Reiki gives us access to the quantum energy in the universal field and works through our consciousness. The process is the same whether we are in the same room or half a world apart.

I have always been fascinated by distance Reiki. It truly seems to tap into the quantum nature of the universe. It’s magic. When I first learned about energy healing, I read stories about people being healed through sessions where the practitioner and the client were in different places, sometimes even different cities or countries. The effect of those Reiki sessions was just as powerful and profound as when they were done in person. Now that I am a Reiki Master, I have personally experienced and witnessed amazing changes in distance Reiki Sessions.

As a practitioner, I don’t do anything differently when I do a distance session compared to an in-person session, except I am visualizing putting my hands on the person, and we are chatting on the phone. It is fascinating to my science brain.

To me, the only way Distance Reiki could work is through a quantum process, where energy and consciousness are transmitted through the universal field of intelligence that underlies all matter and creates changes that manifest beyond time and space. Another way to describe this field might be God, Source, or the Divine, whatever suits you best.

I believe Reiki provides us access to the realm of this universal field, and we transmit that infinite energy and healing potential. And the whole thing is mediated through consciousness and intention. The process is the same whether we are in the same room as the person receiving Reiki or whether we are half a world apart.

People consistently report massive shifts in their energy, emotions, and even their physical bodies after a distance Reiki session. That is because Reiki — combined with a powerful intention for complete health, wealth, and vitality — can shift the vibrational state of a person at a subatomic level — which is basically another way of saying at the level of the soul or spirit.

Everything is vibration. All of the things around us, every plant, person, animal, or rock, is composed of atoms. Those atoms are in constant motion. They wiggle around and do their little cosmic dance. They are held in place by energy and attraction. Those relationships between all of those atoms ultimately make all the matter you see all around you right now.

I love Reiki because it's given me the tools to heal myself. - Melissa Adams - Reiki Master - LunaHolistic

When you go deeper than the level of the atom, to the subatomic scale, the lines between of the material world and energy begin to blur. Photos of electrons, a building block of atoms, look more like a ripple or a wave of possibilities. Even beyond this scale, when you go even smaller, the matter seems to disappear entirely, and you are left with a field of infinite possibilities — a state where everything is interconnected, every possible outcome is available, time doesn’t exist, and energy and consciousness have instantaneous effects at distances that defy logic.

Things get freaky in the subatomic world.

When you send a powerful message of peace, love, and healing into the quantum realm, it creates massive changes in the vibrational state of the person receiving the treatment, whether in-person or not.

These big shifts in energy and vibrational patterns create changes at the macro-scale in the day-to-day life of the person receiving Reiki. Their thoughts, emotions, and physical body — all of which are just different forms of vibration — shift to be in harmony with the vibration of the intention.


This new vibrational state is stabilized by the self-care practice of the person receiving the session and their willingness to live in that healthy and happy state. This process of lasting change is actually initiated by the person receiving the Reiki session, not by the Reiki practitioner. Even the greatest healer on the planet is not able to permanently shift the vibration of a person who is unwilling to change. Each of us is responsible for our own self-healing process, whether it is accelerated by a healer (of any modality) or not; the process of health and well-being is always an internal one, on the deepest level of our being.

True healing always starts within.

Reiki can help create vibrational stability around the new pattern. When you receive a session, you are popping into a new vibrational state, and the willingness to heal, be whole, and be happy can create absolute miracles. People can ‘pop’ into a new pattern with Reiki. And, with a practice of self-care, affirmations, and meditation, that quantum leap can become the new normal.

These big jumps in vibrational state are often the results I see and experience myself in a Reiki session.

The energy can completely change in a very short period of time, maybe only 5 minutes to an hour. Even better, that change doesn’t require you to go through all the middle ground from where you are now to where you want to be.

I have witnessed miracles.

Reiki can take my breath away in sheer amazement. I love that even after all this time studying, practicing, and teaching Reiki, I am still amazed at how much can change in as little as 5 minutes.

I am in awe of the power of this process, and in the courage and dedication people have in overcoming their trauma, pain, and emotional distress. Reiki — coupled with a little willingness to change — can move mountains. Lifetimes of pain leave, and the person shifts into a new state, feeling happy, healthy, and whole.

And we only see a tiny bit of the miracle. We see the outer effects of a much bigger quantum puzzle. We see the transformation, but the process is beyond the ability to imagine. I often feel like I am peeking through a pinhole and glimpsing the whole universe when I do Reiki.

Those big vibrational shifts begin when you decide to change, something within you makes a choice that — no matter what — you will be healthy and whole.

That process of healing is often started long before you even book an appointment. Even the act of choosing some self-care begins the process of healing. Sometimes people tell me that the reason they booked the appointment in the first place has been resolved, and now that they are in a new state, they can get straight to work on the next level — moving towards total health, happiness, and vitality.

That is the beauty and magic of Reiki!

It acts beyond time and space, so sometimes, the effects of the session occur before the session has even happened. The full effects are often experienced before, during, and long after the session is finished.

Making time for self-care has huge positive effects. All healing is essentially self-healing, and the act of deciding is so critical to the outcome of any therapy. You send this very deep message — right down, way past the level of the atom — that you are worthy of love, health, and well-being.

And that is a true miracle.

If you can do that, your miracle process has already begun. You are maybe one Reiki or meditation session away from a total life transformation.

The quantum leap experience happens when we cast our intention into the field of miracles and open our hands to receive.



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