Geneva Robins and Natalija Radovanovic chat in this podcast episode about the intense energy that can be generated as you awaken your intuition. The energy can sometimes be very powerful and challenging to manage and understand. With a few simple strategies, you can protect your sensitivity and continue leading your full, rich life in the 3D world.

Both Natalija and Geneva are very familiar with this powerful download energy in their work as intuitive readers. Activating your psychic powers, what we call your intuition at your third eye chakra, can be a wild ride. Still, we have several tips and strategies that help you stabilize this energy flow. 

The Universe will connect you to the best resources at the perfect time

You come into Reiki when you are meant to. There are these perfect-timing moments. You connect to these Divine synchronicity moments as you begin to build your spiritual practice. The more you sit in meditation and move your body to your breath in yoga and other practices, the more likely you will just stumble into your spirituality. You might have a sudden awakening of your intuition and connection to the Divine.

This might be new and even unsettling at first, but don’t worry, we are well practiced at helping others ground this energy and make sense of the messages they are getting from Spiritual downloads.

How do I handle the intense energy as I open up to my intuition?

Sometimes you get connected to this very, very intense flow of light and energy, almost like information downloads. You might get really strong feelings and guidance when you’re opening up your spiritual practice.

People get sort of suddenly and rapidly connected to their spiritual team, and they start hearing this guidance in their heads. The energy is so strong they can’t ignore it anymore; they have to take action, but they don’t quite know where the guidance is taking them. 

It’s definitely a departure from what you would normally experience, and it can be an unsettling thing. But it’s okay! We can help you navigate this new and exciting phase of your life.

Sitting with the rapid increase in spiritual energy

When Natalija sees clients who are going through those big, massive shifts or spiritual awakenings, she cheers and celebrates. She likes to remind them that this is a new space for them and a new time for connection. 

The downloads and messages come in pretty hot and fast, and there’s not much else you can do; just practice receiving it. Really sit with the downloads and energy; it’s all aligned with your highest good. You’re meant to get those messages. 

To sit with the energy, spend a few minutes every day in silent meditation. Just feel the energy and be open to the love, support and guidance it carries. Let the energy flow through without resisting it, and be patient. Just like a downloaded file, you need to wait till the full energy of the message is received before you can make sense of it.

Take a notebook with you wherever you go. Spend a few moments every day simply writing in your journal. Don’t edit or cross anything out. Just let the experience flow through. Document what you are experiencing in your journal because sometimes, just writing it down, it begins to make sense.

What is a spiritual download?

It’s almost like an energy surge. When the downloads or spiritual energy coming through is really intense, it’s usually in response to a big question or opening up your creativity. As you start moving more and more energy through your system, you also get access to greater and greater amounts of information. 

If you’ve been putting out a call and asking for guidance, in particular, there’s a response with the energy. And so sometimes you feel this very big surge. 

It might feel like your crown chakra, at the top of your head, has taken in a big gulp of water. It’s almost like pressure, but it’s not a headache; it’s more like a sensation of fullness that might be tied to a feeling of heat or rushing energy going through the body. 

It’s intense, but it’s not necessarily uncomfortable. So if you’re going into discomfort, and there’s a headache or anything like that, check with your doctor. But if you’re otherwise healthy and you actually feel okay, then it’s probably simply a spiritual awakening. 

It’s almost like this sensation, or wattage of how much you’re experiencing the world around you, has suddenly increased. You might find that your perception of colours, light, and other people’s energy suddenly gets louder. The ego has been silenced, and the messages from Spirit that have been trying to get through are shouting at full volume. It can feel like a sudden increase in your perception of the information. That rush of energy is a cue to go and sit and meditate and get your journal nearby. 

Check in with your physical well being

One of the first things we recommend is to make sure you are attending to your physical needs and environment. Big rushes of energy can sometimes feel like you are floating, so it’s important to nurture your body. Get lots of rest, eat nourishing and healthy foods, and drink fresh water. 

Sometimes simply tending to your physical environment can reorient you to your aligned and whole state. This attention to the present moment and your physical needs won’t stop the flow of energy. It helps you begin moving the energy through so you can start to make sense of it.

If in doubt, check in with a medical professional. Accessing more spiritual energy feels intense, but there is no physical discomfort. It feels important and meaningful, but the messages are always loving and supportive. If it is a frightening or painful experience, it is important to check on your physical and mental well-being. Spiritual downloads, even big ones, still make you feel good physically.

Grounding Meditations to integrate

Doing the grounding meditations will help to lessen that load of energy. Grounding helps you tap into the stabilizing energy of the earth and will help support the smooth expansion of the experience.

