In this blog, we invite you to explore the transformative nature of mindful activities to escape the clutches of worry and embrace a more fulfilling way of living. By understanding that worry is merely a mental habit, we can consciously cultivate new patterns of thinking and being that lead to a healthier and more empowered existence.

Mindful Activities Bring you Presence

When you relax into the present, worry begins to fade, and you become more aware and grounded. One of our favourite resources is the worry chapter in the Secret Art of Happiness by Geneva Robins. As you read the excerpt below, see if you can find one tiny mindful activity that you already do. Maybe spend a few moments writing a quick list of your favourite mindful activities.

Excerpt with permission from The Secret Art of Happiness: Change Your Life with the Reiki Ideals – Geneva Robins

Worry takes its toll on us. It is like walking around with sand in our shoes. At first, it doesn’t bother us too much, just a little uncomfortable. But soon, all the worries pile up and pile on. We get sore; we get raw; we get weary. The physical and mental toll is very high. We literally wear ourselves out.

The blessing is that worry is a choice. We actually choose to worry. We nurture worry in ourselves and others. We mistake worry for care, compassion, and action.

Because worry is really nothing more than a mental habit, we can form new habits. We can replace our old way of thinking and being with a more healthful, more helpful mode of existence. Chances are, there are times when worry has been low or nearly gone for you. Even a brief decrease in worry is a cause for celebration.

I used to experience these low worry states only on vacation. When I was travelling, I had to keep my wits about me. I couldn’t afford to be distracted with worry. There was too much to see, do, negotiate, and translate. Travelling forced me into the present moment and worry vanished.

Perhaps going on vacation is the same for you. Maybe it is something else. Perhaps it is engaging in a pleasurable hobby, running, sports, crafts, knitting, fishing, so forth.

Activities where you are engaged in the task at hand, that are fun, that require your concentration and focus to do well, these activities can derail worry and anxiety. Essentially, they are a form of mindfulness. The best kind of mindful hobby is one that is fun, repetitive, or engaging, requiring focus to complete effectively. They absorb our focus and mental energy, and we are incapable of worrying.

Many of us spend a lot of time on computers or other digital devices. We sit more now than we ever have in history. Physical movement and physical creation are needed. It is important these mindful activities are physical. You need to move or make something. These are restorative.

They are a balance to the cerebral activities that can tumble you into a worry state. When you are playing on your phone or tablet, you are still in your mind. While your thumbs may twitch, you are not really moving, not really creating.

Don’t get me wrong! I love techno-gadgetry! I think they have interconnected the planet in a big way. They are important. And let’s face it; they are here to stay. Balance is the important thing.

Spending time in mindful, physical activities are an important ‘rest’ from our usual activity.

I find a very beautiful peace when I am out running in nature; the flow of life, the swinging of my legs, the metronome of my heart, the rhythm, it soothes me. Now, I know that running is not everyone’s cup of tea! Fortunately, there is more than one type of tea!

You may already have an idea which hobby, craft, or sport gives you this absorbing, yet renewing quality. For some people, it might be dancing, singing, or colouring. For others, it might be flying an airplane or climbing a mountain. The activity itself is not as important as is the mindful nature of it.

Ask yourself: Are you able to worry while you do your mindful activity? Is it something you enjoy? Does it give you pleasure? When you are done your activity, how do you feel? Refreshed? Vital? Renewed? If so, then that is the perfect choice for you.

Take a moment now to book a time in your calendar to spend time on your mindful activity. Booking it in your calendar means it will happen. Or, at least, it is more likely to happen than if you didn’t. No excuses here. Make time for you!

More Mindful Resources for You

Walking in nature is a beautiful way to get grounded and mindful. Try this Mindful Walking Meditation the next time you go for a walk.

Drawing or doodling affirmations is an excellent way to begin shifting your state. Or you can watch a video of someone else doodling too! Check out the videos in this post: Affirmation Art – It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

Also, sometimes we learn the most about mindfulness when we’re not! 5 Things I Learned from Falling Down the Stairs – the title says it all. Mindful activities can be a lifesaver.

In those moments of connection, when you’re mindful, that’s also when you can access your inner wisdom. We chat about this on Podcast 13 – How do you Listen to Your Inner Wisdom


By intentionally nurturing these precious moments of peace, you embark on a transformative journey towards a more fulfilling and harmonious existence. As you dedicate time to your chosen mindful activity, you are sowing the seeds of self-care and inner peace, allowing them to blossom and transform every aspect of your life.

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