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We offer payment plans at no extra charge.
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Here are the payment rates for each course:
  • Level I — 3 monthly payments of $260 each, total $780
  • Level II — 3 monthly payments of $260 each, total $780
  • Level III — 3 monthly payments of $260 each, total $780
  • Master Level — 3 monthly payments of $280 each, total $840

(If you’re on your mobile, just click ‘No’ to the app and register through your browser.)

Select “Reiki Course” then select the initial payment (Course Deposit)

Choose the deposit payment option (which will be a third of the regular course fee) and then you’re all set.

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Reduced Rates Available

We also offer a reduced rate for those who need it. This can be paid over several months, but the discount is only given to people who are wholly committed to learning Reiki in the LunaHolistic style.

Keep in mind, if you use the reduced rate option, we are investing in you.

We only offer the reduced rate for people who are really dedicated to learning with us. We have higher expectations for people who are on the Angel Rate: that you will show up for class; do the homework, and fully participate in class discussions and activities.

You also must fully commit to the payment schedule, and let us know immediately if you will need to miss a payment. We are trusting you to pay us and trust is earned through consistency and communication.

If that sounds good to you, we are happy to consider your application. Click here to apply

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