Once you ground and connect the energy to all your chakras, you can gain the understanding you are seeking. Try out our Tree Meditation or our Grounding Meditation to help you flow the energy and information through.

Gentle releasing activities, such as writing in a journal, meditating or doing yoga, will let it process. Even walking can ground you. You’re still moving that energy. It’s important to move that energy because it will not get any less intense if it’s just sitting there. 

Slowing down is one of the biggest things. After all, in those moments when the energy is flowing in, it might not feel totally comfortable because it is all so new. You’ll continue processing it by becoming still in meditation and reflection in your journal. The more you sit with it, ground and connect with it and try to find what messages are in there, it will help you move through those waves a little bit easier. 

Move the energy through your chakras

When you move the energy through your chakras and ground it, you let the wisdom within each of your chakras help you understand the fullness of the message.

Because when you do get those massive downloads, or when you’re open up to the Divine, and your intuition in your third eye chakra is massively open, you’re working your upper energies and upper chakras. If you leave the energy there, it can create an imbalance. Reiki can help you to process it physically through the rest of your energy centers. 

The chakras are energy centers connected to every major organ center in your body and help you with different parts of your life. You can think of them as different parts of your spiritual intelligence. 

The crown chakra at the top of your head helps you with spiritual connection. The third eye chakra at your brow is responsible for your intuition. The throat chakra helps you with communication and listening. Your heart chakra is the centre for love and compassion. 

The solar plexus chakra in your upper belly helps you with willpower, confidence and identity. Your sacral chakra, in your lower belly, helps you with knowing your value, worthiness, and creativity. The root chakra at the base of your spine helps you with order, structure, routines, and safety. 

These centers are connected by the Hara line, the central energy channel flowing through all the chakras. That channel helps all of your energy centers communicate with each other and flow energy from one part of your system to the other. In Reiki, we work extensively with the Hara line and the flow of energy through the chakras and the aura.

When we’re talking about processing that intense energy download, we’re basically taking that energy information and very gently letting it go through every single chakra and letting every chakra interpret it. Once it integrates your heart chakra, for example, the energy will probably tell you a lot about compassion and how to bring this greater self-love and awareness into your life. 

At the root chakra, the energy surge will become well-grounded, and you’ll have a practical sense of how to put this energy and guidance into practical action. 

You can check on the energy levels in your chakras with our Chakra Energy Quiz. This gives you a simple overview of where your levels are at and gives you even more information on restorative activities that help rebalance your energy.

Get help moving the intense energy

Sometimes you might need help sorting those messages out, and that is when it’s really good to come in for Reiki or an Intuitive Reading. 

While the energy is super big, Reiki can help you get back down to a manageable state for yourself. It feels like the information makes sense and plugs into the right places. 

When you come in for a Reiki Session or Intuitive Reading, you get to check if your intuitive compass is still pointing north. You get to compare your interpretation of the energy to somebody else’s. It’s like a signal check.

Going for a session or reading helps strengthen your own intuition by getting confirmation. We are often reiterating what you’re already receiving. And when we’re accurate with the message, you get an internal resonance feeling inside, or even shivers or goosebumps. Truth resonates like a bell ringing inside you.

You keep learning and evolving in your spiritual path. And it is so nice to get support along the way; we do the same! Asking for help and guidance from others is a big part of the practice and healing journey.



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LunaHolistic Podcast 05 Transcript

Intense Energy and Your Spiritual Awakening – How Do You Manage It?

Hosted by: Geneva Robins – LunaHolistic 

Facilitated by: Natalija Radovanovic

Podcast Air Date: Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022

Episode: LHP05

0:05  Welcome to the show

GENEVA ROBINS: Welcome to the LunaHolistic podcast! I’m your host, Geneva Robins, and every month on this podcast, we’ll talk about Reiki, as well as answering your questions on all things spiritual. We are gratefully located in Calgary in Treaty 7 Territory. Thank you all, and welcome to the show!

Hello, my name is Geneva Robins and this is the LunaHolistic podcast. Today, I have Natalija Radovanovic with me. Natalija is a Reiki Master and Intuitive Reader here at LunaHolistic. Say hi, Natalija.

NATALIJA RADOVANOVIC: Hello, I am happy to be here. Hello, everyone. 

GR: Yeah, I’m so glad we got a chance to connect and chat about a whole pile of things, including our favourite topic, Reiki, and all of the spiritual things. So, thank you for joining me today.

NR: Yeah, I’m happy to be here. And I love talking about Reiki and energy and that’s the perfect place for it. So, I’m excited.

