This is the first of many weekly Creative Warm-ups available on my Substack community. My goal with these short meditations and writing prompts is to activate your creative work. Get started and keep going!


By creating together, we make a gentle space that allows you and your work to simply be. The energy and the work expands as you do, so let it all flow from the heart and onto the page.

Your curious question to ponder is: What if you completely trusted your higher self?

Spend a few moments writing along with me in the video. I’m a big believer in tiny baby steps that are spiritually aligned with the energy of your creation.

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Weekly Creative Warm-ups and more…

You’ll get many more opportunities to explore your creative side and the cathartic healing nature of sharing your story with others. Below is an excerpt of the Welcome post on Substack so you can get an idea of what it’s all about.

I created this space so that you can explore your creative ideas and goals and get a gentle and nurturing environment so that you can just start. Once you’ve started, you’ll get support to keep on making and sharing your creative work.

Sometimes people get stuck or hesitant to begin a creative project because of all of the inner critic messages they’ve been exposed to, either internally or externally.

Sacred Space to Create Your Best Work

A big part of my work in Reiki is getting people and their energy clear so they can sparkle and shine and bring the best of themselves to the world.

And that’s what I want to create for you here. I want to make sure that you can bring the work you need to share to the world. And my approach is to use spiritual tools like meditation, reflection, and journaling prompts to unblock the energy behind your story.

Here, you’ll get your story and creative ideas flowing. Together we’ll make a sacred space to really honor the work. I believe your ideas are unique expressions that belong to themselves.

Your Creative Work Belongs to the World

Sometimes we have a story that’s so huge. Even though it might be a very personal story, it has an energy to it that doesn’t want to be contained within the pages of your own personal diaries and journals.

There’s a healing aspect to the story that wants to move through you that belongs to a much wider, bigger audience. I believe this is because you are story has the power to heal. Your work can inspire others to create their own unique expression in the world.

I believe that we’re here to be creative. We’re here to share our ideas and work and leave a mark in the world. Even if it’s just within our own families, they’re such an important aspect of sharing and preserving your story, your ideas, and your creativity. It matters!


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