In this guided bedtime meditation, you can just let the words wash over you as you settle into bed. Create some space inside you to deeply rest, even if you’re having a tough time right now.

Bedtime Meditation

Give this guided meditation a try to soothe your nervous system and your energy field as you fall asleep. Tuck yourself in. Put this on and have sweet dreams!


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It’s Bedtime

We all know how important sleep is to help us cope with crisis, life, and all the ups and downs of everything we’re going through.

But man, is it ever difficult. Especially when the worries and tension are high, either personally or collectively, it can become nearly impossible to get to sleep and stay asleep.

I’m normally a really good sleeper. I usually find it easy to drift off to sleep and stay asleep till morning – partly because of my self-care routines of meditation and Reiki.

But when the COVID-19 pandemic reached me in Calgary, I found it nearly impossible to sleep. I had a small taste of insomnia. And it was awful.

It impacted my ability to function and process information. Especially difficult to handle at a time when I really needed to process massive amounts of info in a very short time. I needed sleep so I could make wise choices to keep everyone in my business and my home safe and well.

I felt as though, at the end of each day that first week, my brain and body were in overdrive. Completely locked into fight or flight.

Meditation helped me Reconnect and Feel Safe

When big stuff like this happens, it’s totally normal to be stirred up and deeply impacted. How could we not be affected by the scope of what’s happening now?

I dove into my self-care practice (doing approximately 3 to 10 times more self-care, meditation, and Reiki than before), and I started to feel better.

It took some time, and I’m still keeping up with the increased meditation and Reiki in my routine, but slowly I started to feel like I could rest.

At the start of all this, my body would shake when I got into bed. Even if my mind felt calm, my body said otherwise.

But as things settled into a weird new normal, my self-care practice started to work. I feel better. I’m finding a space within me to rest.

My sleep is getting better, but there are days when I go to bed and my mind races, my body buzzes. And when it does, I close my eyes and breathe as slowly as I can. I trust my body. As long as I’m resting in bed for 5 hours with my eyes closed, I’ll trust that’s enough.

And sometimes, I find, not trying to go to sleep is the easiest way in. As soon as I accept that my mind and body are on high alert, then I can just accept and trust that if I’m resting, I will be rested. Even if I’m not sleeping, exactly, its rest, and it counts.

An Effortless Self-care Practice

Sometimes though, when we are really busy – overloaded, nervous, exhausted, just done – self-care is just one more thing to do. And this is a time where we are called to rest, be still, return to the soft, yielding energy of Mother Earth.

So how do you create a yin practice? One where you can still receive the benefit of meditation, without having to ‘do’ one more thing? This meditation! That’s how. Or at least, it’s a very good start.

I hope this meditation helped you recharge a bit and settle into bed at the end of your day. Be well!

Please feel free to share this meditation with anyone who could benefit!

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