1:22  The collective breath of gratitude.

GR: Sweet, awesome. At least so far, we’ve started every episode with a collective breath of gratitude. So, just a little mini-meditation to help us settle in. 

If you, as the listener, you are driving a car, then don’t close your eyes, and you might want to skip ahead so you don’t get into an altered state of consciousness behind the wheel, not recommended. 

Otherwise, please feel free to close your eyes gently and take a few deeper breaths, just settling in. Noticing the tug of gravity connecting you to the planet. And let everything go as a few settled sighs of relief. Just connecting in to the flow of gratitude that lives within you. Noticing the gratitude that lives deep in the Earth. And feel that gratitude reflected by you. 

As you send thoughts of gratitude into the Earth, that gratitude rebounds and fills you. Noticing all the plants and animals, birds, the wind, the stars, the moon, everything around you. That organic, flowing natural system that we get to be a part of. Just feel immense gratitude for all of these gifts of nature. And gratitude for all of the people, all of the creativity and growth. All of the kindness and love that exists within the planet. 

Just noticing that, and feeling that gratitude flow back to you. Letting everything get clear and noticing the energy around your body, your aura. Maybe even letting a rainbow form around you, feeling clear and connected and filled with the highest light. And when you’re ready, you can open your eyes. Ah! [laughs] 

NR: That was so nice! [laughs]

GR: I always love doing meditations together. It’s the go-to move. [laughs]

NR: Oh, totally, no matter what. No matter if you’re opening an energy session or just in your day. I mean, it’s, that feels amazing.

GR: Yeah, yeah. And I’m a huge, huge fan of sprinkling these little moments of meditation in throughout the day and just letting that energy, sort of, these little, like, micro top-ups. You know, as you can find them, wherever they are. So, yeah, amazing.

NR: Me too. 

GR: Yeah. [laughs]

NR: I do it at work, in the car, like, if I need to ground or connect real quick or just kind of charge myself up, I definitely do that. [laughs]

GR: Yeah, it makes such a huge, huge difference. I always think that a big cornerstone of the practice is building in frequency first. So, doing little, tiny meditations throughout your day, and every day, for me, has been a game changer, so. 

NR: Yeah, likewise. 

GR: Awesome, yeah. [laughs] So, Natalija, what drew you into doing Reiki? Like, how did you get to be here today chatting with me about Reiki and spirituality and intuition and all that good stuff?

NR: [laughs] I feel like I love answering that question. I love reflecting on that question and never gets old. I still don’t quite know the answer as to what kind of landed me into Reiki and into Reiki classes and training and going through all the levels, but I give full credit to the Universe for that one, because something was pushing me in there. 

But I think what started it was just my own spiritual and healing journey. I felt like, many moons ago, when I first walked the path of energy and Reiki and metaphysical things, I was at a place where I kind of needed something, but I wasn’t sure what exactly that was, and something that felt really intuitive and aligned with me. So, I’m always open to this type of realm and world. 

And I worked at a yoga studio for a little bit and bumped into a Reiki Master there and went for a session and a card reading. And it was really profound. And I remember leaving that session feeling, now what I know, is to be, like, so grounded and, like, realigned. It just felt, it felt really perfect. 

And even in that moment, I knew I was definitely going to go back and be a Reiki client and come back for sessions and healings and whatnot. And then I think I just started to look for it more in the city and see how available it was, and kind of went from there. 

I bumped into LunaHolistic and did some research online as well at other places, and kind of kept coming back to that. And, you know, like I said, again, like I wasn’t even really sure that I was, you know, signing up for classes or trainings. And then it kind of pulled me in and kind of went from there. And then sat in on Level I and it opened up a whole bunch of everything, right, and kind of really started to make more sense of my life for me in a way that I wasn’t able to before then. 

So, I never looked back since. And now I get to, you know, I’m a Master Level and been helping people in their practice and journey. It’s been, it’s been really neat. 

7:42  The “Hand of the Divine” is guiding you along.

GR: Yeah, so cool. I love that because it’s like, seeing that, sort of, “Hand of the Divine” kind of guiding you along, like, “Come along, here; we’ll just take you to these different places where you’ll start to connect to the resources and the tools that are going to be the most meaningful and important for you.” And I love all of that. That’s so great. 

NR: Yeah, no, I totally feel the same. And even when clients come in, you know, and they’re like, “I’m not really sure why I came today.” And it’s like, “It doesn’t matter. It’s all aligned.” You see, you come in for Reiki when you’re meant to and, you know, after the session, it all kind of makes sense for them. So, yeah, it’s just, it’s so beautiful how, like, Reiki and energy kind of find you. 

