Melissa Jaswal and Geneva Robins chat about how to clear your aura in this video. We share what the aura is, why it is important for sensitive people, and our top techniques on how to maintain your aura.

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What is your Aura?

It’s the energetic bubble that surrounds your body. It is part of our energetic protection, like an energy suit we carry around with us.

The aura is both spiritual and physical, existing in part with our electromagnetic field. We’ve got nerves firing electrical signals through our bodies, and our bloodstream circulates salt ions. And so, a genuine electromagnetic field emanates from the physical body. We know this because animals who live in places with no light, like in caves and the deep sea, can find their prey because of special sensors that can pick up on the electrical signals of the things they’re going to eat. So they can feel the presence of life around them and navigate to the tastiest ones. 

We have this field around us, too, and it’s called the aura. It’s the sum of all the energy in our body and is basically our protective, energetic field. The aura keeps all of the energy in our body safe. 

Similar to the myelin layer on nerves or the plastic coating on a wire. It keeps all of the energy inside your body inside, and it keeps everything else outside. It’s our bubble, which is essentially our personal space.

When you tend to this energetic space beyond your physical body, it makes you feel cozy yet able to expand. And so, it also helps you feel more centred and protected. 

What’s beautiful is that when you’re in your own bubble, not only do you feel cozier, but it’s much easier to get into that space of “live and let live.” You are less affected by other people’s ups and downs. You can just compassionately witness wherever they are without taking that energy on. It becomes much easier to set healthy boundaries and practice saying no.

It’s very important, especially for sensitive, energetic people, to tend to that energy space around your body. Even just to acknowledge that we’re more than just a physical hunk of meat shuffling about, carrying a computer on the top of our heads. We are so much more than the 3D self. We are expanded and connected to all the energy in everything and everywhere. 

The aura is like a little packet or a container that helps you feel safe and clear. Your feelings and energy can stay inside your borders, and other people’s energy and feelings can stay over there. A strong aura helps you be in the most compassionate, centred, and clear space possible. 

How can you keep your energy clear, even if you’re bombarded by life and people with big energy?! 

Melissa used to work in retail, and she would connect with hundreds of people in a day. Any public-facing job can be very draining for sensitive folks. Her go-to strategy on a busy day, even at family functions, is to take time for herself and go to the washroom or somewhere private. Melissa loves the washroom as a private place because no one will bug you in there! 

You can just literally have a little bit of privacy, even if it’s a couple of minutes. Sometimes, that’s all you need to sit down, feel grounded, ground into the Earth, and just really tap into the breath and take a moment to fill up the aura. You can do this even if you don’t know Reiki; your visualization is powerful!

Even just picture a violet or white light surrounding the crown, letting it flow down through the whole body, grabbing the energy and opening to the Divine. Set an intention like “I’m in my own safe space and my own bubble.” 

When you’re in your clear energy bubble, you can lovingly witness other people, and you won’t take on their stuff. They can have their stuff, their own thoughts and feelings, and you can be compassionate yet separate. You get a chance to affirm, “I have my own power and my own safety, and it’s mine and here now.” 

Wherever attention goes, energy flows. 

So, when you are just focusing on your aura, it will bring the energy there. Simply imagine light around you that’s protective and safe, and it goes with you wherever you need it. Your vibrant and bright aura can instantly clear anything and send it to the Divine or the Earth. You can imagine other people’s energy sliding off like Teflon or water off a duck’s back. You can use an image that lets anything you might have picked up dissipate to higher and wiser powers. 

Just visualize that and affirm that you were safe, that you are held, that you’re protected. Suppose you work with a divine team or have a sense of something greater than you, maybe a loving force in the universe. In that case, just calling in that grace to support you is beautiful as well.

 It makes a big difference. 

You can ensure your aura is clear before you leave the house by tying it to something routine that you do without fail every day. Something like putting on your clothes, putting on your makeup, taking care of your hair, or doing your grooming ritual, whatever that may be. Just spend a few minutes sweeping your hands around you, putting a little bit of light around you. Only a few moments of grounding and taking a breath into that space around you will help you feel held in the safe light throughout your whole day. 

You can always take a moment to ground and replenish your aura throughout the day. But often, it is much easier to start your day with a high vibration. You can stay in the energy rather than trying to regroup it later. If you start out with just a little breath in the morning and put a little energy around you, it’s much easier to maintain it throughout the day. 

A Clear Aura means a Clear Day

This is important, especially if you are a frontline worker, a teacher, or a medical or mental health professional. It is also important if you work in retail or have a very public-facing job where you’re around many people who may be quite demanding. 

When you’re a highly sensitive person or an empath, it can be very challenging to manage the energy when people are in distress or trauma. It’s really important to go to work with as much clarity and energy as you can—sort of like packing it with you, just like you pack your lunch. Building it into a no-fail routine is something we never forget to do, and it’s vital for sensitive people. 

And, as always, we’re here to help you! If you struggle to keep your aura clear, we can guide you on how to do that in a Reiki session. All our practitioners are experts when it comes to the aura and balancing your energy. Sometimes, it’s so much easier to stay clear with a little help!


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