Reiki can be a wonderful addition to your care plan for depression. It works best in combination with therapy and other supports. Some people feel a lifting of their spirits right away, and others find that a series of Reiki sessions are helpful.

IMPORTANT: Depression is a life-threatening illness, and it is very important that you have a good support team of medical and mental health specialists to help you. If you live in Alberta, you can call 988 for suicide prevention and 211 for access to a 24-hour support line and other social support services like shelters and emergency child care.

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Reiki is much like a facilitated meditation, so you can get help getting into that calm mental state and get some support as you learn to practice meditation and grounding techniques. We hold the energy steady for you so you can harmonize with the feeling you want, peaceful, calm and grounded.

Of course, big problems require a big team, and we often work with therapists to help support people with a variety of mental health challenges. If you’re looking for a therapist in the local Calgary area, we recommend Joanna Card or Leah Thompson. They are both wonderful therapists. We highly encourage you to find a qualified therapist in your area if you are struggling with depression or think you might be.

It is very important to take your medication as prescribed. Reiki works well with all kinds of support; the most important thing is to use all the tools available to get well. Much like a cast on a broken leg, if you have a broken mood, you need medical help. There is no shame at all in taking life-saving medication. We find that the combination of all these supports with Reiki can work very well together.

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