This Rainbow Tree exercise is an active, standing meditation that lets kids balance their chakras and clear their energy. They get to have some fun while they are grounding, filling up their chakras and aura with light. At the end, they feel safe, protected, and balanced. Their natural sweetness rises to the surface, and they are more themselves, their true selves, the magnificent beings they really are.

I used this little exercise with my son when he was little to help him settle in at home after a busy day at school and to help alleviate his nightmares. Just like adults, kids need time daily to connect to their power and access their spiritual energies. Adults, or children with experience, have the ability to sit still in meditation to rejuvenate themselves. Kids, however, tend not to have the patience to sit still, especially after a long day at school being told to do exactly that!

This is wonderful to do before and after school or before bedtime. Sensitive, spiritual kids really love it and will even teach you something about healing with energy. Be prepared to learn more than you teach!

Step 1.
Plant your roots!

Get your child to stand up tall and go through the actions together. Be a role model and keep it fun and upbeat. Talk them through each step. Most important, be the example. Kids will do what you do!

Plant your toes into the ground and grow your roots right into the middle of the earth. Nice big roots that go down, down, down, into the ground. Nice and strong!

Rainbow Tree - Plant your roots - Chakra Balancing for kids

Step 2.
Grow your tree!

Now stretch your branches (your arms) way up into the sky. Stretch way up to the sun! Now wiggle your leaves (your fingers). And sway in the wind (move your arms from side to side over your head while keeping your ‘roots’ firmly planted.)

Grow Your Branches way up high - chakra balancing for kids

Step 3.
Fill up your Rainbow!

Next, you will be guiding your child to place their hands on each chakra and fill it up with that chakra’s colour. Go from crown to root (hips) and slide your hand all the way down your legs.

Fill up the top of your head with purple light.
Your forehead with dark blue light.
Your throat with light blue light.
Your heart with green!
Your tummy with yellow light.
Under your belly button with orange light.
Fill your hips with red light and fill up all the way down your legs, right down to your toes.

Fill up your Rainbow - Chakra Balancing for Kids - Rainbow Tree

Step 4.
Fill up your Energy Bubble!

Guide your child to fill up their aura from feet to above their head. Move your hands in a big arc around your body as you stand up. Finishing with your hands above your head.

Fill up your energy bubble with white light. All the way above your head and all around your body to 100%!

Fill up your bubble - Rainbow tree - Chakra Balancing for Kids

Let me know how you and your kids respond to this little chakra balancing exercise!


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