GR: Yeah, yeah, it is. It is. And I always think that there’s always these “perfect timing” moments. You start to connect to this Divine synchronicity as you start to become curious about, sort of, spirituality and your connection, and opening up your intuition. Definitely, like, doing meditation and yoga, which is so, so broad and common now. There’s sort of a yoga studio in every neighbourhood, at least where we live in Calgary. 

And I think that’s amazing, and just that growth, and I think the more you get people sitting in meditation and moving their body to their breath, they’re going to stumble into their spirituality. You know? [laughs] Because yoga is a spiritual system, and it’s designed to awaken you. 

And that kind of brings us to the question that we’ve been getting from people who’ve been coming in, that on the spiritual path, sometimes you stumble into this really intense energy. And the question is, you know, how do I handle the intense energy as I open up to my intuition? 

So, sometimes you get connected to this very, very intense flow of light and energy and, sort of, almost like downloads of information. People get, sort of, suddenly and rapidly connected to their spiritual team and they start, you know, hearing this guidance in their head, or they start getting really, really strong feelings. They’re so strong, they can’t ignore them anymore. They have to take action, but they don’t quite know where it’s taking them. It’s definitely sometimes the departure from what you would normally do. And it can kind of be an unsettling thing. 

I’m wondering, Natalija, like, what do you see with that? And what are some of the things and tools and strategies that you suggest to people who are, sort of, caught off guard by these, kind of, rapid increase of spiritual temperature? [laughs]

10:46  What to do when you get massive downloads and don’t know how to process it.

NR: Yeah, I mean, you know, first, when I see my clients that have gone through those big, massive shifts or spiritual awakenings, I mean, there’s a part of me that’s like, “Yay! It’s exciting! You’re gonna love this!” While they’re like, “My life is falling apart! I’m not sure how to handle this.” 

So, it’s kind of that, but also, like, I just like to remind them that, you know, and remembering that this is a new space for them and a new time for them, but also, like, having that intense energy come in fast. I mean, we know, too, like with the Divine and the downloads and the messages, they come in pretty hot and fast, and there’s not really much else you can do but just kind of, like, receive it. 

And so, that’s kind of what I’ve been finding people are at, where they’re getting these massive downloads, filling them up and in their space and energy, and they don’t know what else to do with it, or how to shut it down.

So, I kind of like to, depending on their session and where they’re at with it, I like to, you know, just remind them to still check in with their physical and ground and do, like, the grounding meditations to kind of lessen that load, but also, to get them to really sit with what the downloads have been. Because for whatever reason, it’s all aligned and intuitive, so they were meant to get those messages. 

But sometimes I’ve been finding they’ve been needing a lot of help sorting those messages out. And so, more often than not, they’ve come in for Reiki. But to help them with that, I kind of, I do offer first, like, that grounding and connecting with your physical, because when you do get those massive downloads, or when you’re open up to the Divine, and your intuition is, and your Third Eye Chakra is massively open, you’re working your upper energies and your upper chakras, and it can create that imbalance and that divide of not processing it physically through the rest of your energy centres. And as you do that, and sit with that, it helps not make it feel so unbalanced or so intense. 

So, I find from experience with the clients, they’ve said that, you know, once they ground and connected, and more often than not, they do need help with that, so it’s like Reiki sessions are good while the energy is super big to kind of get you back down to, like, a manageable state for yourself. But once you really ground and give that back to the universal life force energy, it feels a little bit more manageable, and it feels like it makes sense and it plugs into the right places. 

So, that’s kind of what I’ve seen in my experience, where they get this massive download, and then they don’t really know how to move it or how to process it. And slowing down – I feel like slowing down is one of the biggest things, because in those moments, it’s almost kind of like, how I interpret it, when they’re going through those moments, it’s like they have that, like, anxiety, fight or flight kind of moment, where it’s like it’s not comfortable to sit with it. It’s more comfortable to kind of, you know, expel that energy and kind of release it. 

But there’s no other way to, kind of, ground it but to download it and continue processing it. And reminding them that the more that they sit with it, and then the more that they ground and connect with it and try to find what messages are in there will help them move through those waves a little bit easier as well. 

So, you know, practising releasing, but gentle releasing activities, such as writing in a journal or, you know, meditating or doing yoga, like, gentle type of ways to release that, but also letting it process, because even walking can ground you and you’re still moving, but you’re still moving that energy. So, I would tell them that it’s important to move that energy, because if it’s just sitting there, then it’s not gonna get any less intense or feel any less intense. And if you’re not moving it lower, it’s gonna stay up in your headspace. And then if you’re still open to more messages, it’s just gonna, it’s just gonna to be massive, right? So.

