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Here is a special page just for you! Filled with meditations and recommended reading, enjoy the extra content here.

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Reiki Courses are now in-person with an option to attend ONLINE to accommodate travel and isolation requirements.

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Distance Reiki Sessions

As a LunaHolistic Student,  you get 2 complimentary VIRTUAL distance Reiki sessions with your teacher. We’ll add those sessions to your account once we receive your first payment.

The complimentary VIRTUAL sessions expire within a year. Make sure you take advantage of this beautiful opportunity to deepen your practice.

To book a session:

  1. Click here or use the booking calendar on this page
  2. Book a VIRTUAL – Distance Reiki Session – 90 minutes with your teacher
  3. Login with the same email and password you used to register for the course

Distance Reiki is a beautiful way to experience the life-changing magic of Reiki.

As a student, you get a 25% discount off of in-person and virtual sessions. Your discount is automatically applied when you book. (make sure you use the same login)

Often Distance sessions are MORE powerful than in-person ones because you really get to feel the energy. They’re really deep and profoundly healing. Try them out!

Reiki Student Discount

$120 // 90-minute Session
25% Off for Life!

You can book ANY of our practitioners.

Just book your session and your discount is applied at checkout.

Make sure you use the same login email you used to register for the course!

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Reiki For Life ~ Practicums

Our in-person practicum classes are back! Join our cozy community of fellow LunaHolistic students! >>> Book your class here.

As a Reiki student, you have 2 complimentary classes added to your profile for each Reiki course.

The complimentary classes can be used for EITHER the Reiki for Life classes (virtual and in-person) or the in-person Practicum classes.

We have quite a few people to catch up with so please send a message to if the courses are full or conflict with your schedule. We’ll make an effort to get everyone in.

The complimentary classes will expire in 5 years.

Learning Reiki is a Life-Long Journey

Keep your skills sharp and stay connected with our wonderful community. Check the schedule and put self-care in your calendar!

Reiki for Life and Practicum Classes are $40 each or $160 for eight. So it’s a sweet deal once your complimentary sessions are done!

Class size is limited, so please do register in advance.

Register for Class
Reiki Sessions -

Image taken pre-COVID. Masks are optional.

The Secret Art of Happiness

This book was Divinely channelled by Geneva directly from Master Mikao Usui the founder of the Usui Reiki System.

It answers the biggest question that Geneva had from her Reiki students, “How do I let go of anger and worry?”

This book is a step-by-step guide to answer that deep question and yearning. In the process, happiness is the natural result.

The Reiki Ideals are life-changing!

So simple, yet so profound. This book will help you on your Reiki Journey.



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