Connect deeply to the nurturing power of meditation in this Earth Meditation. Feel grounded, renewed, and centred as you journey to meet Mother Earth.

Earth Meditation


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Earth Meditation Transcript

Settle into your body. Put your feet flat on the floor. Point your tailbone straight down to the center of the Earth.

Lengthen through your trunk and open your chest. Bring your shoulder blades back and down, and take a very deep breath.

Stack your head over your shoulders and your shoulders over your hips. Make it easy for the energy to travel in a single straight line down your spine and into the Earth.

Relax your hands. Rest them gently in your lap. Let your hands become still. Leave your hands where they are for the rest of this meditation.

Relax your eyes and all the muscles around your eyes. Relax the inner corner and the outer corner.

Release the brow. Release the jaw. You are safe here

Release the top of your scalp and flow the relaxation down your neck and shoulders. Breathe deeply, breathe gently.

Allow your breath to become more and more subtle. Softer, smoother, gentle.

Become aware of the rhythm of the Earth below you. Sense the enormous presence, the deep intelligence and the tender kindness available to you now.

You are worthy of love and belonging. Allow the Earth and you to become one. You and the Earth, One.

The Earth wants to take you on a journey to illuminate your soul’s purpose in this physical lifetime. This journey will give you tools techniques and insights that will improve your physical experience.

You are safe to travel with this loving, gentle guide, the Earth herself.

Follow the Earth on her spiral path deep into the center. The core, the ancient, the timeless. Rest here and listen deeply.

Thank the Earth for her kind guidance and follow the spiral path. Back up, up, up. Come back, back, back. Be Here. Now, now, now.

Follow the energy back up through your feet and toes. Up your legs and knees. Up your thighs, hips, and back. Fill your abdomen. Fill your chest. Relax your shoulders and neck. Bring awareness up your scalp and over your face and your eyes. Breathe deeply.

Wiggle your fingers and your toes. Rub the palms of your hands together and move them over your face, head and body. Give yourself a hug, stretch up. Move your body. Breathe deeply, and have a wonderful day.