GR: [laughs] Yeah, yeah. 

NR: What’s your experience with that?

14:57  What’s a massive download?

GR: Well, I kind of want to even jump back to the very beginning and even just describe what the sensation is, because everybody experiences it a little bit different. And I’m kind of thinking, maybe people are, like, scratching their head a little bit, of, like, “What do you mean by massive download? Like a computer?” 

And everybody experiences this – sort of, it’s almost like an energy surge. I’ll sort of describe it for me, and then maybe you can describe it, because I know you’ve experienced the massive download state before as well. 

For me, when the downloads or this energy coming through is really intense, it’s usually in response to, for me, anyway, it’s a response to a big question I’ve been asking. So, if I’ve been very curious, or if I’ve been opening up my creativity, I get a sort of surge of energy in reply. And one of the things we talk about in Reiki is that Reiki is energy, but it’s also information, because it’s tied to, sort of, this “fabric of the Universe.” 

So, as you start moving more and more energy through your system, you also get access to greater and greater amounts of information. But it’s almost like that energy or the answer to your questions, or that, sort of, you know, if you’ve been putting out a call and asking for guidance, in particular, there’s a response with the energy. And so, sometimes you feel this very big surge. 

And for me, sometimes it feels like my Crown Chakra at the top of my head has taken in a big gulp of water. So, like, when you swallow really hard and really fast, and it’s like, there’s just a really, it’s almost like, pressure, it’s not like a headache, it’s more like a sensation of fullness, it might be tied to a feeling of heat, or sort of rushing energy going through my body. It’s intense, but it’s not necessarily uncomfortable. So, if you’re going into discomfort, and there’s a headache or anything like that, and like, check with your doctor, always, you know!

NR: [laughs]

GR: Double-check that you don’t have something, like, genuinely neurological going on with you. But you know, if you’re otherwise healthy, and you actually kind of feel okay, you’re just finding that, it’s almost like this sensation wattage, you know, of how much you’re experiencing of the world around you. 

You might find that your perception of colours and light and other people’s energy has all of a sudden gotten louder, almost like, the dim hum that’s been in your head has, all of a sudden, been silenced, and the messages that have been trying to get through are sort of shouting at full volume. 

You know, sort of like when you’re out and talking and they’re sort of in a group setting and everybody’s sort of chatting, and then all of a sudden, people aren’t chatting and the voice gets very loud – it’s sort of like that, you know – this sort of sudden increase in, kind of, your perception of the information. 

That’s kind of the way I feel these downloads, and I always use them as a cue to go and sit and meditate and get my journal nearby. So, I love sort of just sitting with the energy and just noticing it. And the more I sit with it, the more it will start to flow down through my body, like you had said, with the Chakras, and almost think of it as, like, if I’ve got a lot of energy up by my head, I almost want to let my levels settle out.

Like, all of my Chakras were these cylinders of different colours, liquids of water, and you took the barriers out between them, and you just want all of the energy levels to be equal, you know. And it might sort of slosh back and forth a bit as the energy gets, basically out of compression, and into a state of flow. 

Because it’s when we move, like you’d said, like was when we move that energy through all of our Chakra system, and, is when we can really connect in with what that message truly is. And then we can come from a grounded state. 

And it’s not about shutting off the flow of energy or information or answers, because that’s kind of not what you want. You want to connect to this. It’s a process that’s been started by you. Your guides, your team, just don’t dump energy randomly on people who aren’t ready for it. [laughs] While some people might be disagreeing with me right now, like, you wouldn’t be experiencing it if you weren’t ready for, sort of, this levelling up with your connection to the Divine. 

But that’s kind of one part of how I feel it and sense it. For you, like, when you get an energy download, sort of, how do you feel it and you know, in your body, the sensation of it, that sort of thing?

NR: Kind of similar to what you kind of experienced is again, it doesn’t feel like it’s so, like, yeah, that uncomfortableness, it’s kind of just more of, like, okay, there’s the big message I’m kind of meant to receive. So, just accepting it. 

20:46  Writing in your journal to interpret the energy.

But for me, yeah, like, I really need to kind of move it through, because I feel like if I leave it up in my headspace a little bit too much, then it gets all convoluted, right? When I get the massive, intense energy coming in, I like to write in my journal, for sure. That’s a really good exercise that I found that helps me. It just brings that clarity to whatever that message I’m meant to get from that moment, or what my team or spirit guides are wanting me to know. 

