In this LunaHolistic Podcast episode, learn how to take care of your energy even when you take care of others all day long! Rita Reddy and Geneva Robins share their top tips and tools for staying clear and energized even on busy and demanding days.

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Take care of your energy First so you can take care of others

Are you in high demand? Chances are that you have many people who rely on you on a daily basis. You might be the glue holding it all together. This is why it is so very important to tend to your own energy, because what happens to those you are caring for if something happens to you? Yikes!

Often, highly sensitive and empathic people get drawn into roles where they help others, in the family, workplace, or both. This is not a bad thing, not at all. Being in a place of your best service to the world usually brings a high degree of peace to helpers and healers. But even though you love helping, it can drain your energy if you’re not careful or if the demands increase suddenly, like during a water main break or family crisis.

We have several tools that can help if this sounds like you!

Good Boundaries are your Love Container

The first place to start is quite practical, but maybe the hardest, healthy boundaries! How do you keep your energy in? Boundaries baby!

Boundaries are simply saying no to things that are a ‘no’ to you and yes to things that are a ‘yes.’ Just this one move can return a lot of joy and peace. Even if it is hard to say no, it is necessary to reserve your energy for where it is needed most. Often, it’s more of a case of saying ‘not right now’ and prioritizing requests.

This is actually the most kind and loving thing you can do because if many people are depending on you, you need to keep a focus on the greater vision. You have to take steps to conserve your energy and have moments of true rest and recharge if you are to remain in your best service.

Great resources for boundaries:

Trilotherapy – a series of guided workshops to balance the mind and the emotions with your true self, your centre.

The Art of Extreme Self Care by Cheryl Richardson – a fantastic book filled with examples of how to say a kind ‘no’.


Meditation is the Foundation of Your Energy

We cannot recommend meditation enough. This is a primary tool to reset your mind, heart, and energy. It’s a way to clear out the energy of the day so you can recharge. Meditation forms the core of our practice. It can be a huge help even if you feel like your mind will not stop its chatter.

Try a guided meditation as a starting point. Do not worry if you’re thinking a lot in the meditation at first; that is normal; minds like to think. Just stay still, close your eyes for a few minutes, and relax all the muscles you can. Put on the guided meditation and just let yourself float on the words.

Every time you meditate, you are dropping out of the fight-flight-freeze zone and back into the rest and digest part of your nervous system. So you can’t do it wrong! Just allow each experience to be unique and approach your whole practice with gentle curiosity.

Great resources for meditation:

Lightworker Activation Meditation – This one is like a pressure wash for your energy! You’ll feel clear and relaxed afterwards.

Self-Healing Meditation – This is a short guided self-healing practice. Even if you don’t know Reiki, it will bring balance and calm to your nervous system and clear your aura.

Aura Flame Meditation – This one is like a gentle yet powerful cleansing of any energy that might be stuck to you. You’ll feel at peace and empowered after just 30 minutes.

Grounding Meditation – Let everything get settled and connect to the earth in this grounding meditation.

Bedtime Meditation – If you have trouble winding down at night, the Bedtime Meditation will help you settle into a state of rest.

Clear your Aura to Take Care of Your Energy

Probably our favourite way to keep our energy clear is Reiki! But even if you don’t know Reiki, you are able to bring energy and light around you just by thinking about it. As soon as you shift your focus to the energy around your body being bright, strong, and clear, so it is!

Of course, taking a Level I Reiki course is highly recommended if you are on the front lines in your work or family life. Until then, you can spend a few minutes each morning simply visualizing an orb of beautiful clear light around you. On the outer edge of this bubble, visualize or intend a violet boundary around your personal space. Try it for a week and see how it goes!

Your aura is an important part of your energy anatomy! It is the field of energy that surrounds and protects you. When your aura is strong, you are able to stay steady and clear even if everyone else is in a high state of distress and chaos. Your aura prevents you from being bombarded by other people’s energy and is so important for highly sensitive empaths.

Your aura is your energy container!

Great Resources for your Aura:

How do you Clear your Aura? – In this post, you’ll learn a few key tools and visualizations to help you take care of your energy.

Healing your Energy Field to Protect your Sensitivity – Learn a simple visualization tool to instantly clear and heal your aura.

Podcast 02 – Staying emotionally centred as an empath and highly sensitive person – More tools for empaths and sensitives!

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