Tune into the energy levels in your chakras and aura. Take this quiz to find out where you’re at. The Chakra Energy Quiz will help you understand where your levels are, so you can focus on recharging your energy. Because when your energy is full and clear, there’s nothing you can’t do!

Just like you wouldn’t expect to go very far on an empty tank of gas, your chakra energy is vital to living your best life. This first step is knowing where you’re at so you can focus your self-care efforts in the right place.

Chakra Energy Quiz

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No matter where you’re at right now, trust that you can boost your energy levels in a few moments of self-care. The chakra quiz is simply a tool to guide you to spend a few moments to top up your care. Take a look at our resources page for lots of ideas and support.

Reiki is also awesome to boost and clear your chakras and aura. Reiki works with the entire chakra system and is our number one way we use to balance and align all 7 chakras and create a force-field of protection in the aura. Book a session with us to get a bit of a lift!

For young kids (or yourself!) try the Rainbow Tree exercise to balance chakras in a fun and dynamic way.


***Below is adapted from the Chakra Journal: Compassionate space to create the life of your dreams by Geneva Robins ***

What are the Chakras?

Chakras are energy centers within your body that connect to physical areas within you, but also correspond to major areas of your life. Your aura is the energy field that surrounds your body and helps you feel safe, clear, and radiant.

Root Chakraroot chakra

The root chakra governs these life areas:

family, home, routines, structures, physical health and immunity, community, culture, bowels, rectum, perineum, hips, legs, feet, coccyx, bones, immune system.

Restorative actions for the root chakra are:

rest, napping, drinking water, walking, time outdoors, connecting to loved ones through routine and ritual, grounding energy, time being still, time in movement, yoga, tai chi, stretching, all forms of exercise, creating order, support and structure, the power of healthy routines.

More Resources to Balance the Root Chakra

Grounding Meditation

How do you Balance Your Root Chakra? – Video

Tree Meditation

Sacral Chakra sacral chakra

The sacral chakra governs these life areas:

money, prosperity, abundance, creativity, joyfulness, vitality, zest for living, sexuality, sensuality, lower back, sacrum, sexual organs, bladder

Restorative actions for the sacral chakra are:

playful and fun activities, crafts, art, music, films, and television, drama, plays and performances, enjoying and seeking out creativity in all forms, masturbation, healthy sexual activity, creative play, enjoying sensory pleasures, engaging in valuable activities, treating yourself as a valuable person, affirming your self-worth, loving your money and creating a healthy money relationship through gratitude, tending to your finances, drinking water and going to the bathroom as you need to, abundance meditations.

Solar Plexus Chakra solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra governs these life areas:

courage, confidence, self-esteem, identity and individuality, work-life, career, power, energy, digestion, emotional processing and releasing, abdominal organs including liver, pancreas, spleen, and kidneys, mid-back, overall physical strength and metabolism

Restorative actions for the solar plexus chakra are:

eating nourishing foods prepared with love, fasting if appropriate, empowering actions and affirmations, yoga and strength-building exercises, movement and dancing, power poses and warrior asanas, taking courageous baby steps, developing inner boundaries based on love, confronting shame with empathy, anger with acceptance, grief with patience, melancholy with lightness, bringing in light and shining your light, filling up with light first, energy work and Reiki, opening up the body

Heart Chakra heart chakra

The heart chakra governs these life areas:

connection, compassion, love, relationships of all kinds, your interaction with the greater community and the world, humanitarianism, love for the environment, your soul’s wisdom, gratitude, joy, trust and faith, empathy and kindness, wisdom, breath, lungs, heart, ribs, thymus

Restorative actions for the heart chakra are:

sharing with someone you trust, showing yourself kindness, cultivating self-love and compassion, be your own best friend, being outside, breathing deeply, essential oils, journaling, getting in touch with the wisdom within, ‘feeling through’ your emotions to the knowing in behind, resting in your soul’s guidance, singing and chanting, taking up space, stretching your arms wide, having space, expressing yourself, following your own rhythm, joyful cardiovascular exercises or team sports, nature walks

Throat Chakra throat chakra

The throat chakra governs these life areas:

communication, listening, written and verbal expression, decisions, the seat of karma, deciding to end cyclical patterns, honesty, throat, tonsils, mouth, teeth, jaw, thyroid, parathyroid, tongue, ears

Restorative actions for the throat chakra are:

writing or resting, speaking or silence, listening to the self, making choices, resting with uncertainty, balancing opposites, letting things be fluid, joyful creativity, singing, talking, music and sound healing, being kindly honest with yourself and others, saying no, saying yes, speaking from the heart, trusting yourself, being clear, saying it straight, freedom balanced with responsible choices, affirmations

Third Eye Chakra third eye chakra

The third eye chakra governs these life areas:

intuition, intellect, seeing patterns, planning, guidance from the Divine Team, memory, thought, deep knowing, wisdom, psychic abilities, reading the signs and following divine, soulful clarity, brain, pineal gland, nose, eyes, sinuses

Restorative actions for the third eye chakra are:

learning, practicing non-thinking, meditation, repetitive tasks done with mindfulness, sleep, staring into a flickering fire or flowing water, gazing at the beauty of nature, pulling oracle cards, using a pendulum, checking in with your spirit guides, planning things out, letting the Universe guide you, going with the flow, allowing the miracle to guide you, waiting in the emptiness with certainty, comfortable void or non-action

Crown Chakra crown chakra

The crown chakra governs these life areas:

spiritual connection, life itself, BIG questions and BIG answers, philosophy, new understanding, the head and hair, face, brain, pituitary gland, consciousness

Restorative actions for the crown chakra are:

having a shower, meditation, sleep, non-thinking, sensory stillness, no screen time, let the brain rest, drink water, commune with nature, connecting to the Divine, Reiki and energy work, yoga, being upside down or weightless when floating, laying in savasana, pondering the interconnectedness of the Universe and you

Aurachakras and aura

The aura governs these life areas:

protection and boundaries, energy, purpose, karma, energy circulation and flow, magnetic manifestation, law of attraction, whole-body physical systems: nerves, blood, skin, lymph, connective tissue, fascia, immune system

Restorative actions for the aura are:

being alone, being in your ‘bubble’ of personal space, having a bath, being in water, body scrubs and wraps, dry brushing, being in sunlight (safely), experiencing light and colour, working on your dreams and life purpose or being willing to explore it, awareness, positive focus, Reiki and energy healing, meditation, self-acceptance


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