And yeah, I find the most clarity when I do that, because then I’ll read it back. And it’s like, you’re in a different state. Right? Like, it’s not you, but it’s like processing through you. And I found a lot of people comment that, too, where they’re like, “It’s not like, I don’t feel like it’s me.” And it’s like, “Well, because it’s the Divine.” Like, it is you, you’re part of the Divine, you are the Divine, but it’s a higher consciousness that’s coming through you with these messages. So, it’s really neat to hear that, too, when that happens. 

And yeah, but I will get that kind of tingling and just that need to move. So, when that happens, I write and I walk. [laughs] I’m a mover.

GR: Mm-hmm. Yeah, yeah, definitely things that move your body and your breath and gets you in nature. And yeah, yoga is fantastic for moving that energy. And Reiki too, because Reiki is a generally downward energy flow from the Crown, through all of the Chakra centres, down to the Root. 

And so, it can help with processing the energy so that it’s not just, like you said, built up by your head and sort of milling about there and, you know, in the space where your ego could get a hold of it and create a story that might be strange, you know. [laughs] 

22:46  What are the Chakras?

So, and even just like moving things through the Chakras, like, for those of you who maybe aren’t as familiar with the Chakras, the Chakras are like energy centres that are connected to pretty much every major organ centre in your body. 

So, there’s the Crown Chakra at the top of your head. The Third Eye Chakra, which is sort of responsible for your intuition, at your brow. There’s the Throat Chakra at your throat, your Heart Chakra, and your Solar Plexus Chakra in your upper belly. Your Sacral Chakra in your lower belly, and then your Root Chakra at the base of your spine. 

And these centres are all connected by what in Reiki we call the Hara Line, which is sort of the central channel of flow of energy. In yoga, it’s called the Sushumna. And that channel basically helps all of these different energy centres communicate with each other and flow energy from one part of our system to the other. But they’re also awake and alive and attuned to different parts of our lives. 

And when we’re talking about processing that energy download, we’re basically taking that energy information and very gently letting it go through every single Chakra and letting every Chakra interpret it, because it’s going to interpret another piece of it. 

So, you know, the energy, once it’s hit your Heart Chakra, is probably going to tell you a lot about compassion and how to bring this greater self-love and awareness into your life. At the Root Chakra, it might not only be well-grounded, but it will, you’ll have a practical sense of how to put this energy and this guidance into practical action. 

The thing that I find with people is that – and probably because we live in a very, like, doing-based culture – where, as soon as you get the energy, you want to leap immediately to action. And I find that quite challenging to keep ourselves from immediately acting on something that we’ve just got. And so, sometimes when people are in this process and they’re new to spiritual awakenings, they kind of get a little bit erratic, you know. [laughs] And they, and it can be disruptive to your life, but it also can be quite joyful. 

But what I find is most stable and what I love about Reiki as a practice is that it’s a very stable way of activating your Chakra system and integrating it is that it brings it down into very, like, sort of practical and worldly, “Okay, now what do I do? How do I take this from just being an idea of, like, ‘Hey, did you know that the Universe is everywhere, and we’re never outside of the Universe, and we’re part of the Universe and the fabric of the Universe is love.’ So, that means that who I am, the core of me and all of my atoms are vibrating with love. And love is all there is. And it’s everywhere, and we’re all connected to everything,” is a wonderful feeling to be in. 

It’s even more wonderful when we can integrate it down all the way to our roots, all the way to our feet. And then we can start to make stuff and create stuff and build programs and reach out to different people, and actually put it – that, sort of, compassion – into action, which is, you know, where we get, like, amazing changes and social movements and bringing that light to the world, really. You get to make stuff, you get to share stuff, you get to understand this energy in a deeper way, so then you can start talking about it with other people who might not have a clue what you’re talking about. [laughs] 

So, but that’s sort of where I sit with it, but that, like, how does that sit with you, Natalija?

27:08  How Reiki can help you move through your energy and feelings.

NR: I feel like that was all, encompassed, all of it. But, and yeah, and just bringing it to the Reiki again, like, it’s just, Reiki is really great for that. And I tell, you know, anyone, that no matter what you’re going through, or what have you, even if you just want an energy boost, like, it’s good to just come in for a Reiki session for yourself. 

But also, book some Reiki sessions. They’re good to come in, especially when you’re moving through that, when you don’t necessarily, you might not necessarily know like, you know, “I know meditation, but how do I really use meditation to get me through this?” You know, and it’s okay if you, you know, need support in that. And it’s all about building that community. 

