We are so excited to announce our new program to help more people with Reiki. Our Giving Back Program offers free Reiki sessions to those who need it most. We believe that everyone deserves access to this powerful healing modality, and we are committed to making it available to as many people as possible. If you know someone who could benefit from our program, please spread the word!

Our program to help more people with Reiki

There are two parts to our Giving Back Program. The first part is the easy application form. We’ve made it easier than ever for exceptional people to apply for complimentary Reiki sessions. Every month, as funds allow, we contribute one to two Reiki sessions to the program. We primarily focus on Indigenous, Black, Visible Minority, and 2SLGBTQ+ people, but anyone can apply.

The second part is our Giving Back Gift Card. You can buy a session for someone in our program, or even just contribute a dollar or two. Every bit counts and adds up!

Why we decided to give back

Since the beginning, LunaHolistic has made low or no-cost sessions available to people who need them. We also had the Angel Rate program for our courses, and when we could, we’d offer scholarships to help others learn Reiki. At first, this was an informal thing, spread by word of mouth and led by our guidance.

I always asked my Divine Team to light up the people who most needed the support Reiki could provide. The image I would receive in my mind’s eye was a comically large neon arrow sign, flashing and pointing to the person’s head that said, “This One!”

As much as possible, I always follow my guidance in everything connected to LunaHolistic. Every choice, tiny and large, is checked against the intention of our work here, which is to provide transformational Reiki sessions and courses to as many people as possible. Reiki has been such a blessing in my life and in the lives of everyone here at LunaHolistic. Making that available to others in a supportive and sustainable way has been a guiding energy since the very start.

How the program works

People who need Reiki sessions can register right through our website: Giving Back Program. Or they can apply for a scholarship for Reiki courses through our Angel Rate Application. We’ll do our best to get everyone connected with their sessions or courses as soon as we’re able. Because we’re a small business, we have to balance the number of sessions we do every month with our available resources. But we love this work and want to help as many people as possible with what we do best, Reiki!

If you’d like to support our program, you can buy a gift card and send it to us at info@lunaholistic.com. We then match up your gift card to someone on our list. Even the tiniest amount makes an enormous difference! It might mean that we could offer 3 or 4 sessions a month instead of 1 or 2. We contribute to our program as well, but your involvement helps us help more people.

We are a for-profit company, so we are not a registered charity. We just want to get going and help out how we can. We do track everything, so every dollar contributed goes directly to a real human being. Of course, it is all confidential, so we never share who gets the sessions. If recipients want to share a review or testimonial, we make it easy for them to share their experience with others on our testimonials page.

The benefits of Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. It’s based on the principle of energy flow and works by channelling positive energy into the body. The results have been phenomenal in our own lives, and our clients and students agree.

We believe deeply in the power of Reiki to help with the energetic wounding that can occur from traumatic events and multigenerational trauma. We’ve experienced and facilitated some profound Reiki sessions. It’s what we do best here at LunaHolistic, so that is why we are sharing the gift of Reiki as part of our long-term commitment to reconciliation.

How you can help us spread the word about our program

You can help us expand the number of sessions by contributing a few dollars through our gift card program. That’s always nice!

BUT! Probably the best way you can help is to share this page! It is so simple, just click one of the links below to share it with your community. That way, the people who need it might find out about it sooner, and people who might have some funds can also get all the warm fuzzies knowing they have substantially improved someone’s life.

Thank you so much!