This meditation will help you release the multigenerational patterns and trauma that you might have in your body and mind. In this meditation, you pick an ancestor three to seven generations back, and you are guided to meet with them in a healing place of the soul. Any pattern you may have in your energy that doesn’t belong to you, you hand it back to your ancestor in the form of a gift.

You are descended from survivors, and there is a beautiful opportunity to connect with your multigenerational family in a spirit of love and gratitude. Journalling following the meditation helps you to integrate all the healing energy into your body, mind, and spirit!

Multigenerational Healing Meditation

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When you release any inherited pain or limiting beliefs back, you help their soul to have an opportunity to heal deeply. It is a gift to them because they are the only ones who can truly heal it. When you return the pattern to its rightful owner, you are both healed by the experience.

In the meditation, your ancestor also gives you a gift in return. Their multigenerational gift to you represents all the courage, wisdom, cleverness and skills you inherited from them! You are descended from survivors. Every single one of your direct ancestors had to survive in order for you to be here, even if you don’t know them or their story. This meditation creates space for everyone to heal if their soul chooses to.

The whole meditation is protected and guided by your Divine Team, who are the beings that you feel safest with on a soul level. Your Divine Team could have ascended masters like Jesus, Buddha, or the Mother Goddess, guides and guardian angels,  past loved ones, spirit animals, or even the loving energy of the Universe itself.

Give yourself some time after the meditation to journal about your experiences. Even if you didn’t experience much in the meditation itself, know that the meeting and healing exchange has occurred, and the benefits are settling in for you. As you journal, just let your pen flow over the page and see what tumbles out. I recommend writing long-hand pages as it flows easily and doesn’t interrupt the energy of the meditation state.

If you’d like to try a personalized healing experience, you might really like our Multi-Generational Healing session. It is a powerful mix of an exploration of your energetic family tree, a custom guided meditation, and a Reiki session to close and ground the experience. You’ll leave feeling light and inspired.

Why is multigenerational healing important?

Many of us carry trauma from our current lifetime, and that makes sense to us. We can do therapy, go to the doctor, do breathwork and yoga, Reiki, and many kinds of therapies to heal. But sometimes, we have lingering multigenerational patterns of limiting beliefs, anxiety, depression, and physical ailments. These don’t simply pop out of thin air but actually have long histories in our personal family culture and even in our DNA.

These patterns didn’t begin with our parents or even our grandparents but often have long and complex histories of their own. Very often, our ancestors faced very difficult conditions, poverty, starvation, war, low-class status, and cultural suppression, the list is endless and tragic. All of the horrible things in history, our ancestors were either coping with them or avoiding them.

Those coping strategies were adaptive to what each of our ancestors had to deal with to survive. But now, those same belief patterns and energies may be limiting your growth and freedom. By releasing this ancestral pain, you create space for a new healthy belief system and energy pattern.

How to prepare for a multigenerational healing meditation

Doing some research into your family tree and asking about some of the childhood stories can be a good option as a starting place. I found the combination of the family history that I knew about and the online genealogical research was profound. As I put my own family tree together, some of the stories of loss, trauma, and displacement were revealed, along with the miracle of survival against the odds.

There can be a lot of energy and emotions around doing this research, so I highly recommend reaching out for support as you do this process. Some of the information you uncover can be triggering, and having mental health support along the way is a great preparation step. Reiki sessions are also a great support to help release any energies that might be connected to an ancestor. Sometimes the memories have a powerful sticky energy to them, and Reiki can help clear things out and ground them.

There are many wonderful books and resources out there on the long-term residual energy that can be carried through the generations. This can be a great place to start to understand the mind-body connection and some of the fascinating science on how trauma states can be passed down from parent to child.

A wonderful read to support your inner work is “It Didn’t Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle” by Mark Wolynn. This book is a life-changing read for many people, myself included. It is based on family constellation therapy and provides a bunch of illuminating stories that are jaw-droppingly amazing.

“What Happened to You? Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing” by Oprah Winfrey and Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D. is another fantastic primer on what trauma is and how it affects the brain.  It is a great resource if you have personally experienced or witnessed trauma and is a very gentle approach to beginning the healing process.

Share your story

Thank you for taking the time to read and meditate with us. We hope that this has brought some peace and healing into your life.
If you have a story of how this meditation has helped you, please share it in the comments below. Helping others is one of the most powerful forms of healing.



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