Learn how to ride the waves of lunar energy with the 2024 LunaHolistic Moon Calendar. The moon moves through different phases, days and signs, and all of that energy soup is what you’re swimming in.

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The moon calendar is colour-coded for the chakra energy corresponding to each day and phase. You get an energetic weather report each day to help you plan your self-care.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Geneva Robins, and I’m a Reiki Master here at LunaHolistic. Today, I wanted to give you a quick overview of how do you use the LunaHolistic Moon Calendar.

We’ve got the 2024 calendar ready for you to purchase. And today, I just want to quickly go over how you can use this calendar to kind of get a sense of the energetic weather.

I use this calendar all of the time, because I’m a sensitive person, and you probably are a very sensitive person too if you’re watching this. And I found that I would be affected by basically the energetic weather, what was happening with the moon and whether there was an eclipse or planet in retrograde.

And I found that I would just sort of feel off or really great, or just sort of these shifts and changes in the energy. And I would think, “What’s going on? I don’t, I can’t point to anything.” But then when I would look it up, I’m like, “Oh, it’s because this was happening in sort of the astrological weather.”

So with the energy that the moon throws down to us, every couple of days, it shifts into a different sign, you get a different frequency and harmony, and it goes through different phases. So, the new moon might affect you differently than a full moon.

So, I started taking all of this information and studying it. And it’s a lot of moving parts. And so one of the ways that it makes sense to me and my brain is to colour code, everything for the chakras. So that’s what I did with this lunar calendar.

So this is the 2023 version; the 2024 one is available now. And in each month, you have a nice little, pretty picture. And then you get these energy bands. So basically that you can look at the calendar and get a sense of the energies that are connected to each of the chakras.

The easiest way to start using this calendar is that if you’re already familiar with the chakra system; you can use that energy as a focus for your self-care. So, all you need to do is look up what that colour is.

So this one is yellow, and the phase is blue. So that the yellow is connected to the solar plexus, blue is connected to the throat chakra. So you can you can look the self-care up for that day.

So, the solar plexus is all about empowerment. And the throat chakra is all about getting your voice into the world. So you can think about how are you going to combine those particular energies and integrate them into your self-care.

It might be a really good day to do something brave and share something you love to do or make something. The solar plexus is very energizing. So that’s one way to start using it right away.

The other is that we’ve got lookup tables in the very, very back. You can look up the lunar day and what the energy is. Whether it’s a good day for business or not. So basically, is it a good day to stay home and hunker down? Or is it good day to be out and about, kind of putting yourself out there?

You can look up the moon sign and it gives you some, sort of, information about what that astrological sign is. The moon cycles through the whole zodiac and it goes from sign to sign and every about every two-ish days.

So what’s nice about that is that if you find that there’s a particular energy frequency that just kind of makes you feel a little sluggish or whatever and you feel like you’re just can’t get moving. Try again on whatever it is that you’re working on in two days because the lunar energy shifts just that quickly.

There’s also some self-care recommendations for each of the chakras and you can look up, if you want to plan ahead. What day is a good for a party? So that would be a green day. So yeah, look at any day that corresponds to that. And, and then, you can kind of plan things out.

You get a lay of the land, or what is the energetic soup you’re going to be swimming in that day? And for me, I use it to plan and prepare my self-care.

The other thing you can do is you can manifest with the moon. So that’s with this Lunar Harmony business on this page. So each new moon, you can set an intention.

And then as you cycle through that whole lunar cycle, you can, you know, pay attention to the good that’s coming in. Each phase, you can focus on a different chakra, including the aura, where you’re kind of putting everything together and noticing all of the good.

There’s cues for noticing gratitude and sort of refining what you want. I find that to be really powerful because you’re kind of letting this cycle of the moon be kind of like this energetic pump.

So you’re kind of hitting the energy at the right timing when things are kind of in a sweet spot energetically.

So that’s kind of how I use it. You can definitely check it out on our webpage. If you want to get the the current version of this calendar, we’ve got that for you.

Another cool thing: I’m working on this Lunar Harmony Planner. So sometimes, putting all of the information from each day, there’s so many different energies going on. And it can be difficult to kind of put it all together.

So, what I’m working on right now is a Daily Lunar Harmony Planner. So basically, you would get prompts to on the new moon, you’ll get prompts to set an intention, you’ll get space to sort of write and reflect.

And then you can find out what that lunar, particular lunar energy frequency mix, how does it actually impact you. So there’s little rating scales for body, mind and spiritual energy. You can set an intention for that day.

So this is just the template version, you can download this as a free PDF. It’s currently going from the October 12 to November 13. That’s this sort of little Demo, demo planner. I’m sort of testing it out.

So, but, I am planning on getting all 366 days done for 2024. So stay tuned to that. Look at our website for all of the links to that. I’ll put the links down below.

And please let me know how this sits with you. Do you use the moon to plan your day? Do you manifest with the moon? This is a really amazing way of getting in touch with the cycles of nature. And I use it all the time. I really love it. I’m curious how it works for you.

Talk to you later. Bye bye.

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