Try this powerful meditation for the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus governs our personal power, individuality, and confidence. This meditation activates your solar plexus and also connects us to the Divine Solar Plexus. It is a meditation that activates your life purpose and your power to manifest miracles in your life.

Each Master Level class in Reiki I have my students create their own meditations and activities to learn the process of teaching. Really, the only way to teach is just to jump in and do it! We each take two chakras to create our lessons and I also get a chance to create some new material as well. It adds a fresh new perspective to the material we have spent a year studying together. This one was the one I created for class!

Take a listen and let me know how it goes for you. The meditation is about 8 minutes long.

Activating Divine Will Meditation

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Begin by sitting up straight.

Bring your hands to your belly, your solar plexus chakra, the centre of your energy, the spark of Divine light within you.

Breathe gently.

Connect to the warmth below your hands.

Feel the energy in your solar plexus begin to glow brighter and brighter.

Feel that internal warmth glow brightly, like the sun.

Connect to this Divine part of your identity. Let this space get bigger and brighter now.

This is the centre of your personal power. It is your individuality in the world. Your solar plexus houses your unique and needed contribution to the world. It contains your deepest desires and longings.

RAM    RAM    RAM   

Connect now to the Divine Solar Plexus, The solar plexus of the Universe itself.

Feel the solar plexus centre of the Universe. Feel the strength, love and beauty of this Divine Will. Feel the generosity and kindness.

Your solar plexus and the Divine Solar Plexus are always connected. Allow the solar plexus of the Divine and your solar plexus to connect even more deeply.

Feel the certainty that lives here.

Feel the strength and support.

Feel the love and generosity of the Divine pour into you now, Filling you up, shining through every cell. Feel the radiance flow through each part of you.

Let this vast, loving and powerful energy wash over you now. Let it fill and illuminate every part of your mind, body, emotions, thoughts, and spirit. You are completely illuminated and completely connected to Divine will.


Deep within you, there is an energy calling to you. This energy leads you toward what you desire most in the world.

You may already know what this deep desire is, or you may have the desire to know what you desire. This desire could be for an experience, a feeling, or material wealth and abundance.

Whatever you want, whatever rises to the surface of your mind now, allow yourself the space to know that your desire is allowed. You are allowed to want this.

Know that you could only access the thought of this desire now, if it is truly and completely aligned with your Dharma, Your Divine path, Your Purpose for being on this planet.

You are allowed to want this.

You already have access to the vibration of your deep desire. This feeling is already drawing it to you now. Your Desire is already fulfilled. It is already true for you. You already have it. Really feel it. See and feel the moment of having your desire. See and feel your life with everything you are wanting as real and being a part of your everyday experience.

Allow the reality of this experience to sink into your soul.

Now allow the image and feeling of your desire to get even better. Imagine it better than that. Imagine it ten times better. Even more. You are allowed this level of happiness, abundance, joy, health, vitality and ease. You can have this too. This is allowed.

This is how the Universe sees you. Whatever you desire, the Universe wants it for you more. The Universe can imagine it better and better. The Universe thrills in giving you all this and more. It loves surprising you with all the beauty and creativity that it can give you.


Allow this experience to grow and expand.

Feel the certainty that lives here.

Feel the support.

Feel the strength and love of the Divine pour into you, Filling you up, shining through every cell. Feel the radiance flow through each part of you.




Take a deep breath.

Bring your awareness back into the room.

Wiggle your fingers and your toes.

And when you are ready, you can open your eyes.