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I’ve been working with the lunar energy for many years. What I notice is that when I plan my self-care and creativity with the timing and synchrony of each lunar cycle, I find that I’m helped enormously. I’m able to ride the currents of life, striking while the iron’s hot. 

This planner helps you understand the energy that’s present in the emotions of the world, and I find that many people, myself included, are super sensitive to the energetic landscape of the collective. This means that you can be very quickly overwhelmed by the full or new moon. There’s this cosmic pull at certain times and seasons that makes some work easier than others.

For many years, I would ride out some of these energies, not knowing what was happening. It was only later that I would look back and figure out that it was just an eclipse or retrograde, or it was a full moon that I just hadn’t paid attention to. Once I had figured out what was happening energetically, everything would click into place for me. It helped to put the experience into perspective so that I could just ride out the energy or adjust my self-care for the energy of each lunar day. 

Ride the Lunar Energy

There are many energies floating around in the universe and any given moment, and they all affect us each day. When I follow the energies that are happening in the moon cycle, the solar cycle, the retrogrades and all of the various planetary and astrological events, I find that I am able to rest when the energy needs resting and act with the energy calls for acting. I find there’s less strain in my life.

Instead of flowing against the tide. I’m flowing with it. I’m going downstream with the current of life, and everything just seems to happen more smoothly with more flow. It all just connects. 

When I feel stagnant and sluggish, I don’t get so hard on myself.  When there’s a day where all I want to do is rest, I just let myself rest and I choose self-care tasks connected to the lunar energy that help me recharge my batteries. I end up syncing up with the harmony of nature.

Energize with the Moon

By timing your activities and your rest stages for what’s actually happening with the lunar energy, you get a space where you can maximize your efforts and find balance. 

We live in an electric light-filled world that can make us disconnected from the natural ebb and flow of natural moonlight in our environment. Even though we might not always pay attention to the moon, it has a pull of gravity that can influence us every single moment. 

The moon stirs up a lot of emotional energy. It really can create a lot of big waves. Anybody who works in frontline health care or EMS can attest to how the full moon, in particular, really affects people’s behaviour. Following the energy patterns of the moon helps me prepare for what I’ll experience personally or what other people might be going through. 

Lunar Astrology Simplified

As it turns out, there are many energies floating around each day connected to the moon. Each has its own rhythm and pattern that is predictable, yet each cycle and pattern has a different length, and there’s an ever-shifting lunar energy of each day of the year. It can get overwhelming and confusing to keep track of it all. 

The moon goes through many different energy states every single day. All of which cycle and flow in different rhythms and different timings. There are the phases of the moon, which come in and out of being every four to five days within the lunar cycle. There’s the whole lunar cycle itself which is 29.5 days to go from new moon to new moon. There’s also the lunar day which is when the moon rises and sets each day. The moonrise and sunrise happen at slightly different intervals, so the moon day doesn’t often coincide with the solar day. The moon will flow through different moon signs in the astrological or zodiac cycle every two and a half days or so. 

Putting all the information together means that the moon brings a different energetic value to each day, and it can change what energy we’re experiencing. All of these cycles happen in very different patterns. It’s a lot of moving parts! But for sensitive people, knowing the energy of the moon can help enormously.

How the LunaHolistic Moon Calendar Started

For many many years. I colour-coded the margins of my journals to try to keep track of it all. I would get out grid pages and note sheets to try to keep track of when everything was happening. I would be able to keep up with it for a few days by hand, and then I would forget. It might be many days later that I would be overwhelmed by the energetic weather. I’d go back to try to figure out what was happening, and then it would all make sense. I needed a way to keep track of it all. 

And this is where the Lunar Harmony Planner and the LunaHolistic Moon Calendar were created. All of those energies often had a connection with the chakras and the aura. So I colour-coded the energy of each day with its chakra colour. Then you can look at the color for each day and adjust your self-care for the energy that you might expect as you go out into the world on that day. 

I simplified the energy patterns so I could easily see the energy of each day at a glance. With these chakra colours, I could quickly look up and see what type of chakra energy is present, and I could then match my self-care to the energy of the day. I’d put together a little self-care complementary plan that will support me as I ride through it all. 

The 2024 Lunar Harmony Planner makes it even easier!

As it happens, there’s still quite a lot of information to process on each day of the Moon Calendar. So, after a prompt from one of my students who said, “Wouldn’t it be great if this was a daily planner?” I set to work on the 2024 Lunar Harmony Planner, and I didn’t look back. As soon as I started making it, I realized this was something I needed and would really benefit other people as well. 

The planner is a daily version of the moon calendar. Each day you will get a Lunar Harmony Invitation, a little summary of what’s happening that day. The invitation might be a prompt for your self-care, a journaling prompt, or a gratitude practice that will support you as you go through all of the different phases and stages of the lunar weather. 

There’s also space for journaling, note-taking, or your to-do lists, and marking down important birthdays and appointments and such. There’s also a space at the bottom for tracking how you’re doing in your mind, body, and energy levels. You get a way of actually tracking how the lunar energy affects you on multiple different levels of your life. 

There’s also a spot for your own daily intention or affirmation. What energy would you like to take through that day with you? If you know Reiki, you can set that intention for your practice, and that is the energy you’re going to carry with you all day. You’ll pack it with you just like you pack your lunch. You can set the tone of what you’re going to need for energetic support and self-care to help you ride through the waves. 

Using the Lunar Harmony Planner can help you really energize and magnetize the work you’re doing, and you can really rest and recharge when you need to rest and recharge; then you can go for it on the days when the energy just opens up. You can really maximize your efforts on those high-energy days by resting completely on the days that are rest days. You are living a high-performance life. 

If you want to get the maximum out of your life lunar harmony planner will help you really understand what works for you. You’ll be able to time your creative and routine tasks so that you can live fully and just enjoy life. Paying attention to the energy of nature and how it connects with you helps you to fully saturate yourself in every beautiful moment and micro-moment. That’s really why I created it. 


Hey, it’s available for sale right now! If you order right away, then it should get here before January 1st. I think you’ll really like it. It’s got a lot of information in it presented in a really simplified, easy-to-digest way. 

You can get the full planner here. It’s available coil-bound and in linen hardcover. The LunaHolistic Moon Calendar for 2024 is also available, and it is beautiful and colourful. I really love it. 

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You can also try out a free demo version of the Lunar Harmony Planner here –  November 13th to December 12th, covering one moon cycle. See how it works for you. 


Please let us know how it all sits with you. Keep tuned to this blog through email, and I’ll share more about how you can use the moon cycle to manifest and get clarity on projects that you want to create and experiences that you want to draw into your world.