This is a healing meditation to help you release any physical, mental, or emotional pain. The forest is a sacred place with wise and ancient beings. Use this meditation as an opportunity to release anything that is not serving you into the healing water of the natural hot springs. When you let go in this way, you can receive the clear insight and guidance that the land and wise beings have to offer.

This meditation helps you connect to the sacred space within yourself where your ancient self resides. Spend a few moments following this meditation journalling about any insights or clarity that arrives for you.

Ancient Healing Forest Meditation

Meditation Transcript

This is an ancient healing forest meditation

Start by releasing all the air out of your lungs and breathe in to a count of 4, 3, 2, 1 and out 3, 2, 1

In 3, 2, 1, and out 3, 2, 1.

Breathing in. And out.

In and Out.

Imagine yourself walking through a mountain trail surrounded by large moss-covered trees.

The trail leads to an opening in the woods.

See the golden rays of sun through the canopy of leaves overhead. Feel that warmth of the sun on your skin as and you experience your surroundings.

There is so much life within this old-growth forest. The beings who dwell here are peaceful and kind.

You came to this place to heal and let go of something. The wise ones have been waiting for your arrival.

You notice a quiet and secluded natural hot spring. It is safe to dip your body into the healing water of this spring.

Relax into the warmth.

Start to let go of anything that’s not serving you anymore. Start to feel any emotional or physical pain start to melt away.

Allow yourself to start to receive the wisdom of this ancient land.

What does it have to tell you?

Rest here for a few minutes and listen.

Thank this wise land and all of its beautiful beings for the healing energy and wisdom that it gave you.

And step out of the hot spring and make your journey back home, to this space.

You can start to deepen your breathing and allow your senses to come alive.

And when you’re ready you can slowly start to open your eyes. and write down any insights you experienced and any knowledge that you gained.


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