Do you ever feel nervous when you are doing something new? This is normal and can be a good sign that you are on the right track. The Infinite Universe Meditation will help you remember that you’re always held in the loving support of the universal life force energy. This meditation is designed to help you connect with the vast love in the cosmos and find a sense of peace and calm.

Infinite Universe Meditation


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When we’re faced with the unknown, it can be scary to let go and surrender. But by opening ourselves up to new experiences, we can find beauty and value in the things that we once thought were scary. Change can be challenging, but when we accept the natural cycles, we can find peace and comfort where there was once overwhelm and uncertainty. Learning to embrace the unknown requires us to be vulnerable, but it’s through this vulnerability that we can grow and expand our horizons.

This is the purpose of the Infinite Universe Meditation, to help you get more comfortable with embracing the Unknown. The next time you’re feeling scared of the unknown, take a deep breath and remember that it’s okay to be vulnerable – you might just surprise yourself with what you’re capable of.

Meditation Transcript

This is a meditation to help you connect to the infinite universe to help you embrace the unknown, and let go into the love and support that’s all around you in every moment.

Begin by sitting up tall in your preferred meditation position. Bring the crown of your head upright, like a flower pointing at the sun. Direct your crown chakra energy straight up towards the infinite heavens. Bring your shoulders down, and bring your heart space forward slightly. Lifting your sternum to shine your heart chakra out bright, radiant in every direction.

Create lots of room for your breath to flow with ease and grace and fluidity. Let it be strong. Yet soften everywhere that is able to be at ease. Let your heart energy sit open, like a flower cupped upwards. Shining its light up to the throat chakra softening the jaw with the light of compassion. both inner and outer.

Surrendering your thoughts to the wisdom of your open third eye. Open like an indigo lotus beaming its light to the crown. Let your thoughts tumble into the open petals of your throat and heart chakras. Let them get bathed and washed no light of truth and love.

Let everything melt into the heart space now. Let it all dissolve at your throat. Let all the unanswered questions, all the uncertainties, all the unresolved things fall into the loving care of your infinite heart. Let it all dissolve and clear at your throat surrendering, for a time, the need for answers.

Let the light of your heart shine through your back body, through the space between your shoulder blades. Creating lots of room for all your light and energy.

If there is anything restrictive at the back of your heart, let it go now. Imagine it all dissolves away, any restriction on your light, your time, your energy. Here you have room to move, to grow, to be, to expand.

Let the light soften down through your hands. Let your hands be completely loose, relaxed, receptive. Let your heart energy be bright and active. Imagine it so. And let everything in your shoulders, in your jaw, in your neck, and upper back, and ribcage. Let it go.

Let it all go now. You are safe here. There is no one to fight. There is no need to defend. All as well. You are okay. It is all okay now.

Let the truth of your identity as a being of light, rest warmly in your solar plexus.

Softened by the sunlight and radiance of your inner being. Warmed from within. You are radiant, confident, supported, and free. Let all craving soften. Let all emotions digest and gurgle through. Your calm, wise self is here, the highest aspect of your personality, your awakened presence, your enlightened self is guiding you now.

See what else you can soften in your body, your mind, your energy, but keep only what is required to maintain your upright posture. Soften everything else.

Allow the warmth and Divinity of your united and whole solar plexus to support your spine, flowing down your back. Releasing the held tension through your lumbar curve, your sacrum, and hips.

Bringing the energy to rest in the cradle of your pelvic girdle. Noticing the sacral chakra blossoming and blooming with creativity, joy, and fun. Shift and settle your hips so the radiant lotus at your sacral chakra is shining upwards to your heart and your heart to your crown.

Bring this soft wisdom to your root chakra. Keep the energy you need here.

Let your root chakra be safely nourished by the love of your heart. Connected and flowing with anchored support. Flowing right through your crown in a waterfall of light. Connect even more deeply to your grace and divine essence. You are a part of the universe, and the universe is part of you.

Allow everything to flow and soften down your legs now. Let your energy anchor down through your spine, flowing with ease down your Hara Line, the central channel that runs through all your chakras, and let it come to rest in your seated flow of meditation.

Notice the loving support of Mother Earth below you. Her wise and loving energy always there for you. A gentle place to return, when all seems lost and uncertain, Let her kind grace and wisdom flow through you now, today. In this moment, you are one with the Earth, the heavens, the sky.

The energy radiates out from you as it flows through you. Let this unified energy carry you deeper now. Let everything soften and dissolve even further. Let the edges go, just for now.

You’ll return to your tangible self in a moment. But for now, you are completely safe, rooted into the ground, flowing with the light of the cosmos. You are safe to deepen the experience now. Let the borders of what was known gently soften and deepen.

Rest here in the inky void beyond the Known. Each speck of the night sky is filled with countless galaxies, swirling in their own form and measure. The passing of time fades and all that is left is the steady love of universe herself. The infinite creative potential of the unformed.

All possibilities our presence here. Into this space you can place a word, a wish, an intention of the soul. Feel how warm, safe, and held you are by the cosmos. The totality of everything is here with you now. Let your wise essence merge with this infinite potential and pure love.

You are worthy and valuable. You are strong, kind, and patient. You are in harmony with the ALL. In harmony with yourself,Your Divine Self. Connected and flowing everywhere.

In this vast space you are closely held in the quantum zone. Feel the center of the atoms in the bright, illuminated space of pure energy and light. Allow all the energies and colours flow within you now.

Inside the subatomic space, the inner space, you are safe. You are held. All is well. You are free here. Everything’s okay. You can let go even further and trust this. Trust this loving field of awareness to guide you in all ways.

Everything through to the tiniest detail will be shown to you at the perfect time. You will get all the guidance in every single step of the way. Because your path is so supported, so lit up with light, you can completely release all thoughts of the future, or the past. Simply being in the embrace of this sacred now moment.

In this harmonious present and safe energy, you can fully relax, be at peace, and float. Let this spacious, warm, loving, present energy bring you even deeper into the infinite now. Rest here for a moment I’ll bring you back at the perfect time.

Gradually bring your awareness to your feet, the bottoms of your feet. Notice the strong and powerful grounding energy that is there. Always guiding you home to your body. Your breath and your steady heartbeat. Keeping you in perfect rhythm and harmony and balance.

Very gently begin to integrate with your physical body. Noticing the borders of your skin and the air. Noticing your nose and face, your breath, and your shoulders.

Gently bring this guidance and peace with you, into your heart. And when you’re ready, you can bring gentle movement into your fingers and your toes. Wiggling them, begin to stretch and bring your hands down your legs, grounding.

Sweeping your hands over your aura. Imagine you are in a radiant and clear bubble of light. Smooth the borders of your aura with your hands. And give the edges of your aura a pat, intending to seal this energy in Divine love, light and wisdom. And when you’re ready, you can open your eyes.




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