You are part of the Universe, and the Divine Love that is within everything is within you too. This meditation from the book “The Secret Art of Happiness: Change your Life with the Reiki Ideals” will help you expand Divine Love in your daily life.


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Meditation to Expand Divine Love Transcript

Begin now.

As you listen to these words, you will be drawn towards a place of peace and rejuvenation.

It is a place you know well. It is a place where your heart is free and light. It is a place where your shoulders drop down your back and your hands rest easily in your lap.

It is a place where your jaw is soft and pliant and where your neck is loose and free. It is a place where your face and its muscles open, relax and use their energy to softly smile. Sweetly and softly. Smiling.

It is a place where your belly is relaxed and soft, filling and emptying with air. Your belly easily flowing with your slow, gentle and smooth breath. Breathe softly, breathe gently.

Let the soft wave of your breath take on the quality and depth of ocean waves. Gently lapping on the beach softly in and out. Smoothly, flowing. Let your legs rest easily, gently breathing softness and comfort into every muscle, every tendon, everywhere, Your whole body, soft, pliant, relaxed, open.

Now, gently focus on the energy within your heart. There is a soft, warmness here. It is a physical sensation right in the centre of your chest. Just behind your breastbone, your sternum. This soft energy has a slight buzz to it, a vibration, it feels the same as sunshine, sunlight, but inside. Inside your chest is the same quality of energy at the sun itself. Feel it now.

Allow this energy, the energy of your Divine Spark, be known. Be aware of this soft, warm energy. Breath right into the centre of it. Notice how each breath affects the energy you feel. Each breath brings more light, more warmth, more love into your heart space.

Let your breath gently expand this energy to fill your entire chest, right to your back, your shoulder blades, your shoulders and up the back of your neck. Let the light fill your throat, travelling upwards, filling your mouth and tongue, filling your nose and nasal cavities and sinuses.

Let the energy fill your cheekbones and the base of your skull. Let the energy flow and fill the muscles behind your ears and right into the inner ear itself. Let the energy flow up to the top of your skull. Resting easily on the top of your head. Now let the energy flow into your crown and into your brain. Let the light of your heart illuminate your brain. Let it shine.

You are now ready to step aside a little more and the intensity of your Divine Spark grow. Let it be brighter. Brighter still.

Allow this Divine energy to flow down and through your body. Filling your mind, your heart, your belly. Let it flow into and expand your back, supporting you. Let it fill your pelvis and hips, stabilizing you. Let it flow down your legs, fill your knees, and flow into each and every toe on your feet. Let this brilliant energy flow down your arms, fill your elbows and wrists, and settle gently and easily into your hands.

Take a deep breath. And let it out.

Let the infinite love the Universe has for you flow in. Let the love flow in. Be willing to let more light in. Let the Divine Love of your Source love you.

Breathe Deeply.

Let more love in. Step out of the way of it.

Surrender old habits and negative thinking to the immense love of Source.

Let love replace the old stuff. Let love fill the space.

Let love fill all the empty places. In your heart, in your mind, in your body.

Let it all in. Let it all in NOW.

Now, scan your body. Look for tension. Look for ease. Look for any held muscles, any held breath, any tension in your face or scalp. Any holding your breath or belly.

Take a deep breath NOW. Let your breath relax these spaces now. Let the light fill in these spaces now.


You are enough.

You are loved.

You are appreciated.

You are honoured.

You are loved.

You are loved.

You are loved.