At LunaHolistic we love Reiki! Here are the steps involved for in-person sessions in our space. At present, we are open and accepting bookings, with current COVID safety measures in place. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

1. Book Your Session

Book your in-person session here with your practitioner.

If you’re a new client, you’ll create your profile first. Make sure you enable notification and reminder emails so you’ll get the appointment confirmations. (We won’t send you the newsletter unless you ask)

You’ll pay securely in advance when you book. See pricing here.

2. Check your Email

We’ll send you an automatic confirmation email and your practitioner will send you a personal message.

SO check all your folders to make sure you’re receiving us.

It’s best to contact your practitioner directly with any questions you have before your appointment. Go HERE to look up your practitioner’s contact info.

3. Fill out the Health Record Form

You’ll get this link in your email too, but be sure to fill out the Health Record Form before your appointment.

4. Your Practitioner will message you

Your practitioner will reach out by text or email so you have their number on the day of the appointment.

Please reply so we know we’ve got the right person. 🙂

5. Meet us at the LunaHolistic for your In-Person Session!

We clean and sanitize all high-touch surfaces with a hospital-grade disinfectant between each session and at the start and end of the day. We change all the linens between each client. There are also HEPA air purifiers in each treatment room to increase air circulation and filter out particles. All part of keeping us safer with COVID-19.

Parking and Accessibility

Free Parking is available on the north side of 20th Avenue NW and in the community. There’s a paid lot across the street (Indigo) if you have a longer session.

Parking near 2003 14 St NW Calgary Alberta -

There are two designated wheelchair parking spaces on either side of the building. There’s a ramp to the front entrance and we’re on the main floor (no stairs). The front door of the building does have an automatic opening button, but the interior door does not. Please call 403-284-0176 and we’ll help you.

We’re on the main floor, just to the right when you enter the lobby. The bathrooms are down the hall and can be accessed with a key. The bathrooms are gendered, but we have both keys on the ring, so you can choose the one that suits you.

On evenings and weekends, the front door is locked. Just dial 105 on the intercom and we’ll buzz you in.

6. Masks are optional – Bring your Own Water

Masks are optional in our space according to your comfort level. We want you to feel safe.

Bring your own water bottle, notepad, and pen.

If you develop symptoms before your session, let your practitioner know and they can reschedule your appointment, switch it to a virtual session, or we can cancel the session give you a full refund.

If your practitioner develops symptoms before your session, we can reschedule with the same practitioner following testing and isolation, switch your session to another practitioner (if available), or cancel with a full refund.

7. Wash your Hands! 🙂

We have sinks and nice soap and have sanitizer in every room.

Your practitioner washes and sanitizes their hands before and after your session.

We don’t touch your face at all in Reiki. And we can do the whole session hands-off if that’s more comfortable. The energy is the same!

8. Share and Set your Intention

At the beginning of your in-person Reiki session, you’ll discuss the focus of the Reiki session with your practitioner and the two of you will work together to develop a strong, positive intention.

Don’t worry about having your intention figured out in advance, that’s what we’re here for!

The intention serves as a guide for the energy and the practitioner. It’s very important.

Where you are right now, carries a vibrational signature. And where you’d like to go (your intention) carries another vibrational signature. What Reiki does is match those two energies up; it creates a bridge between them, so you can easily shift into alignment with your dreams and goals.

Because intention setting is so important, often your first session has more discussion and sharing than later sessions.

9. Relax and Receive!

In your in-person Reiki session, all you have to do is relax and be willing to receive the Reiki energy.

You’ll be fully clothed on the Reiki table, usually face up. If you need to lie on your side or be propped up to be comfortable, we have many bolsters, pillows, and blankets. Feel free to bring your own from home too, but we have lots of options to make sure you’re cozy and snug.

If you need to shift position during the session, then please do; we have many clients who have chronic pain or are pregnant. It’s most important that you’re comfortable.

Your practitioner may do a bit of a guided relaxation or coach you to breathe deeply at different points of the session to help the energy flow and shift. It’s a lot like a meditation we help you with!

We use gentle, compassionate touch during the session. Of course not in the bathing suit areas! 🙂

If you have any pain or sensitivity in any area of your body or if you’re not comfortable with touch on your throat, abdomen, feet, or at all, please let your practitioner know. We can do Reiki across the world, so we can still give you lots of hands-free care in person.

What you might feel

You can share what you’re feeling as you go through the session or wait till the end. Your practitioner can make adjustments during the session so you receive the maximum benefit.

Most people experience a deep sense of calm and peace during the session. You might even fall asleep! Not to worry if you do snooze a bit during the session, the Reiki will still benefit you. Some healing only takes place while we sleep, so you might find a deep rest during the session.

Some people experience colours, warmth, buzzing or tingling, or even the presence of multiple hands. It’s not uncommon to still feel the practitioner’s hand on your shoulder while they are physically on your feet!

You might even go on a trip! Dreamy imagery and visual experiences can also happen for some people. Sometimes epiphanies, ideas, and solutions to problems will pop into your head during the session. Reiki helps us connect to the place where the answers live.

10. Share Experiences

The last 10 to 15 minutes of the in-person appointment are reserved for sharing the experiences, images, and messages you and your practitioner experienced.

This can be one of the most profound aspects of Reiki. It’s where you get to put it all together and integrate the energy you just received.

Your practitioner has insight on your energy centres and chakras or messages from spirit, angels, and guides, and they’ll share whatever they get with you at the end.

11. Self-Care and Return visits

The energy from the session will continue to flow for you and integrate into your system for 3 to 7 days afterwards. The integration of the energy is enhanced by your self-care following the session.

This means that you may find more shifts and changes AFTER your in-person session as you receive all the goodness.

This happens because the energy is a non-local, quantum-based frequency. So the results can be displaced in time from the actual session.

Sometimes you even get benefits before the session even happens! It’s part of the magic and mystery of Reiki. It’s Divinely guided life force energy, so it’s free to meet you where you’re at and flow for as long as you need it.

For follow-up visits, we generally recommend booking weekly sessions or so if you’ve been going through a lot of stressful experiences. That helps to keep things flowing.

We do offer package rates as well if you’re interested.

For maintenance and growth, just to keep everything clear, we recommend having a session every month or so. That’s what we do as practitioners too, so we can stay sharp and clear as life unfolds. Highly recommended!

12. Leave a Review or Testimonial

If you have a few minutes, we’d be so honoured if you could write a review on Google for your session: Click Here

Or if you’d like to instead record a short video testimonial that would be super helpful. You can send us the file or link to

Reviews and testimonies are so helpful for others who could benefit from this work. You never know whose life you could change!



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