Put this guided meditation on when you get up in the morning, either while you’re resting in bed or as you begin your day. Its effortless self-care. Begin each day with a clear energy field and a grounded presence.

Good Morning

Sometimes mornings are the hardest. Not just from an urge to get more sleep, which we all honestly need a lot more of usually.

But because, if you’re like me, there’s a moment in the morning when it all comes rushing in. Whatever the concerns are, whatever the state of the world, there’s a moment before I’m fully awake that I feel it all.

Beginning the day with a moment of meditation, even just a few minutes, has been a lifesaver for me now. I do some Reiki self-healing, and I refrain from mental work until I’m awake, I’m dressed, and I’ve had breakfast.

I don’t check messages. I don’t look at my phone. I don’t engage in anything that requires decisions, if I can manage it, until I’m grounded, clear and fully in my body.

I started doing this about a year or two ago, so it has been part of my routine that has just made me so grateful. I’m so happy I had this practice in place before all this world-changing stuff happened.

Begin your day with effortless self-care

All you need to do is put this meditation on when you wake up. It’s an easy and effortless meditation that you can just listen to as you go about your morning.

It’s pretty much what I do every morning and I wanted to share it with you. It only takes a few minutes, but it’ll have such a big impact on your day.

I hope that it works for you as well to start your day in a bubble of light, grounded and centred so you’re clear to take on the challenges ahead.

Waking Meditation

Give this guided meditation a try to bring a calm and focused energy to your mornings. Put this on as you wake up and gently begin your day.


I hope this meditation helps you prepare for the day ahead. Be well!

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