Meditate on the go! The Moving Meditation will help you start your exercise routine even if you really want to stay on the couch. You’ll focus on each chakra, or energy centre, in your body as you go for a walk, run, or workout.

Moving Meditation

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Get your Self-Care Routine Going

After a long and busy day, it can be nearly impossible to get moving, go for a walk, do some yoga, or get a workout. Put this meditation on your earbuds and let it guide you to put on your shoes and start to flow.

Sitting still in meditation can be a challenge for some. That is totally normal. Combining rhythmic movement with mindfulness on each chakra as you go will help you move the energy as you move your body. It can help you stay centred on both your workout and your meditation.

It also helps very busy people get a meditation and workout in one! You can stay in the flow with both your physical and spiritual goals with this Moving Meditation.

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