Try out this short 5-minute meditation to start your day. Meditation boosts your creativity and problem-solving abilities so you can get a clear start to your work or school day. Even a tiny meditation moment can shift your internal state and drop you out of the fight-flight-freeze state and into a calmer and more mindful energy.

Starting Your Day Meditation


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Meditation Transcript

Time to meditate. Meditation is a chance to press the reset button on our brains. Let’s take a moment now to settle in, relax and focus our brains for a moment before we ask them to work hard for the rest of the day.

In this meditation, we will calm our minds, inviting creativity and boost our ability to learn new things. Make sure you’re comfortable. Put your feet flat on the floor. Rest your hands lightly, palms up on your desk or lap.

Sit up straight so your heart and lungs can do their work easily. Your eyes may gently close as your breath becomes even and relaxed. Now, turn your attention inward. Notice the quality of your heartbeat in your chest. Just observe its tempo. Quietly listen to its steady and slow beat, easily meeting your body’s needs in every moment.

Take a deep breath in. Let it all the way out. Let your shoulders drop down your back. Make a bit more room for your heart and lungs. You will naturally be sitting up a bit straighter, taller, supported.

Let your breath flow smoothly and evenly in and out. Inhale exhale. Gently let your breath find its own easy rhythm. Meeting the needs of your body in this moment. Rest here for a moment. Listening to your heart, aware of your breath.

Take a deep breath in. Let it all out. Once more. Take a deep breath in. Gently hold and let it all out. Good.

One last time. Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out. Excellent. Well done. Now, bring your attention back to the room. Begin to wiggle your fingers, and your toes stretch your arms up. Open your eyes. And when you are ready, let’s begin.