The Pattern Meditation will help you incorporate healthy new habits into your routine and home environment. Before you begin, take a few moments of reflection to decide what pattern you would like to release, and what habit or pattern you would like to be part of your regular day.

Sometimes when you have a transformational experience, like going on a retreat or travelling, the changes don’t stay once you arrive home. This meditation will help you take that transformation and make it part of the energy pattern in your home.

It’s like you get to pre-pave the energy patterns and visualize the new energy as part of your regular day. It helps you gently release any old habits of numbing and procrastination. It helps you to make those transformational shifts permanent.

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The Pattern Meditation Transcript

This is The Pattern Meditation.

This meditation will help you integrate and maintain new patterns and healthy habits into your home environment.

Before we begin, you can take a moment to think about which new patterns you would like to integrate into your daily routine, and maybe which patterns or habits you would like to phase out.

The new pattern can be a healthy habit like eating more vegetables or exercising daily. Or it could be a feeling like being peaceful or calm or energized. It can be a self-care habit, like meditating, or doing Reiki self-healing, or anything else that you choose.

We’ll start out by noticing the current energy flow in your space that is maintained by your current patterns and then bring the healing flow of energy into your home and your day.

Let’s begin.

Take a moment to get settled into your preferred meditation position. If you’re at home and it’s possible, maybe sit in a space you don’t normally sit

Gently close your eyes and take a long deep sigh of relief. Let everything settle into a gentle and harmonious flow. Relax your jaw. Loosen your hands and let everything be soft and open.

Take a moment to tune into the energy flow within your body. Honour the wisdom that lives here. Deep within your heart, your energy core, there is a wise vibration of peace, love and gratitude. Relax into your heart space now.

Let everything become wide open and expansive. Rest. Allow. Trust yourself and your inner knowing.

The energy of your heart is clear, vibrant and filled with the deep knowing of your soul. You may have an idea already of what new patterns or habits you would like to incorporate into your routine. You can get a sense of those now. Or just leave the energy open to a feeling of positive energy.

Notice now the loving and peaceful energy behind your new pattern. Get comfortable in this New Energy. Feel the vitality, harmony, and peaceful energy flow through you now.

Just become curious. What will it feel like in your body when you have fully integrated this new pattern into your daily life?

Fully embody this energy now. Feel it in your toes. The bottoms of your feet, in your legs, hips and pelvis. Your spine and abdomen, in your chest and upper back. Your shoulders, neck and jaw.

Notice the softness of your eyes in the shift in your thoughts. Notice the peace and harmony of your breathing and the spacious energy in your aura, the space around your body.

Become really comfortable in this new pattern energy. It’s normal. Just part of your everyday routine. Let this settle in for a few moments.

Now travel in your imagination to the lowest level of your home, the basement or the lowest floor you can access. Shift your perspective, your mind’s eye, beneath this lowest level, so that you are looking upward, from below your home.

You are looking at it with x-ray or superhero vision. You can see the outline of all the walls, furniture and belongings in your space. Move your point of view like a camera. Looking down from the top of your home, through the sides.

Create a complete mental map of your whole home, now, as an outline of all the rooms, walls, furniture, and belongings. Just get an overall sense of where everything is.

When you move through your home, in your old pattern or routine, maybe in old habits you want to change. Or when you are in a numbing, avoiding or procrastinating mode, you leave energy trails behind.

Some of that old energy pattern stays lodged or stuck in different places in your home. When that old energy is there, and strong, it can pull you back into the old habit or pattern.

Notice now the energy flow of the old pattern in your home. Notice the places in your home where you get stuck in old habits and coping patterns. Just gently observe where that old energy is the strongest in your home now.

If you share your home with others, don’t worry about other people’s energy in your home. Just look at your own spaces and your energy imprint on the space. It is enough for you to change. All healing is self-healing. If you shift, that’s enough.

Look carefully at the place in your home. That is drawing your attention now. There might be many places with residual energy patterns you wish to clear, but for right now, just focus on the one place with the strongest energy of the old pattern.

Just notice with kindness and empathy. What is here?

