Will Reiki help me with my illness or condition?2022-03-08T11:57:30-07:00

We love Reiki. It has significantly improved the quality of our lives. But everyone is different, you might have other results. We can’t make any claims as the science is still underway. Please check out our testimonials, to see what other people have experienced.

Experience is the best teacher! The only way to really know if Reiki will work for you is to try it out. We believe in it fully, so if you try it and you’re not pleased, we’ll give you a 100% refund.

The biggest overall result we see in our clients is a feeling of calm and peacefulness. Knowing the dangers of stress and its toll on the body, we find Reiki to be an effective way to access the centred and peaceful state where the body can heal itself.

Reiki is a wonderful complementary discipline. It works best as part of a balanced approach to your care and is phenomenal at the spiritual and energetic side of your wellbeing. We often have clients referred to us by other healthcare professionals. We also refer our clients out to other forms of health care too! Our goal is always your well-being. We always say ‘big problems need a big team’, we encourage you to be a curator of your own care.

Reiki puts you in a meditative state. The benefits of meditation are very well documented in the scientific literature. Reiki is like a meditation you get help with! So if you struggle with gaining a calm, peaceful state in solo meditation, Reiki might be very helpful for you.

It’s only a matter of time and funding dollars before Reiki has the same weight of evidence as meditation. (If you’re a researcher, we’d love to work with you! There’s some very interesting work we’ve been exploring on trauma and Reiki.) We’ve collected some interesting data over the years on the link between Reiki and Stress reduction. You can run your own experiment here: Reiki and Meditation Science Experiment

There are some interesting emerging articles that might be worth a read:

CBC Radio Tapestry: “Can Reiki be a legitimate treatment if no one can prove how it works?” 

The Atlantic: “Reiki Can’t Possibly Work. So Why Does It? “Is Reiki real? Does it matter whether Reiki is real? And whose definition of real are we working with: Is it real according to the presiding scientific and medical framework, which tells us that phenomena need to be measurable to be taken seriously, or is it real in the looser, unquantifiable way of spiritual practice?”

Of course, here at LunaHolistic absolutely know Reiki is real and it has remarkable effects in many aspects of our lives. Check out this post on our blog:  Quantum Leaps: How Reiki Works

Who are the LunaHolistic Practitioners?2022-02-22T09:48:11-07:00

We have the most lovely humans here. Read through our practitioner stories on our team pages. Click here!

Every single Reiki practitioner here is trained in the LunaHolistic style of Reiki right to Master Level. That means they have a minimum of a year of practice, often much more. They’re dedicated to their own spiritual practice as Reiki Masters, which makes them great conduits of the Universal energy of Reiki.

They’re amazing, warm, kindhearted people!

Where can I park?2022-03-30T14:00:54-06:00

We have ample on-street parking within a block of our space. The north side of 20th Ave and the Capitol Hill park has free daytime 2 hr parking, with unlimited Saturday, Sunday and evening parking (but please do confirm the signs near your vehicle!)

There are two wheelchair/accessible parking spaces next to the building. One is in the alley on the north side of the building and the other is in the cul-de-sac on 19th Avenue NW on the south side of the building. There is a wheelchair ramp on the building’s front side (facing 14th St), and the outer door has an automatic button. The inner door has to be opened by hand. We’re on the first floor (no stairs!).

Paid parking is available for longer appointments/classes across the street (east side of 14th) in the Indigo lot. It’s a fairly low rate and is a good option if you might be longer than 2 hours.

Unfortunately, there’s no underground parking available. Please be mindful that parking in front of Sherwin Williams and Springbank Cheese Company is reserved for those businesses.


Parking near 2003 14 St NW Calgary Alberta - LunaHolistic.com

Where are you located?2022-03-08T09:17:58-07:00

We have our beautiful, cozy space in suite 105, 2003 14th Street NW in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

We’re located a couple of blocks north of SAIT and the North Hill Mall

Click Here for directions and a parking map for the LunaHolistic Reiki Centre.

