Relax and release any tension in your physical or emotional body with this guided myofascial self-healing. So much emotional pain can become stored in the tissues of the body. This Reiki self-healing helps you release any of that stored trauma so your body, mind and spirit can be limber and free.


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Transcript – Myofascial Self-Healing Meditation

This is a self-healing meditation for your Myofascial system. You don’t need to know Reiki to do this self-healing, I’ll guide you through each step to bring ease, joy and love through several points in the body to bring about a deep relaxation. Be gentle here. Be very gentle as we go through all the various places in your body that need rest and nurturing energy. Be curious about what is happening with your energy and be curious about how things are flowing.

If you’re in a lot of discomfort, you can just imagine sending energy to the places in your body I will be guiding you through in a moment. You don’t need to move at all. If you feel any discomfort, just relax, and breathe and flow, and know that something important is shifting for you just by listening.

Of course, always follow up with your doctor or health care provider if you are in pain, just to be safe.

Let’s begin.

Begin with your hands in Gassho, palms together in front of your heart, in prayer position. Take a few deeper breaths, relaxing into the support below you. Notice the nurturing energy in the earth below you, and allow that nurturing energy to rise up to greet you.

Take a few settling breaths here. Let the wisdom of mother earth flow to you now, bringing balance and ease and love.

Now, allow in the energy from the heavens, the infinite Divine light, Reiki, violet light, Universal Life force energy. Notice the energy flowing down to touch your crown at the top of your head. Flowing in to fill and clear your chakras, your energy centres in your body.

Filling the crown chakra at the top of your head. Flowing down and settling in through your third eye. Down through your throat. Filling your heart. Filling your solar plexus chakra in your upper belly. Flowing through to your sacral chakra in your lower belly. And settling into your root chakra at the base of your spine.

Follow the energy as it flows all the way down your legs, connecting with the earth deeply below your feet. On your inhales, allow the energy, as violet light to flow into your crown. Flowing down through all of your chakras, filling up your tanden, the energy centre just below your belly button, in your physical and energetic centre of gravity.

Inhaling, allow your tanden to fill. Exhaling, allow the energy to flow out between the palms of your hands. Inhaling, Filling the tanden. Exhaling, allowing the energy to flow. Inhale. Fill up. Exhale. Flow.

Rei-ji-ho. With your hands still palms together, bring them up to your forehead at your third eye point. Setting the intention that this is a self-healing to release your fascia and muscles to bring relaxation, flow and flexibility into your physical body. Your mind, your heart, and your whole emotional system, feeling totally at peace. Feeling at ease, in total comfort and flow.

Welcoming in your divine team, your guides, angels, and ascended masters whom you love and trust, Welcoming in Master Usui, the founder of Reiki, to assist the session. Surrender to the wisdom in your hands. You can bring your hands back to Gassho, in prayer position in front of your heart.

If you know the Reiki symbols, you can bring them in now or you can just rest and breathe energy into your tanden for a few moments.

Let’s start with your head

You can bring your hands, your fingertips, just on either side of the very top of your head at your crown. Send energy and light into the top of your head. Let the energy flow, soften everything below your hands or your fingertips. You can use your fingertips for more focused, directed healing energy.

Imagine your hands can melt any tension. Physical, emotional, mental, anything. Any energy that is stuck in your body or your mind, just breathe and let it go. Let it flow, imagine it all melting like ice on a hot summer day.
Melt anything that’s restricting. You can soften, relax, and release.

The next point we’ll go to is the middle of your forehead, just bringing your fingertips to the center of your brow. Letting everything flow. Soften now.

You don’t need to push, Just gentle pressure is totally fine. You’re not trying to work anything out or use any force. We’re just inviting everything to soften and relax.

Bring your fingertips to the side of your head, behind your temples. Just your gentle awareness is going to start bringing love into all of these spaces in your body. Because we’re sending Reiki into the myofascial system, you might find different parts of your body activate and have different sensations as we go through.

Be curious about what’s happening now. Other parts of your body may begin relaxing before you even get there because everything is interconnected. Just let whatever needs to happen for you, happen. You’re doing very, very well.

And now, bring your fingertips to the back of your head. You can place, your palms over your ears with your fingertips pointing towards the back of your head. Holding your head really, really gently and with lots and lots of love.

Here, you can slide your hands down to the point where your neck muscles, meet the back of your head. Just bring your fingertips gently to this point. Sending energy and light into this place. Let everything soften and unwind. Take a big sigh of relief.

Very good.

Now, bring your fingertips to the muscles on either side of your jaw. Sending energy and light into your jaw muscles. You may find your jaws are holding a lot of tension, and that’s okay. No need to push or prod or poke or pull. Just place your fingertips, very gently on either side of your jaw, encouraging, everything to dissolve.

Thanking all of your muscles for working so hard to keep you safe. You’ve done a wonderful job and now everything can let go. You’re safe now.

Now go to the back of your neck. The first couple of vertebrae. Touching gently with minimal pressure with your fingertips. Not trying to work at all out, Just sending energy into those spaces, making whatever is there feel safe. Letting whatever needs to shift to shift. It’ll all happen at the perfect time for you.

Just take another big sigh of relief. It’s all okay. And it’s becoming all okay. You are okay. It’s okay to be here because here is the only place you can be.

Now go to the middle part of your neck. Soften.

Placing your fingertips on the lower part of your neck, Just above your shoulders, above the point where your neck joins your torso. Very good.

