Do you ever have one of those days where everything is just wedged in sideways and not working? Me too! Especially today. For some reason, the bank website wasn’t working, the email website wasn’t working, everything I sat down to do just… stopped. Except writing to you right now. What is going on Universe?!?

If you are currently in a stuck sideways moment, this post is for you (and maybe a few friends too). I have an elegant solution to navigate through life when the Universe is puzzling.

Of course, I could easily write this post and have it all go poof. So that brings me to the most important helpful tip for you… RELAX, Surrender, and Let Go.

Yes, as annoying as it sounds, when everything you try is blocked or stuck, the only option is to let go. Surrender is one of those sticky concepts because it is something that seems to require an absence of something. It’s an absence of tension, an absence of pushing, an absence of getting your own way.

Let Go into something MORE

Surrender is a letting go, definitely. But it is also something much much greater. When we let go, it’s important to consider what we are letting go into. The ideal is not to simply drop things into the blank void, but to let go into something greater. Surrender becomes much easier if we let go into the welcoming arms of the Universe. Let go into the presence and fullness of the Divine energy that runs through all things.

When things get stuck, I always think there’s something else that is more aligned elsewhere in that moment. It’s not that I give up on the task altogether (more on this later), it’s just that I can see it’s not a ‘now’ task. Something else has a greater priority and my work is now to align with the new energy.

We have to do what I often tell my Reiki students, “Get out of the way”. If things are stuck or not moving forward no matter what you try, I often think there is something else that needs to be done and the job is to find it. There’s another direction to go than the single track we are on. The confusing bit can be when we redirect our energy and that gets blocked too, like today for me with the bank and the email service (sigh).

When we get out of the way (something I talk a lot about in The Secret Art of Happiness), we allow a greater energy and wisdom to flow through. With that surrender, the energy moves us to where we are meant to be. (Which for me seems to be writing to you now!)

Mercury might be in Gatorade Retrograde

Often I chalk those stuck moments up to Mercury in Retrograde, which is when it appears that the planet Mercury is moving backwards across the sky (it’s not, it just looks like it from Earth because everything is moving including us).

Astrologically, Mercury governs communication and technology, so things often go haywire when Mercury Retrograde is happening. So, I blame it on Mercury and then try a bunch of things and then meditate for a few weeks until it’s over! This is why I have all the planetary retrogrades marked on the Moon Calendar. I need to know when to stop and have a nap!

I mean, that usually explains things enough for me to stop trying to figure out why things aren’t working or ARE working, but randomly. But, it’s not Mercury Retrograde at the moment… so that means it’s energy.

What I think happens is we have this large team of helpful Divine Beings who work with us all the time. But we can’t always hear them clearly, so they monkey around with things to get our attention. We get redirected as many times as needed until we get on the right track for the moment of time we’re in.

While I like to blame Mercury, it’s really not his fault. It’s just that I’m not going in the right direction. The retrograde phases offer a little window for our guides and Divine Team to interact with the physical world a little easier. We can get gently nudged along till we’re headed in the right way.

It can be annoying though.

I like things my way. Even though my Divine Team is kind and loving, and looking out for me, and has a broader view of all the energies, I still think I’m right. My little ego likes to be right.

Let the Universe Nudge You

SO, I get very gently nudged and thankfully I’ve learned to notice these signs and listen to them. I let go with my mind much like you’d let go of a piece of paper in your hand. There’s a softening and a relaxation that I encourage in my brain. Sometimes I take a break to meditate or do some self-healing, but mostly I simply breathe and soften any internal tension. A little breath of mindfulness to recentre.

Then I try the next thing and get stuck. Sometimes it feels like I’m a windup toy hitting wall after wall. Until finally I find the direction and it works! This is also how you definitely know that you’re on the right track when the Universe is redirecting you. After everything else being stuck, if something is flowing it has to be the right way.

And you know, there is definite ease in writing you now that I greatly appreciate. Things feel easy and natural, like rolling downhill when you’re on the right track. Then you come back to the original task on a different day. It often all miraculously starts working once you’ve taken the detour the Universe is guiding you on.

Return Later!

One side warning, be cautious of making the assumption that if something is stuck that it means that you’re not supposed to do it ever. Sometimes we can take a temporary stuckness as a sign from the Universe to give up. This is not the case. All it means is that in this present heartbeat, the task you were about to do wasn’t in as great an alignment as something else. It’s a redirection, not a stop.

It’s all too easy to let our ego get ahold of those natural delays and obstacles on the path of our dreams and let it tell us to go back home and hide. Doing what you love is vulnerable work. It will naturally make us feel stretched out of our comfort zone at times. But you want that stretch, it’s good for you, like yoga.

You need to go just slightly beyond what was possible for you, and then over time, it becomes a new area of comfort and joyful work. That vulnerable edge is something that you learn to ride as a heart-based entrepreneur or creative person. It’s where the good stuff is. So don’t fall into the trap of giving up forever on something that is temporarily blocked. Just pivot and work on another part of it. Or take a nap!

Moving forward and through obstacles is something I practice and coach others to do in Energetic Eight Coaching sessions. Sometimes it’s nice to get an independent view if you’re really stuck on a dream or creative project.

So surrender and pivot. Surrender and flow. And keep on going! Rest when you need to, but return and keep on returning to your soulful work.

In the end, I’m just grateful. I get placed where I’m needed and I let go of the plan and flow around the obstacles. Maybe the Universe knows a little more than me!


Please share and comment below! I’d love to hear how you approach getting unstuck.



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