Self-healing is a practice that will help you reset your energy, balance your chakras and aura, and help you feel grounded, clear, and centred. Give this meditation a try!

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Self-Healing is tremendously important. You cannot truly help another person unless you are willing to help yourself — first! As a naturally giving person, you might find your energy levels get depleted from time to time. Just like you need to plug in your phone every day, you need to take a few minutes to recharge your batteries.

We hope you enjoy this self-healing meditation. If you liked this, try a whole weekend at our LunaHolistic Retreat in Kananaskis at the gorgeous Mount Engadine Lodge. You’re worth it, baby!

Self-Healing Meditation Transcript

Begin by sitting up straight, feet flat on the floor. Bring your hands, palms together in front of your heart.

Become aware of the vast presence of energy just below your feet. Allow this resource of energy of the earth to flow to you now.

Let it fill every cell and flow up right to the top of your head. Now connect in to the vast resource of energy present right at the top of your head.

Allow this divine energy to flow easily through your whole body coming to rest in your belly. Fill up with this divine support.

On the inhale, the light flows into you, filling you up. And on the exhale, it begins to flow out between the palms of your hands.

You may begin to notice your hands warming up or tingling or even a presence of light growing between the palms of your hands.

Bring your hands still palms together, up to your third eye point, your forehead. This is where we set our intention for the self-healing.

Visualize yourself as healthy, happy, whole and complete. Bring your hands back to your heart center. And we’ll begin the session.

Bring your hands to your eyes, and allow the palms of your hands to flow energy to your whole face.

Bring your hands to the crown of your head, to your ears, to the back of your head, to your neck, and your throat, to your collarbones, and your heart.

Now bring your hands to your lower ribs, and your belly. Flow light to your hips, your upper legs, your knees, your lower legs, and your feet.

Bring your hands to opposite shoulders and give yourself a hug. Flow light and energy down your arms, and right to your hands.

If there’s any part of your body that’s calling out for extra attention, just flow light there now. Place your hands over that body part and just send an extra dose of love and light and kindness to this place of you.

We’ll finish by connecting back into the earth. Feel that cord of light that goes right from your root and your bottoms of your feet down to the core of the earth.

Now fill in your aura the energy field surrounding your body with bright white light. Sweep your hands through and over your aura and fill it up.

Make it even front to back side to side, all the way from the top of your head all the way down and past the bottoms of your feet.

And give your aura a pat, and we will seal this healing in divine love, light, and wisdom. May continue for you for as long as you choose it.




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