In this podcast episode, Rita Reddy and Geneva Robins share their heartfelt experiences with grief and how Reiki helps grief to ease. Learn how Reiki can fit into your self-care plan while coping with loss.

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Reiki is very gentle and helps to provide a caring and nurturing space for all kinds of strong emotions, including grief. As part of an overall care plan for grief, Reiki works very well when combined with therapy, family and friend support, and other forms of wellness like exercise and meditation.

When the emotions are very strong, as they are in the acute stages of grief, it can be very difficult to access the healing benefits of meditation. Reiki can help calm the mind and provide that centring focus when the tide of feeling is strong. You and your practitioner set an intention at the beginning of your Reiki session, and this is the energy that is held for you. In the session, your practitioner holds that focus on your intention and helps hold space for balancing and harmonizing with this energy. 

Sometimes, you might have a powerful emotional release. It is not uncommon for people to cry during their sessions, especially when they are processing grief. You might find that you feel a lot during the session, but you leave feeling slightly better than before. A powerful clearing and processing can occur in Reiki sessions, helping move stuck emotional energy and bringing a greater feeling of groundedness and peace.

Of course, if the grief is very strong or is accompanied by trauma or PTSD symptoms, we highly recommend therapy as a primary tool for your well-being during your grieving process.

Some Resources for Grief:

We have many tools we’re fond of in addition to Reiki. Here are a few mentioned in this episode:

The Hidden Beauty of Grief

Love is the emotion under grief. When we lose someone dear to us, the pain is enormous beyond words. This strong feeling is often a direct match to how much we love them. The love we feel for the people who have passed emerges more and more as we slowly heal from the anguish of their passing. This keenly-felt emotion wakes us up to the fragile beauty of life and how nothing is guaranteed.

The vulnerable uncertainty of life is highlighted when we lose someone close and makes us ponder the deeper meaning and purpose of our own lives. This energy can help give us more motivation to be present and attentive to those who survive with us.

We can notice the beautiful subtlety of each sunrise with a renewed sense of awe and wonder as we watch the peach hues soften into warm oranges and vermillion-tinged clouds spread across an indigo sky. We notice the delightful sweet chirps of birds on still morning air and savour the first sips of coffee as the light of dawn stretches across the heavens. We are alive.

On a personal note:

I don’t think I really noticed so much beauty in the daily and ordinary as I did after losing people I love dearly. All of a sudden, I started paying attention to the life I was living and lost my fears and petty grievances. In exchange, I took hold of the life I had and loved every part of it to the fullest I could muster. This embracing of life following loss radically transformed my career path, leaving behind my science job for a career in Reiki. I put full effort into LunaHolistic and created the Reiki courses. 

And, most importantly, I started paying attention during every moment with my loved ones. I put down distractions to be with them and make memories together. I’m not 100 percent mindful; I’m still human. But it was a powerful shift in my relationships and my ability to be present with others rather than avoiding or numbing out during interactions. I wouldn’t choose grief, not at all, but it did give me some powerful lessons about the value and preciousness of life and how sacred each moment can be. 

Death is part of life. One is always connected to the other. So, too, is grief; it’s part of life and part of loving and being loved. When the pain of grief is processed, all that remains is love.


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