Parking near 2003 14 St NW Calgary Alberta - LunaHolistic.com
When is the Next Level I course?2022-03-08T12:45:40-07:00

We have new courses offered seasonally. The Upcoming Courses page has the next few offerings listed. Book soon! We are now booking in advance for many of our classes. Get your name on the list for the next course!

To apply to take Reiki Level I, please fill out the Reiki Course Application.


If you don’t see a course time that works for your schedule, and you have two or more friends who would like to take the course with you, please reach out to us at info@lunaholistic.com.

What’s a Reiki Appointment Like?2022-03-08T10:56:31-07:00

During a Reiki appointment at LunaHolistic, you are fully clothed on a standard massage table. You lie still for the session and the practitioner may also guide you through a gentle meditation in the beginning so you can completely relax to receive Reiki.

Your intention or positive affirmation for the session guides the energy. At the beginning of your session, your Reiki practitioner helps you pick the intention that is right for you. During the session, they hold your intention for the entire time, visualizing you as already happy, healthy, wealthy, and complete. The energy is transmitted through light touch, or at a distance.

We always leave the last few minutes to share experiences. We want to hear how it worked for you. Our Reiki practitioners are highly intuitive and can share the information they got on your energy field, chakras, aura, and guidance on how to maintain the energy after your session.

Check out these articles for more information:

What’s Involved for In-Person Reiki Sessions?

Hope Motivates Action podcast interview with Lindsay Recknell

What Reiki Level do I take?2022-03-08T13:49:19-07:00
If you are brand new to Reiki…

Start with Reiki Level I.

If you have taken Reiki Level I with another teacher…

We recommend taking LunaHolistic Level I before continuing on to Level II with us. We teach a much more in-depth course at LunaHolistic than most other Reiki courses.

There are many skills that are taught in Level I that are often missed in many other Reiki classes. You need those to continue on to Level II or III with us.

To see what I mean, you can take the Reiki Level Quiz here:

The quiz gives you an idea about what specific skills you will be taught in the LunaHolistic courses that you may not know.

We want you to get the most value from all of the courses. We know from experience that Level I is possibly the most important class of all the levels for your growth and learning as a practitioner.

Self-healing, affirmations, and meditation are the backbone of the Reiki practice and support you as you do more work with others. The need for self-healing only intensifies and becomes more important as you progress through the levels.

In order to truly help another, we must also do the healing work ourselves. This builds compassion and empathy for your clients in a very real way. It is ultimately that compassion that allows us to become great healers. We don’t have to be perfect, but we do have to be doing our own work. Level I is a great class to give you a really solid base to grow.

If you have taken Level II, III, or Master Level with another teacher…

We recommend taking the Reiki Refresher Course and then continuing to Level III. This works well if you have a solid self-care and self-healing practice and you feel fairly confident in the Level II Reiki symbols.

If you need more help with your self-care or you are interested in teaching Reiki in the LunaHolistic style, we recommend starting at Level I. This will give you the in-depth training that you’ll need to support others in this dedicated practice.

Take the Reiki Level Quiz to see which class might work best for you.

What Is Reiki?2022-03-08T10:46:07-07:00

We’re so glad you asked! Reiki has been around for a long, long time, but it is still gaining popularity in the West.

Reiki is energy Universal Life Force energy that flows out of the hands of the practitioner to the person getting the session. It’s just like chi in martial arts or prana in yoga.

Reiki is a system of channelling energy and it can be taught to anyone who is ready to learn.

Click here to read more about it on our blog! We love this stuff and have a lot to share. 🙂

What is a Virtual Reiki Session like?2023-02-10T09:19:16-07:00

Reiki comes from the energy that exists beyond space and time. Because of this, Reiki works at great distances as easily as it can across a room.

From our perspective as Reiki Practitioners, we do EXACTLY the same thing to send you Reiki as we would in person. The only difference is that we don’t have our hands on your physical body. We conduct the session over Zoom or the phone so we have a nice connection to you the whole time.

Check out our Virtual Services page for more details.