If it feels good to you, move your fingertip a few inches down from base of your neck to your upper thoracic vertebrae. Reaching the upper part of your back, right in the middle. Just below your neck. Sometimes that’s sort of where you’re hunched. Now take another big breath into the space. Letting the energy from your fingertips, relax and melt everything here.

Now, if it feels good to you, go to the backs of your shoulders, Just above your shoulder blades, with one hand. Bringing your arm across your body, wrapping your hand around your shoulder, with your fingertips, on the back of your shoulder blade. And now go to the back of the other shoulder. Sending warmth, energy, and light into this point.

Bring your fingertips to the front of your shoulders. There’s a little indent on the frontside of your shoulders. This is a pressure point that boosts up your lungs and breathing. This point relaxes, softens, and deepens your breathing.

And now go to the joy point. Right in between your collarbones, right where your collarbones meet in the centre of your chest, just below the hollow of your throat, is a place, that I call the joy point, because it can mobilize the energy in your heart.

Letting you access that wise self, that lives within your essence. Breathe here, and let it all flow now.

Now go to the outer edge of your upper arm, right in the middle. Reaching with one hand to the outside edge of the opposite arm. Sort of the side of your arm. Sometimes this one can be quite tender, so just touch gently.

Now, go to the outer side of your other upper arm right in the middle. A big sigh of relief

Now, Hold the elbow with your fingertips pointing up. Now go the other the elbow, fingertips pointing up. Breathe in deeply.

Go to the forearm, just below the elbow. Send in softness and light. Go to the other forearm, just below the elbow. Breathe.

Go to the middle of your forearm. Let go with a sigh of relief. Now go to the other middle forearm. Another big sigh of relief.

Bring your fingertips to the back of your wrist sending energy and light to the point where your forearm meets your hand. Bring your fingertips to the back of your other wrist. Send in light, warmth and energy.

Now, bring your fingertips to the center of your palm. Let’s press in gently here. Now go to the other hand. With the fingertips, press gently into your palm.

Now bring your fingertips to the center of your chest. Your sternum, your breastbone above your heart. Breathe gently. Let all the energy flow now. All is well.

And now go to your solar plexus. That’s the point where your rib cage ends in the center and top of your belly. Bring your hands to the sides of your ribs, lower part of your ribs. Breathe deeply into this space. Feel the warmth and light flowing now. Take a delicious sigh of relief. Bring reassurance and comfort to this part of your body. All is well.

And then bring your fingertips to your belly button, your navel. Gently pushing in here, but only if it feels comfortable. Bringing lots of gentleness to this sacred part of your body.

And then bring your hands to the top of your hips, Breathe and soften your lower belly.

If it’s comfortable, bring your hands to your low back letting light fill the base of your spine. Let everything melt here. It’s going to be okay. Right now, you are safe.

Now, bring your fingertips to your hip creases, your hip flexors. Letting everything in life flow.

And then, to the center of your glutes. There’s a fairly major pressure point, right in the center of your gluteus maximus, your bumcheek, right in the middle of the meat there. There’s a place that dips in a bit.

And that can be a really great place to release some of the myofascial tension, let the energy flow into this point, through your whole lower back and hips. Just let gentle energy soften anything that might be held in your hips.

Now to the outer edges of your thighs. Where that IT band goes, down the outer side of your upper legs. Allow the energy to release anything held here.

Depending on your mobility, you can then bring your fingertips to the outer edges of your knees. Just on either side of your shin bone below your knees. Not really using a lot of pressure. This really gently bringing some energy into those places. Letting go of holding or storing tension, physical, emotional, mental, or otherwise.

Bring the energy or your hands down the outer edge of your shins. Soften.

Gently hold one ankle, filling it with light. Now go to the other ankle, filling it with light.

Now go to the plantar fascia on the bottom of your foot. So, just very gently bringing a little bit more energy to the bottom of your foot. The amazing thing about fascia is that, if you release fascia in one place in your body, it begins a ripple effect and releases it Everywhere else. And if you know the Reiki power symbol, you can draw the power symbol on the bottom of your foot

Now go to the other foot, and send gentle healing energy to the bottom of your foot. Not loads of pressure. Just pushing in gently. If you know the power symbol, draw the power symbol on the bottom of your foot.

Come back up to the outer edges of your knees. If you know the mental-emotional balancing symbol, you can bring in that symbol here.

Now go to the outer edges of your thighs, just above your knee. Release. Flow with ease.

Now to your hip flexors. Your low belly. Your belly button. Your solar plexus. Your heart. Breathe here. Just be.

Bring your fingertips to that joy point between your collarbones. Bring your fingertips to your brow, your forehead. To the very top of your head at the crown. Bring your fingertips back to the jaw. The back of the neck. Where the neck muscles meet the back of the skull.

The Joy point again at the place where your collarbones meet.

Bring your hands to your belly or your heart. Totally relaxing.

Imagine you are in the middle of a rainbow, a bubble of light. Imagine the red layers of the rainbow closest to your body. Bringing comfort, soothing and protection.

Layering out all of the different layers, right to violet on the very furthest edge. Red near your body. Beyond that, orange. Beyond that, yellow. Beyond that, green. Beyond that, blue. Beyond that, indigo. Beyond that, violet.

Totally held, safe, and expansive. Now bring your hands to the energy surrounding your body, your aura. Smooth the energy around your body with your hands. Giving the edges of your aura, a little pat with your hands and sealing this healing with love, light and wisdom. Closing with the power symbol, if you know it.

When you are ready, wiggle your fingers and your toes. Fully integrating with your physical body. And you can open your eyes.
Have a Wonderful day.




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