About Us

We Love Reiki

It flows through everything we do here at the centre. We believe in creating a peaceful and calm place where you can lay your burdens aside, dig deep into your soul, and let your natural radiance shine through.

We believe that every single person has the ability to heal

So much of what we do here is about clearing out the blocks to our natural power and divinity. When that happens, you step into your power, truth, and light.

We have all been there — the dark night of the soul — times in our lives when we are pushed to our limits, and we have no other choice but to change. It is okay to feel the way you do. Despair, loneliness, anxiety, and depression are all too common. It is normal to feel disconnected in a world that believes in a quick fix.

Find Connection

What we offer here is real, genuine connection. Everyone needs to feel connected and supported in this world. The magic of the Reiki courses and sessions here at LunaHolistic is that we actually do connect!

We connect to the big energy of the Universe, to the support of the angels, spiritual guides, ascended masters, and Master Usui. We teach you to create your connection to the Divine. We teach you how to genuinely love yourself, and to set aside the voices of criticism and shame with great love and compassion.

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We create space for you to simply be yourself

You are a unique and Divine being. And the world needs you now. We need all the people we can — working in the light — to activate the spirit of compassion and kindness in every heart.

And we start with ourselves!

All healing is essentially self-healing. We support you in your quest to find out what makes you come alive, feel truly happy and peaceful, and live your purpose.

Simply put. The world needs more YOU.

Beautiful Space. Caring Hands. Big Energy.

Founded in 2010 by Geneva Robins, LunaHolistic has evolved to the beautiful centre it is today. The centre opened in 2016 and is a calm oasis in the centre of a very busy city. Once you step through the doors you will feel the energy that we are creating here.

We are a team of very skilled Reiki practitioners, teachers, and masters. Everyone who works here is dedicated to their own spiritual and self-healing practice so we can be the best channel for the energy that we can be. Each of us has trained in the LunaHolistic lineage of Reiki, so we have a minimum of 6 to 12 months of intensive training in Reiki.

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Appointment Hours

We are by appointment only. Please note that we do not do same day appointments or walk-ins (minimum 24 hours in advance).

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We often book weeks in advance. If you don’t see an appointment this week, please check the following week.


We’re located at 105, 2003 14 St NW. Find parking and a map here.

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We are also very happy to share the gift of Reiki through our Giving Back Program! Every month we give away free Reiki sessions to exceptional people.

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