Create radiant energy in your energy field this season with this Christmas Tree Aura Meditation. Take a moment to ground into a peaceful and centred energy that is uplifting and clear.


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Christmas Tree Aura Meditation Transcript

Begin by bringing your awareness to your nose. Take a deep breath in, feel your body relax as you breathe out. Gently close your eyes. 

Settle into your chair. Make any adjustments now, to feel so comfortable and cozy. Feel your body relaxing and sinking into the chair. Let your hands settle wherever is comfortable. Keep your legs and arms uncrossed, allowing the energy to flow with ease through your body. 

Deep inhale. Feel your ribs gently expanding. Long, slow exhale as you sink deeper into the support below you. 

Bring your attention to your legs, your feet, your toes. Your root chakra, grounding you and connecting you to the Earth. 

Notice the vast expanse of the Earth below you. Feel your breath harmonizing with the rhythm within the Earth. Feel the deep, stabilizing energy of the Earth rise up through your feet, up your legs, all the way up to the crown of your head. Keeping you steady. Filling you up with whatever you need. 

As you exhale again, notice the energy flowing from your crown, all the way down, deep into the center of the Earth. Strengthening your connection, bringing you deeply into the present moment. 

Mother Earth is always here for you. You are always connected, always a part of Her. You are so loved. 

Notice how your feet feel, how your body feels, how your heart feels. Take another deep breath in, allowing your heart to expand even more. Providing lots and lots of space for any and all feelings that are present. You are welcome here. You are safe here. All are loved here. Let your feelings move, shift, expand, release, integrate – whatever is needed in this moment. Step back, observe, breathe, allow. Notice your willingness to stay open and curious. 

Notice your bravery. Your courage. Your strength. Your light. Your resilience. Your kindness. 

Breathe into your heartspace with gratitude for all that’s present there. 

Now bring your attention to your aura, the bubble of energy surrounding your body. What do you see? Feel? Sense? Notice what comes up without judgment – everything is okay. Become aware of any colours, sensations, messages, areas that may need extra love and attention. Areas that are bright and shiny. Notice any layers. 

Guide your awareness back down to the Earth below your feet. As you inhale, see, visualize, imagine the Earth’s loving energy rising through your feet, and as it rises through you, flowing out into your aura. Filling, expanding, healing. Boosting every layer, every inch of your aura. Notice how your aura shifts and changes. 

On your next inhale, notice the Earth’s energy creating a lushious, beautiful tree in your aura. As you exhale, notice the branches filling out and expanding even more. It may be a giant Christmas tree, filling your aura and your whole being with Holiday Spirit –  love, joy, wonder, playfulness, gratitude, kindness, peace. It may be another tree, grounding you, surrounding and protecting you. Softening and expanding your heart. Filling you up. 

Take a moment to decorate your tree. What lights you up? Fills you with hope, joy, courage? Are there brightly coloured balls, lights, garland, pictures, ornaments? Are there crystals, sparkling drops of dew, different coloured leaves? Are there fairies, angels, stars, hearts, or any other special symbols on your tree? 

Make it your own, whatever you choose in this moment. Stay open and curious. Notice how you feel, breathing deeply. You are present. You are steady. You are deeply rooted in joy. 

Now take a step back and really take your tree in. The beauty, the grace, the splendour, the magic. This gorgeous tree is a reflection of you. Your glorious, bright light. Your generous, caring heart. Take in your beauty, your significance, the treasure that is you. 

Settle back into your full, grateful heart. You are secure inside the trunk of this tree, deeply grounded, rooted, and safe. Observe your tree from the inside out. Notice how being snuggled within your aura tree feels. Soak it up. 

From deep within your secure nest, make note of any shiny, reflective decorations or surfaces on your tree. You may see Christmas balls or ornaments, crystals, sparkly drops of dew, or beads. This may be the shiny, glossy leaves themselves. 

Set your intention now that while you are safe and snug within your tree aura, any energy directed toward you that does not resonate with you, or serve your highest good, be reflected back to its source. Set your intention that only love and light, and high frequency energies that align with your greatest good, may flow in through your magical Christmas tree aura. You are completely protected here and free to dance in the light of joy, peace, gratitude, and love. 

Notice how you feel now, how your breath feels. Is your chest lighter, your breath freer, your heart open? Feel your cells dancing with joy and gratitude for all that you are, all that you have, all that you do. You are seen. You are valuable. Thank you for being here. 

Breathe deeply into your body, feeling your breath wake up your legs, your feet, your arms, your hands. Follow your breath back into your body. Feeling connected, present, grounded. 

Wiggle your fingers and toes. Wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug. Thank yourself for showing up for yourself today. 

Bring your hands, palms together, in front of your heart, honouring your light. Giving gratitude to the Earth, your tree, and any guides, angels, or others who love and support you on your journey. Gently open your eyes, and let your new future begin.