Feel connected and flowing with your radiant purpose with the Chakra Integration Meditation. Harmonize your energy centers, achieve balance, and elevate your spiritual journey.

 Chakra Integration Meditation

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When your chakras are filled with energy and balanced, you feel inspired and connected to your inner wisdom. This meditation helps you do exactly that, plus it helps you ground and clear your aura.

If you’re currently experiencing lots of rapid changes or a big shift in energy, the chakra integration meditation will help you feel settled and balanced.

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Meditation Transcript

Let’s begin. Gently close your eyes and take a few settling breaths. Take a moment to settle in, allowing your body to find a comfortable seat. Shift and move to find the greatest comfort. Allow your breath to be free and open.

Bring your spine up into a position of dignity. Letting everything settle with a few clearing, cleansing breaths.

Allow all of your energy to find its own balance. Letting it flow and soften. Relaxing everywhere. Allowing everything to settle down to your feet, down into the earth. Letting the Earth itself support you. Know that you are safe here.

Let all of your experiences and energies integrate deeply now.

Breathe into your heart chakra, in the center of your chest. Let it expand fully.

Breathe into your throat chakra. Allow your truth to shine.

Breathe into your solar plexus, in your upper belly. Be radiant and empowered.

Breathe into your third eye chakra, in the center of your brow. Expand your awareness.

Breathe into your sacral chakra. Anything is possible. You are a divine creator.

Breathe into your crown chakra, at the top of your head. Illuminated in your oneness.

Breathe into your root chakra, at the base of your spine. Grounded in your essence.

Breathe into your aura, the field of energy all around your body. Anchored in your radiance and grace.

From this connected, whole, enlightened self… you know what to do. You know who you are and where you’re going.

Allow your wise self to connect with you now. Flowing through information on your next steps.

What is the best way forward?

You are well supported here.

Allow everything to integrate at your heart, flowing through your whole aura, grounding through your feet, feeling connected to the earth.

And when you’re ready, you can gently wiggle your fingers and toes. Bringing awareness back into the body. Integrating fully.

And when you’re ready, you can open your eyes.