Connect deeply to your presence with this Listening Meditation. Sound only happens in real-time, so if you are hearing something, it means you are present.

Listening Meditation


This meditation is part of the book The Secret Art of Happiness: Change Your Life with the Reiki Ideals.


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Meditation Transcript

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


Feel your feet upon the floor – your bottom against the chair – your head stacked neatly over your shoulders, your shoulders over your hips.

Let the breath travel over you from head to foot in one smooth wave.

Take ten delicious breaths in this way.

Let the wave of your breath wash over you from head to foot, head to foot, head to foot.






Now bring your awareness to the power of listening.

Become aware of all the sounds in your environment.


Notice the high sounds, maybe a bird is singing somewhere, maybe some children are laughing. Listen now for the high sounds.

Notice all you can. Focus on each sound as it comes and goes. Leaving you, still, rooted, in the present.

Sound occurs only in the NOW moment. When you focus, when you listen, all sounds are happening NOW.

Noticing sounds as they occur can only happen in present moment awareness. You are present. You are NOW.

Notice now, the low sounds. Maybe it is the rumble of a bus, maybe it is the voice of the wind, maybe it is the low beat of your own heart. Listen now to the low sounds.

Notice all you can.

Notice the low sounds and the high sounds together.

Notice all the sounds between them.

If there is a disturbing sound, see if you can hear other sounds around it.  Notice how your awareness and focus makes even quiet sounds more prominent, more noticeable.

It is not the volume that matters here, it is your awareness. The intensity of your awareness is what matters.

Listen with your WHOLE attention.

Listen with your WHOLE body.

From head to foot, head to foot, head to foot, LISTEN.

Wash yourself in the wave of listening. BE Listening. Become the Listener, the Divine Listener.

Then, when you are ready, wiggle your fingers and toes. Stretch up – Gently.

Rub the palms of your hands together, generate some heat.

Gently cover your eyes with the palms of your hands.

Gently cover your ears.

Bring your hands together, in front of your heart.

Bow to your inner Listener.