Take your first impression. There’s no right or wrong. Just go with whatever pops up for you first. Get a general sense of the energy form of the old pattern.

With curiosity and openness, if this pattern had a shape, what shape would it be? Just take your very first impression.

If it had a colour, what colour would it be? Again, just the very first thing that pops up.

Is the old energy rough or smooth? Heavy or light? Hollow or solid? Is it stationary? Or does it move around? What is the density or consistency of this old pattern energy? What else do you notice about this energy?

Gently witness the energy pattern and how you interact with it. It’s all okay.

This pattern of old coping behaviours came about with a positive intent, to make you feel better.

Maybe the old pattern was at one time protective. But now you no longer need it. You have a new pattern now that can bring all the soothing, safety, and nourishment you need.

The new energy habit is able to meet all the needs of the old pattern. But with only positive side effects and results.

This new habit has an energy flow to it also. Now turn your attention to the positive pattern you want to become integrated into your daily routine.

Maybe there are places in your home where this pattern already resides. Maybe there are places and times where you easily engage with the healthy routine.

Notice these places in your home now. Where does this pattern live? Where would this pattern want to live if it doesn’t already have a place?

Just notice gently now. It’s totally okay if the new pattern is not in your home just yet. You are about to bring it in in a moment.

Take a deep sigh of relief. Exhale any tension are holding in your body. As you move into the next phase of living. It is normal to sometimes feel tension or vulnerability before a change.

Know that all the good parts of the pattern will be retained, and all the energizing potential will be added to your routine.

Bring your awareness to the energy form of the new pattern. Begin to notice the general feeling of it. Get a sense of the energy of the new pattern.

If it had a shape, what shape would it be? If it had a colour, what colour is it? Is it heavy? Or light? Rough or smooth? Hollow or solid?

Is the new energy pattern stationary? Or does it move around? What is the texture and density of the new energy?

What else do you notice about this new energy pattern?

How does it make you feel to be close to it and have the energy flow through your home and daily routine?

Let this energy fully harmonize with you now. How does it feel to have this pattern and habit become part of your everyday routine? Notice the joy, lightness and energy that is created for you because of this new pattern.

Notice the vitality, freshness, and harmony that is present as a result of this energy becoming integrated into your day.

Take another deep sigh of relief. Let this energy normalize with your body, mind and spirit.

Now notice where this energy of the new pattern is now beginning to flow within your home. Breathe deeply as this energy begins to fill all your spaces in your home.

Bring this new energy gently up to the old pattern energy form, with great gentleness and compassion.

The new energy begins to release and unwind the restrictions of the old energy.

Maybe there’s only a tiny movement or change in the old energy. That’s okay.

Even the tiniest change means the process has begun. This shift in energy dynamic is now underway and will continue to grow and expand and flourish over the days and weeks ahead.

What started out as a tiny shift in energy frequency. A shift to the positive, vital and vibrant, will continue to steady and stabilize as you spend more time inhabiting your space and taking tiny steps forward to incorporate the new pattern into your routine.

Allow steadiness to build over time, and let your new pattern flourish in your life, much the way you would nurture a newly growing plant, with tenderness, care, patience, and wonder.

Lavish praise on all your forward movement, including this meditation, as the new pattern takes steady root in your life and becomes just a normal part of your day.

Let setbacks be met with that same generosity and kindness. As the ebb and flow of life means that all routines can, at times, be disrupted.

Be gentle as you return to the new pattern again and again. The power is always in returning. Make the return to the new routine soft and gentle and easy.

This can be easy. It’s all so easy now.

Everything just flows. It’s all so simple.

Life is so easy, joyous, beautiful and fun now let this new energy soak in and become settled.

Take a deep sigh of relief and joy.

Notice the changes that have happened in your nervous system. Notice the changes in your body. Notice the changes in the energy field of your home.

Are there tiny physical changes that your living environment needs? Could the placement or rearrangement of your belongings increase the energy flow?

Just notice this gently.

Now bring yourself back fully to the space you’re now sitting. Bring your awareness back to your toes and the bottoms of your feet.

Gently wiggle your fingers and your toes. Bring gentle movement back into the body. And when you’re ready, you can open your eyes.



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