And a bit more on how Reiki works beyond time and space here: Quantum Leaps: How Reiki Works

We 100% Guarantee our Virtual sessions. If after 3 days of integration of the energy following the session, you’re not satisfied with your VIRTUAL appointment, we’ll give you a full refund.

What if I REALLY want to take a course but I can’t afford it at the moment?2022-03-08T14:18:17-07:00

We offer payment plans for our Reiki courses and reduced rates. You can fill out the Angel Rate Application and we’ll do our best to get you in.

You may also apply for a scholarship with the same Angel Rate Application. We can occasionally offer full or partial scholarships.

Our selection criteria are based on need and your dedication to your own healing journey.

What if I miss a class?2022-03-08T13:10:37-07:00

Missing a class is no problem! If you cannot attend a class, due to circumstances beyond your control, just message your teacher. You may also attend virtually that day through Zoom.

Know that you will still learn what you need for that chakra even if you are not in class. Life brings you the lessons you need. Just do the homework and readings for the missed class and continue attending the other classes as normal.

But it’s no problem, we just catch you up on the class you missed. If you read the material in the manual and do the homework, then it should work out just fine.

You can also re-sit the entire course as many times as you like, as long as there is space, for free. So if you feel like you need more time with a level, you can take it. Just message your teacher to re-sit a level.

As long as you attend 5 out of 8 classes, and you receive the attunements, you can pass the level and continue on to the next course.

You can check out the upcoming schedule and register online.

My credit card isn’t working on your website2022-03-08T10:00:54-07:00

If your card isn’t working (and it should be!), oftentimes it is a difference in the postal code between what’s in our system and the one for your credit card statement. The postal codes have to be the same as a security feature.

To double-check or edit your postal code in our system, click here.

If it is still giving you trouble, please send us a message at info@lunaholistic.com. We can book you in and take payment by e-transfer, PayPal or you can pay in-person by debit, credit, cash, or cheque.

We love technology! 🙂

Alternatively, you can use the MindBody App to book your appointment.

Is Tipping Customary?2022-03-08T10:10:18-07:00

It is totally up to you. We always appreciate it. A typical amount is between 10% to 20%, or about $10 to $30.

Tips aren’t paid in advance when you book online, but you can leave a tip by cash, credit, or debit when you’re here. We’re grateful!

On coaching and other business services, no tip is required.

Is Reiki covered under my insurance/health care plan?2024-06-12T11:51:23-06:00

The NHPC (our regulatory body) has provided a list of companies that cover Reiki through insurance/benefit plans.


Reiki Coverage with Insurance Company Benefit Plans/Accounts*

Insurance Company Name Reiki Coverage
Alberta Blue Cross Wellness Spending Account
Blendable Wellness Plan; Wellness Account
Canada Life HealthSolutions Plus – Healthy Living Account
ClaimSecure Coverage depends on plan member’s benefit plan or account
Co-operators Personal Spending Account; Wellness Account
Cowan Group Coverage depends on plan member’s benefit plan or account
Green Shield Canada Personal Spending Account
GroupSource Wellness Plan
Industrial Alliance/iA Financial Wellness Account
Manulife Coverage depends on plan member’s benefit plan or account
People Corporation Wellness Spending Account
Saskatchewan Blue Cross Personal Spending Account; Wellness Spending Account
Sun Life Personal Spending Account; Taxable Wellness Spending Account



* This list is subject to change at any time. Please check with your insurance company.


You can also request your insurance company to cover treatment – go to the NHPC Treatment Coverage webpage: https://www.nhpcanada.org/holistic-health-info/treatment-coverage


I’m in a course, how do I make a Payment?2022-03-08T14:03:31-07:00

You can make a course payment in ONE of these ways:

Thank you!! We appreciate it!

I’m hoping to sign up for classes, but they aren’t posted on the website yet. When can I expect to see new class dates?2022-03-08T12:51:04-07:00

New dates for Reiki courses for the next season get assigned a few months prior to the start of classes. If there’s a course you don’t see listed yet, keep checking back! New courses are being posted throughout the year.