And like you said, kind of like, sharing Reiki with others and kind of opening that up and connecting with communities and people who are well-versed in that that can help you move through that. And that’s the lovely part about Reiki, and what I just naturally find, because I feel like that’s, you know, Reiki bringing us back to, you know, how do you get to Reiki? Reiki kind of finds you. And they come in, and they’re like, you know, “I think this is where I’m meant to be.” Right? And then they come in and you help move through that. And it helps move you through that. 

And like you said, you kind of want to just ground and connect that and not be so quick to jump to, “Ah, energy! Let’s go do something with it!” Where, and that’s the beauty with Reiki as well, because I find once I’m grounding them, like from their hips down and really in that Root Chakra, that’s when all the messages are coming through for them. 

That’s when they’re like, after the session in the debrief, they’re like, “You know, this makes more sense,” or, “I need to focus on this,” or, “I’m gonna start taking steps here.” And it’s like, that’s exactly what, you know, that energy or those messages were trying to tell you, and kind of what you were meant to hear and know for that moment in time. 

And then, you know, the next session or next moment can look completely different, right, but that would be the biggest thing that I would tell anyone anyways. Like, if you’re going through that and not really sure what to do with it, come for a Reiki session. Just like when you’re not feeling well but don’t know what’s going on with you and you go to the doctor just for a checkup, it never hurts. Or just like an energy checkup, right? 

So, help you move through that, but also, like, help you learn more about yourself and what you’re calling in. Because you’re right, it is everything that you’re calling in. And you’re meant to, kind of, go through those energies as sometimes shocking or surprising it can feel when they happen for you. 

GR: I agree, and it’s also, I think, incredibly valuable to have another intuitive person hold space for you.

NR: Yes.

GR: And what I find, often, you know, with Reiki sessions, we definitely share, sort of, as practitioners, we share what we get, you know, in terms of our intuitive guidance and what’s happening with the person’s energy. And sometimes it comes through as, you know, sort of, recommendations for self-care, or different messages sometimes come through for the practitioner when we’re doing Reiki sessions for others. 

So, I often find that that is such a huge support for people, because then, it’s almost like I’m not telling them anything new, which I think is so wild, is that they’ve already heard this message. But it’s, when you’re first starting out, you know, strengthening your intuition, you’re like, “Well, maybe that was just wishful thinking that I’m, like, truly a lovable being and everything I do is fine.” [laughs] You know? 

Because it’s so contrary to the inner critic, which is saying, “Nothing you do is fine. You’re never going to be good enough, ever.” And those voices are so loud. And as you start doing this healing work from any angle, maybe even starting with, you know, affirmations and the work with Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life book, you know, when people start doing their spiritual, and just, healing work in general, it starts opening them up to all of these different ways of thinking and being and, which are quite lovely. 

But it’s nice to have another human being with a physical presence say, “No, I heard them say you’re loving and lovable, over and over and over and over again, the entire session.” And it’s so nice to get that reflection back. 

Or if somebody’s, like, “I think that’s my Dad, you know, sending me signs and signals.” And I’m like, and when we confirm, you know, through our own intuition, it’s like, “Yes, that is your Dad. And he is looking out for you and he is connecting with you and sending you love from afar, even though he might not be in a physical body anymore.” We, experiencing these things, and we’ve learned over time to trust them. 

And, you know, and we do the same thing. We combine that into our intuitive readings here as well. So, we’re sort of connecting into, sort of, this Divine information. But for me, what’s really cool is really working with the person who’s getting the reading, their own intuition. 

And I’m such a big believer that everybody is their own spiritual authority, and has their own connection to their own truth. And I love it when I do a reading or even, you know, discussing the session at the end of Reiki, of just, sort of, going through it and saying, like, “This is what I got,” and having the person go, “Yes! Yes, that’s totally it, or, “That resonates,” or, you know, because truth resonates deep within. There’s a resonance like a bell ringing inside you. 

Sometimes you get this, sort of, like, head-to-toe shivers or chills or things that just, it just sits right, it just feels right. And when we listen to that intuitive feeling, the more and more we listen to it, I find the better and better life tends to go. And that when we don’t listen to our deep, intuitive selves, that’s when things go haywire. 

And that’s definitely for me. I don’t know, how about you, Natalija? [laughs]

33:34  The benefits of getting readings from other people.

NR: We’re human. So, there’s, you know, sometimes you kind of go against your intuition or you’re like, “Hmm, like, let’s try it this way,” right? And then you, but you know, you have that internal knowing, where it’s like, you can hear that voice. 

