The Tanden is a powerful and important energy centre that helps you have a stable energy flow through your chakra system and your aura. We use the tanden in Reiki, and when it is full of energy, you feel vitality and steadiness.

More Resources to Balance Your Tanden:

Learning Reiki is a wonderful way to bring sustaining life-force energy into your life. Check out our courses for more information.

The Self-Healing Meditation can help you bring energy into your system and is a nice short and sweet 5-minute healing practice you can add to your day.

Also try the Grounding Meditation and the Lightworker Activation Meditation to fill and clear your energy.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Geneva Robins, and I’m a Reiki Master here at LunaHolistic. Today I’m going to talk to you about what is the tanden. The tanden is a very important energy center that we use in Reiki all of the time. You might also know it from martial arts as the dantian, or the mingmen.

All different words to describe this energy center that is known as the sea of ki or your sea of chi, your energy.

It is located in your lower belly, sort of two-fingers-width below your belly button. And it’s right in that physical center of gravity and your energetic center of gravity.

And how it works. Or what it does is you can think of it as like a battery. So we’re filling up with energy all of the time; there’s a flow of energy coming from the earth to support our roots.

There’s another flow of energy coming from sort of the Divine or that sort of infinite universal life force energy stream that’s coming in through our crown and flowing through the hara line, which connects all of the chakras, to fill up that tanden. So that energy center, just below your belly button.

And that tanden is like a battery that helps give you stable energy throughout all of the day. And it helps sort of balance and regulate the energy requirements of all of your other chakras and your aura.

So if you’ve been depleted or you’ve been working hard, the tanden sort of gives you this even level of energy. But all energy centers, you need to connect just like a battery; you’ve got to plug in your phone once a day to keep it going.

We have to connect to that sort of universal life force energy to bring us that balance and flow within our bodies, within our energy centers. And that gives us that feeling of sustained, nourishing energy that is level.

When the ki in your tanden or the energy in your tanden is low, that’s when we get those sort of peaks and valleys where sometimes we’re really super energized. And then it tanks, and we kind of are always fluctuating between not having enough energy and just dragging ourselves everywhere to sort of getting a little bit more energy, but then getting tuckered out after activities.

So by topping up the tanden, it helps regulate your energy levels throughout the day. It’s a really beautiful way of sort of sitting still and creating that flow, creating the internal sense of security and confidence as well.

When the tanden is balanced, you feel really stable emotionally as well.

So how do you restore the energy in your tanden? There’s many ways of doing this. Sometimes, it will restore just naturally as you sleep or if you’re going outside, engaging in joyful tasks, things that fill your cup. The cup is the tanden.

And so when we engage in things that are nourishing and good for us, getting outside and fresh air, hanging out with our loved ones, our pets, you know, having a nice time in life. That is all filling and nourishing for our whole energy center, and it gets stabilized within that tanden.

The other way you can do it is through Reiki, and we use the tanden quite a bit with the Reiki flow through our bodies. But even if you don’t know Reiki, the simplest way is just know that wherever your attention goes, energy flows is the adage.

So you can just place your hands just below your belly button on your belly and just visualize a warm ball of light just forming behind your hands. And just stay there until you feel this growing sense of warmth. It can feel quite comforting, nourishing and, just seeing that light, getting brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter in your belly.

And you can even set an intention that your hands will only lift from your belly, like your hands are magnets, and they only lift from your belly when your tanden is full. And that’s a really great practice to do once a day.

It’s going to stabilize the energy flowing through your whole chakra system. It will help boost up the energy in your aura. And that’s a really great practice if you know Reiki. And you know some of the Reiki symbols; you can use that first symbol, the power symbol, on your tanden. And then it will gather the energy there.

We have lots of resources for how to sustain balance and clear all of your energy centers, including the tanden. The number one way is Reiki. We teach Reiki at LunaHolistic. I’d love you to check out our website; we’ll put the link in the video here.

And we teach a pretty comprehensive series of classes. Level one is all about self-healing. It’s the self-healing level where you’re really focusing on yourself, getting that energy flow going and getting your own practice.

So, your own self-healing practice where you can top up your energy levels. And you’ll learn techniques like the violet breath, which naturally balances the energy in the tanden. We do grounding and protecting your aura, which is really important if you’re a sensitive soul.

And all of the Reiki levels help you expand your intuition. So when we’re clear in our energy, our intuition skyrockets almost naturally. When you, if you want clear messages from the Divine and your team and your guides, then you need to have a clear antenna, which is your whole body, your whole being.

So please do check that out. We have courses starting every season. So look on the schedule and see what suits you. We teach our classes in person in Calgary, but you can also optionally join by Zoom. So, if the time zones work out for your time zone, you can learn with us.

That’s an awesome way of balancing out your self-care. And learning a little bit about this beautiful practice of Reiki.

You can also try out the Self-healing Meditation. It’s a really good resource for just practicing balancing up your energy levels. I’ll put the link in the description. The Grounding Meditation is also wonderful, as is the Lightworker Activation Meditation.

So all of those are going to bring energy into your system and help you fill up that tanden. Run it like a little experiment; do this, maybe every day for a week, and see how you feel. At the end of the day. What is it doing for you when you have this full tanden? And how does it help you sort of sustain your energy throughout your day and throughout the week?

So that’s it for now. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. We read all of them, and we’d love to hear how this all sits with you. Thanks so much. And we’ll talk to you next time. Bye bye.

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