Check out the Upcoming Course schedule.

And get your name on the list!! Hold your spot in line by filling out the Reiki Course Application. Just indicate in the application when works best for your schedule.

How much are the Reiki courses?2022-03-08T13:18:21-07:00

Our current pricing for our courses is here: Reiki Course Pricing

Level I is is eight weeks long and there is a bunch included that makes this a super valuable life-changing investment. You can check out all the details here: https://www.lunaholistic.com/courses/level-i/

Level II and III are also eight weeks long and Master Level is ten weeks. Check out the website for more details on each course:


We also have payment plans and reduced rates available.

How Do I Send You A Review?2022-03-09T17:15:14-07:00

Yay! We love reviews. You can post one directly to Google here: https://g.page/r/CRyglauUjvJrEAg/review

If you’d like to share an anonymous review that we can post on our website, please share it in the form below:

Check out our other testimonials: Click Here.


Do You Offer Discounts?2022-03-08T10:21:45-07:00

We have discounts available for our package rates of three, five, and eight sessions available when you checkout your appointment booking. 

We also offer an Equity Rate for our 90-minute sessions which you can choose at checkout. Our Equity Rate is our compassionate discount for Indigenous, Black, or Visible minority people, as well as Students, Seniors, Front-line workers, Single Parents, or those affected by COVID-19. It’s all based on the honour system. We trust you!

Reiki students (people who have taken a Level I or Refresher course) get a 25% discount on sessions at the centre for life! Check out our courses here.

Do You Accept Debit Or Credit?2022-03-08T09:56:58-07:00

Sessions booked through the website are only payable by Visa or MasterCard. 

If you prefer to pay by debit, you can pay for future sessions at the centre when you come in. 

In-person, we accept cash, cheque, debit, Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, and American Express.

Do I Need To Pay In Advance?2022-03-08T09:57:19-07:00

Yes. To minimize contact, we’re doing payments in advance.

Please send us a message at info@lunaholistic.com if you’d rather book and pay in person. We accept debit, credit, cash and cheque in person.

Can I Learn Reiki Too?2022-03-08T12:35:26-07:00

Absolutely! We offer in-depth courses for all four levels of Reiki, right to Master Level. [Click Here!]

You don’t need any special skill or ability to take your first Level I class. Just come with a willingness to change, grow, and learn. We will help you build your self-care and meditation practice. And if you’re ready, we can teach you how to teach or be a Reiki practitioner, or you can learn Reiki to expand your spiritual practice and help your friends and family.

To start, apply for Level I here: Reiki Course Application

Can I Get An Appointment Today?2022-03-08T10:28:20-07:00

No, sorry. We only take appointments 24 hours in advance.

We often book weeks in advance. If your preferred staff member is booked, please consider booking with another of our excellent people. They are all amazing!

If you need help finding an appointment, please message us at info@lunaholistic.com.

If you are in the middle of a mental health crisis, please call 211 or go to their website to connect with social support within Alberta.

Can I Buy A Gift Certificate Or Gift Card?2022-03-08T10:14:15-07:00

Yes! You can buy a gift card online [Click Here!] 

You can customize the message and picture for your special person and it gets sent to their email address. Gift cards never expire at LunaHolistic. Your person can book a session that suits their schedule right on our website. They will be so happy!

If you would like a physical gift card, we have them available at our centre. You can buy one the next time you’re in or contact us at info@lunaholistic.com.

Are your Reiki courses in-person or online?2022-03-08T13:02:16-07:00

We offer both! You can indicate on your Reiki Course Application if you prefer to join virtually or in-person.

Going forward, our classes are a hybrid of in-person and virtual seats. So some of your classmates may be online and some in-person. We’ve been teaching in this way since 2020 and it has been working beautifully. So if you are outside of Calgary, in a high-risk group, have symptoms, or it’s a snow day, you can attend online.

If you have symptoms, you must stay home. But you can join online that day. We use Zoom for the online attendees.

All courses are live and are not recorded.

Our in-person space is limited to a maximum of 6 students.

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