Ah! Permission granted! What if you are perfectly okay, just as you are? There is nothing missing or wrong about you. Being yourself is a beautiful act of creation.

This post was originally published on Geneva’s Substack. Creative Warm-ups are a quick way to get the creative energy flowing. Spend a few minutes in this guided meditation and then free-write for a few more.

This is what I’ve been thinking about: where and how do I put the brakes on? And then, once I spot the resistance, how do I coax my inner little to let up and allow the creativity to flow with fun, ease, and joy?

It’s like smoothing out all the little rough patches on a piece of pottery. Getting all those moments of delay and avoidance eased and minimized so more of the work can flow.

Lately, I realized that a big portion of my resistance to writing on my computer is simply physical discomfort. When I do sit at the laptop, I often get drawn in for hours, and then I creak and crack when I stand up.

Not terrible, mind you, but enough that my inner little (my new pet name for my ego) throws a terrible fuss and wants to avoid it altogether with no clear reason given. It just feels like “avoid,” “stay away,” and “don’t go.”

This is a huge improvement over how it used to talk to me when I worked on something soulful. Through long hours of Reikimeditation, and affirmation work, I no longer have the toxic inner diatribe that prevented me from getting things made and into the world.

It’s much more subtle now, even verging on helpful. I can get so absorbed into creating that I completely forget that I have a body that needs rest, play, and water. But my inner little has not forgotten the thrill of recess and the wind in her hair flowing down the slides and swinging on the swings. Easily remedied.

I give myself permission for frequent recess breaks, unstructured play, crafty time, and simply staring out the window and into space. I also bought a nice heating pad for my chair, so I don’t get cold and a sit-stand desk thingy so I can move around a bit more even when I’m absorbed.

My inner pusher has a lot to say about recess, but thankfully, the productivity rewards are convincing even for that part. The crusty old miser inside me wants to work me to the bone, like Bob Cratchit. But creative work is fluid and needs refreshing with frequent breaks and nature. I simply get more done when I go carefully, take stretch breaks, and putter around with my crafty stuff.

Then, I can tap into the fun and joy of the process. I stop pushing so hard and just relax into the thought that I like this. That’s the real reason I get sore at my computer. I like seeing things through. I like pressing ‘Send’ and ‘Publish’. It’s cathartic to write something new, like a meditation and then record, edit, and publish it all by myself! The issue is I tend to sit and try to do it all in one go. A WHOLE DAY.

Then my body rebells, my inner little cries and presses caps lock on ‘a whole day’, and I avoid the laptop the next day/week. Then my pusher tells me I’m not doing enough and tries to bully me through the physical distress in my body and make me sit again. oy and ouch.

When I was in my 20s and 30s, I could sit like a marble statue at my desk all day, bounce up like a daisy, and cycle home. Now, my body protests such treatment, and I definitely need to be gentle with my treasured soul vehicle, my good and healthy body.

So now I’m off for a walk to the park, where I can visit the swings and take in the magnificent view—only a few minutes from home!

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