Reiki is Energy Uplifting & PeacefulFlowing & CalmJoyful & Inspired

Reiki helps you connect to your inner light, to achieve a sense of calm, and to bring energy and vitality to your whole life.

You can be yourself here — the REAL you — and when you are shining your own light, you can light up the world.

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Reiki balances and aligns the chakras and aura. Take this quiz to find out where you’re at.

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LunaHolistic is Open!

We’re open for business in our lovely new location. So happy to see you here!

We are by appointment only (24 hours in advance). Please note that we do not do same-day appointments or walk-ins.

Masks are optional.

We want you to be comfortable and feel safe. We will continue our cleaning protocols and isolating when sick, to ensure a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

One-on-one sessions and group in-person classes do not require a negative test, medical exemption or vaccination proof. We also have online options for class attendance.

Reiki is Energy - Energy Healing in Calgary

Image Taken pre-COVID. We wear masks now!

We’re so happy you’re here!

You’re in the right place to learn how to let go of all the junk holding you back so you can begin living the life you were born to live.

Reiki is a life-long spiritual practice and an energy healing method that originated in Japan. It feels amazing, like an hour-long, personalized meditation. The results people have been getting are astounding.

Sessions and Pricing

Regular Rate

  • One – 90 minute session

Package of 3

  • Three – 90 min Sessions
  • Save $90

Package of 5

  • Five – 90 min Sessions
  • Save $200

Package of 8

  • Eight – 90 min Sessions
  • Save $400

Equity Rate

  • One – 90 minute Session
  • Our Equity Rate is our compassionate discount for Indigenous, Black, or Visible minority people, as well as Students, Seniors, Front-line workers, Single Parents, or those affected by COVID-19.

Intro Package of 3

  • Three – 90 min Sessions
  • For our First time clients
  • Give Reiki a solid try with our best rate
  • Expires within 6 months

2.5 hour Sessions

  • Get an immersive experience in our 150-minute sessions
  • Applies to Mini-Retreats and Intuitive Readings

Learn Reiki

LunaHolistic is Different

Right at your fingertips is a power to channel Divinely-guided life force energy. Our courses are longer so that you can get the time you need to practice. Many people take Reiki to support and expand their own spiritual practice, but we also create a structured class environment in this certificate program if you want to become a practitioner or teacher.

Take a Course ~ Discover the Magic

Reiki is a skill that anyone can learn. We teach you to access Universal Life Force Energy.

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