It feels like the only constant these days is change. What feels most natural to me in times where I am afraid, uncertain and oh-so-vulnerable, is yoga. I can always find my way to my mat even when I can barely peel myself up off the floor.

In just 4 minutes with this easy guided tadasana meditation, you will powerfully shift your state into empowerment, courage, and deep inner strength.

Power-Pose Tadasana (also called Mountain Pose)

Tadasana - Mountain Pose - Ayla Thomas

This ONE yoga pose on the outside seems “easy,” but it is, in fact, hard in that it requires presence, and a draw to stand taller.

When we feel small, standing taller can feel scary. But creating a movement by asking our body to do it, asks our brain to catch up. We tap into a hidden power that has always been there.

Mountain pose is an ancient version of a power pose. Amy Cuddy talks about the science behind power poses in her brilliant TED talk. But the best thing is to try it now for yourself!

Tadasana Meditation


Mountain Pose (Tadasana) may seem like the easiest yoga posture, but expanding into your empowered self takes practice.

Observe how your body feels before and after this guided Meditation into Tadasana pose.

Don’t worry, you don’t need a yoga mat or any previous skills or equipment. You just need to be able to stand. And if you are not mobile, sit in your chair and try it.

Yoga is for every-BODY, and you can do it.

You are strong! No matter what, you can rise. Rise to the challenge life is offering you now. Just stand in the strength of Mountain pose.

Even a tiny shift in how you hold your body can shift everything you are feeling right now.

Gentle Yoga for Presence

If you’d like to try some more gentle yoga, specifically created for easing the emotional and physical discomfort due to COVID-19, please join me in my practice here:


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