intention of doing Reiki as a job. My entire career has been in the corporate world, but then the pandemic happened.

Like many people, I realized that the corporate world no longer served me. I was constantly stressed, and it really started to impact both my mental and physical health.

I took a year off and was then guided/inspired to do Reiki full time. The thought of being in the loving, supportive environment of Reiki for a career is… inspiring!

Trust the Transformation

We as a society are really starting to see the absolute importance of self-care. Reiki is definitely a self-care modality.

I’ve had people who have left Reiki sessions without the headache they came in with, with less physical pain in their bodies and just feeling lighter and happier.

I love hiking, crafting, interior design, dogs, skating, and walking.
I incorporate crystals and chimes in my sessions. I have done sessions both in-person and distance.