In this episode, Kim Star and Geneva Robins chat about the transformational energy created by our new Special Sessions. Each is unique in its own way, but all of them lead you to a greater connection with Source energy and your true self. The pathways may differ, but the result is the same: you leave feeling peaceful, connected, and aligned with Spirit.

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Meet Your Team – Connect to Your Guides

In the Meet Your Team Session, you will receive help connecting with your Spirit guides, ascended masters, and angels. We help you relax into a soul-level meeting place in a deep meditation that will allow you to create a strong connection with your spiritual team. 

This connection goes with you! Many people report feeling strongly connected to their guidance and following the session. You get profound insights in this session, and you can ask your team any question you like to get their direct insights. You can also find out what spiritual beings are working with you to help you on your path.

We do the whole session within a Reiki setting so that Pure Source Energy keeps the connection in the highest vibration. Only the best and brightest may enter and share in these sessions. 

Your practitioner will guide you through a brief Reiki session before the meditation journey, aiding you in achieving a meditative state. As you are prompted by your practitioner, you will share your answers to the questions out loud. Feel free to bring a list of questions or discussion topics, and we will consult your spiritual team about each one.

Even people who find it difficult to meditate have been able to make solid connections with their Spirit guides and Divine Team. The results have been amazing, and people leave feeling solace and support from the interactions.

Meet Your Loved One – Love is the Bridge

The Meet Your Loved One Session is a beautiful journey to connect with someone who has passed away. Our loved ones survive death, and their consciousness continues, held in the Universal Energy of Source. 

In the session, you and your practitioner will chat for a bit about who you wish to meet. If the grief is strong, we can do a bit of Reiki beforehand. The gentle energy of Reiki can help create a bridge of love so you can connect to your loved one and chat with them. The peace and comfort of these sessions are profound. 

You get an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from your loved one. You reach a new understanding of their lives and an expanded awareness of the true peace and love they are living in every day, no matter the circumstances of their life or death. That clarity helps you feel more connected to the great love you share. This connection often soothes some of the grief that is felt when someone special dies. 

You also get clarity on the preciousness of life and insight into what really matters as you continue your journey on Earth. The Meet Your Loved One session is close to the heart and helps you make a lasting connection to your loved one.

Creative Manifesting  – Align with Source

Creative Manifesting sessions are a wonderful way to explore what you want to manifest in the world. We connect to Source energy with Reiki, which helps you manifest your dreams faster and with greater ease. You can also gain clarity and wisdom about the Divine implications of your manifestations. 

How does your desire align with the desire of Source? When you are in harmony with what Source wants for all of us, the manifestations occur with ease. Reiki powerfully harmonizes you with the Law of Attraction, and when you are in alignment, everything begins to flow to you. 

In the session, you gain clarity about what may be blocking your goals and desires from coming to you. You get a powerful focus around the energy of your intention, which helps you fine-tune your creative manifesting. When you are clear, you charge your idea with sustained energy to manifest with ease. 

You can also preview much of your manifested plan to see if any changes are needed for your vision. Co-created dreams manifest faster. Understanding the positive ripple effect of you getting what you want is liberating and joyful. 

When your work, goal, or dream helps everyone, it manifests faster than you can believe. Your wish is the answer to someone else’s prayers, creating a powerful flow of energy that aligns everything with ease. 

Pattern Healing – Rewrite the Autopilot

The Pattern Healing session helps you clear numbing or avoiding patterns that are blocking you from positive habits like exercise, good nutrition, meditation, or other self-care you wish to be part of your daily routine.

When you identify these old patterns, you can release them through the powerful combo of Reiki and a custom-guided meditation. You clear the old pattern through by simply replacing it with the energy of the new pattern or habit. This is done on an energetic level, bringing amazing results to your life.

Often, we get stuck simply because the old habit is on autopilot. Old patterns simply repeat, especially when you’re tired or stressed. The autopilot kicks in, and you’re in the old pattern without even realizing it. 

The Pattern Healing session helps you to integrate that new energy into your subconscious mind so the autopilot will lead you towards a healthy and joyful pattern instead of the old ways. You get to remap your life and align with the positive new space you want to be in all the time.

Reiki Brings Transformation on All Levels

Reiki provides a powerful and energizing space for healing, connection, and growth. A single Reiki session can activate, clear, and harmonize you with your team, loved ones, dreams, and healthy habits. 

Each Special Session gives you a totally custom and interactive meditative journey and a sustaining boost from Reiki so that the effects and connections continue long after the session. You can enhance your gifts and talents on the spiritual level and also activate practical changes in your day-to-day life. Each session brings peace and joy into every part of your life. 

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