Sometimes, when you try to make something… it doesn’t go to plan. Mistakes are often part of the creative process when you’re trying something new. You have a couple of choices. You can stop and toss it all in the bin. Or you can embrace the false starts and interruptions and keep on making your art.

Creativity and mistakes seem to go hand in hand. I often wonder if it is possible at all to truly make anything if you don’t also make mistakes along the way. But are they really mistakes? My heart says “no”, my head says “yes”. But if we only listen to that brain part, it will keep us stuck forever, never making anything at all.

Music by The Owl, ‘Rainy Sun’

So embrace the flaws and turn them into features. Learn from the whole experience and make the next one better… or worse. But mostly, make the next one. Because, really, what else were you going to do?


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And the final piece:

Affirmation Art - My Life is getting better everyday. It's okay to make mistakes. Try something new. See what happens. All is well.