And that’s another, all the many reasons why I love Reiki so much, too. It’s reiterating again, just kind of that it’s helping you build your intuition with yourself and building that trust, you know. And sometimes it’s nice when you’re on that journey to just have someone else be like, “Yes!” Kind of confirm that for you and validate that for you and help you, you know, distinguish what your connection with your intuition or what your connection with receiving messages or the Divine looks like, right, because you can kind of scale that. 

But the more that you get into that practice and journey, the more that you can kind of know. And Reiki and connecting with other intuitive people just helps strengthen that, so it’s really, I love that too, at the deeper use of a Reiki session. 

And it’s just like, “How did you know that?” or like, “I sensed that too.” And it’s also, I think, confirming for them too that it’s like, wow, like, if your intuition is that much, kind of, you know, “on the money” or can pick up on that, then I think it also kind of helps them believe that like, “Oh yeah, so what I was feeling is right,” or like, “Me coming to this Reiki session was right,” or, “Me thinking these energies might have something to do with this, but I’m not fully sure.” It’s like, all of that stuff kind of connects. So, yeah.

GR: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it’s definitely nice to have that sort of reflection back. You know, that’s what I love about, you know, getting readings and getting Reiki from other people is because you can’t, just like you can’t … 

NR: You can’t get enough! [laughs]

GR: You can’t see your own blind spot, right? You can’t see the back of your head. [laughs] You know? And, you know, it’s sort of like, why do you go to a hairdresser? It’s because your arms don’t bend that way. Right? Like, you can probably do your hair pretty well, but the back is always gonna look better when somebody else does it, because of just the angle, right? 

Or, the same thing of, like, if you get a massage, right, like, you can massage your own shoulders, but boy, is it nice to get somebody else to help you. And I find that is such a nice thing too, because you can kind of relax a little bit. You get support and guidance, you know. For Reiki, it helps you move the energy. 

So, if you find that the energy is getting stuck, or maybe there’s some pain or trauma in your lower chakras that’s sort of blocking the full grounding of this intense energy, you know, Reiki can really open that, all of that up. And then the intuitive readings are amazing for just helping people sort of getting that reflection back of, “Where are things going, and what do I need to be doing now to connect with what I want?” So, yeah.

NR: Yeah, no. And the same for me, like when things are sitting, kind of, a little too stagnant, or if I just can’t, kind of, move it on my own, I know now to just book in a Reiki session or to book in a reading, and it’s nice, right? Like, it’s, we could do it, you know, once you have a good relationship with your intuition and opening up that channel, but it’s nice to kind of take that self-care, too, right? 

Where you don’t have to, it’s almost, I almost feel like I always tell people, it’s like, “I could do it, but then it feels like you’re working overtime.” Like, why not just, why not just take some time off and just, like, let yourself receive, too, right, because even though you can do that for people and hold that space for people, it’s nice to give it back to yourself and receive that. 

And at LunaHolistic, you know, there’s many, many talented, intuitive folk. So, yeah, I always love doing that. It’s definitely part of my self-care. And I book in Reiki sessions and readings, and [it’s] just fun to experience other people’s messages and how they perceive the energies around you and stuff. It’s, I never get tired of that.

GR:Yeah. It’s sort of like, when you come in and you get a session, it’s like, you get to check if your compass is still pointing north, you know, because you get to compare it to somebody else’s compass, that you trust their ability to orient to the Divine, right? It’s like that signal check. Like, “I feel like I’m getting this information. How does that sit with you? Like, how, what are you getting around the same thing?” 

And I find it really can help progress people through their, sort of, expansion and healing journey. It’s really, it’s been a huge thing for me, for sure. Yeah. 

NR: Yeah, ’cause no matter where you’re at, like, we’re all on the journey, right? And it never ends. And it’s so, like, even practitioners or just everyone, right, you just keep learning and you keep evolving, and you kind of keep getting that support and building that community where you’re like, oh, yeah, you know. And then you never stop learning. You never stop moving through things and it’s always moving and going. It’s nice.

GR: So good. So good. Well, thank you so much, Natalija, for being here with me today. I’ve loved our talk.

NR: Listen, you’re so welcome. I’m happy to be here and just chatting about all of this. It’s just, I love it. I love it, and I love when people are exploring energy for the first time, or if you’re really been on it for years into your practice and healing journey. It’s just, it never gets old. So, thanks for having me.

GR: Yeah, you’re welcome. Have a good day, everyone, and we’ll see you next time. Bye!

NR: Bye!


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