Geneva Robins and Natalija Radovanovic chat in this podcast episode about the intense energy that can be generated as you awaken your intuition. The energy can sometimes be very powerful and challenging to manage and understand. With a few simple strategies, you can protect your sensitivity and continue leading your full, rich life in the 3D world.

Both Natalija and Geneva are very familiar with this powerful download energy in their work as intuitive readers. Activating your psychic powers, what we call your intuition at your third eye chakra, can be a wild ride. Still, we have several tips and strategies that help you stabilize this energy flow. 

The Universe will connect you to the best resources at the perfect time

You come into Reiki when you are meant to. There are these perfect-timing moments. You connect to these Divine synchronicity moments as you begin to build your spiritual practice. The more you sit in meditation and move your body to your breath in yoga and other practices, the more likely you will just stumble into your spirituality. You might have a sudden awakening of your intuition and connection to the Divine.

This might be new and even unsettling at first, but don’t worry, we are well practiced at helping others ground this energy and make sense of the messages they are getting from Spiritual downloads.

How do I handle the intense energy as I open up to my intuition?

Sometimes you get connected to this very, very intense flow of light and energy, almost like information downloads. You might get really strong feelings and guidance when you’re opening up your spiritual practice.

People get sort of suddenly and rapidly connected to their spiritual team, and they start hearing this guidance in their heads. The energy is so strong they can’t ignore it anymore; they have to take action, but they don’t quite know where the guidance is taking them. 

It’s definitely a departure from what you would normally experience, and it can be an unsettling thing. But it’s okay! We can help you navigate this new and exciting phase of your life.

Sitting with the rapid increase in spiritual energy

When Natalija sees clients who are going through those big, massive shifts or spiritual awakenings, she cheers and celebrates. She likes to remind them that this is a new space for them and a new time for connection. 

The downloads and messages come in pretty hot and fast, and there’s not much else you can do; just practice receiving it. Really sit with the downloads and energy; it’s all aligned with your highest good. You’re meant to get those messages. 

To sit with the energy, spend a few minutes every day in silent meditation. Just feel the energy and be open to the love, support and guidance it carries. Let the energy flow through without resisting it, and be patient. Just like a downloaded file, you need to wait till the full energy of the message is received before you can make sense of it.

Take a notebook with you wherever you go. Spend a few moments every day simply writing in your journal. Don’t edit or cross anything out. Just let the experience flow through. Document what you are experiencing in your journal because sometimes, just writing it down, it begins to make sense.

What is a spiritual download?

It’s almost like an energy surge. When the downloads or spiritual energy coming through is really intense, it’s usually in response to a big question or opening up your creativity. As you start moving more and more energy through your system, you also get access to greater and greater amounts of information. 

If you’ve been putting out a call and asking for guidance, in particular, there’s a response with the energy. And so sometimes you feel this very big surge. 

It might feel like your crown chakra, at the top of your head, has taken in a big gulp of water. It’s almost like pressure, but it’s not a headache; it’s more like a sensation of fullness that might be tied to a feeling of heat or rushing energy going through the body. 

It’s intense, but it’s not necessarily uncomfortable. So if you’re going into discomfort, and there’s a headache or anything like that, check with your doctor. But if you’re otherwise healthy and you actually feel okay, then it’s probably simply a spiritual awakening. 

It’s almost like this sensation, or wattage of how much you’re experiencing the world around you, has suddenly increased. You might find that your perception of colours, light, and other people’s energy suddenly gets louder. The ego has been silenced, and the messages from Spirit that have been trying to get through are shouting at full volume. It can feel like a sudden increase in your perception of the information. That rush of energy is a cue to go and sit and meditate and get your journal nearby. 

Check in with your physical well being

One of the first things we recommend is to make sure you are attending to your physical needs and environment. Big rushes of energy can sometimes feel like you are floating, so it’s important to nurture your body. Get lots of rest, eat nourishing and healthy foods, and drink fresh water. 

Sometimes simply tending to your physical environment can reorient you to your aligned and whole state. This attention to the present moment and your physical needs won’t stop the flow of energy. It helps you begin moving the energy through so you can start to make sense of it.

If in doubt, check in with a medical professional. Accessing more spiritual energy feels intense, but there is no physical discomfort. It feels important and meaningful, but the messages are always loving and supportive. If it is a frightening or painful experience, it is important to check on your physical and mental well-being. Spiritual downloads, even big ones, still make you feel good physically.

Grounding Meditations to integrate

Doing the grounding meditations will help to lessen that load of energy. Grounding helps you tap into the stabilizing energy of the earth and will help support the smooth expansion of the experience.

Once you ground and connect the energy to all your chakras, you can gain the understanding you are seeking. Try out our Tree Meditation or our Grounding Meditation to help you flow the energy and information through.

Gentle releasing activities, such as writing in a journal, meditating or doing yoga, will let it process. Even walking can ground you. You’re still moving that energy. It’s important to move that energy because it will not get any less intense if it’s just sitting there. 

Slowing down is one of the biggest things. After all, in those moments when the energy is flowing in, it might not feel totally comfortable because it is all so new. You’ll continue processing it by becoming still in meditation and reflection in your journal. The more you sit with it, ground and connect with it and try to find what messages are in there, it will help you move through those waves a little bit easier. 

Move the energy through your chakras

When you move the energy through your chakras and ground it, you let the wisdom within each of your chakras help you understand the fullness of the message.

Because when you do get those massive downloads, or when you’re open up to the Divine, and your intuition in your third eye chakra is massively open, you’re working your upper energies and upper chakras. If you leave the energy there, it can create an imbalance. Reiki can help you to process it physically through the rest of your energy centers. 

The chakras are energy centers connected to every major organ center in your body and help you with different parts of your life. You can think of them as different parts of your spiritual intelligence. 

The crown chakra at the top of your head helps you with spiritual connection. The third eye chakra at your brow is responsible for your intuition. The throat chakra helps you with communication and listening. Your heart chakra is the centre for love and compassion. 

The solar plexus chakra in your upper belly helps you with willpower, confidence and identity. Your sacral chakra, in your lower belly, helps you with knowing your value, worthiness, and creativity. The root chakra at the base of your spine helps you with order, structure, routines, and safety. 

These centers are connected by the Hara line, the central energy channel flowing through all the chakras. That channel helps all of your energy centers communicate with each other and flow energy from one part of your system to the other. In Reiki, we work extensively with the Hara line and the flow of energy through the chakras and the aura.

When we’re talking about processing that intense energy download, we’re basically taking that energy information and very gently letting it go through every single chakra and letting every chakra interpret it. Once it integrates your heart chakra, for example, the energy will probably tell you a lot about compassion and how to bring this greater self-love and awareness into your life. 

At the root chakra, the energy surge will become well-grounded, and you’ll have a practical sense of how to put this energy and guidance into practical action. 

You can check on the energy levels in your chakras with our Chakra Energy Quiz. This gives you a simple overview of where your levels are at and gives you even more information on restorative activities that help rebalance your energy.

Get help moving the intense energy

Sometimes you might need help sorting those messages out, and that is when it’s really good to come in for Reiki or an Intuitive Reading. 

While the energy is super big, Reiki can help you get back down to a manageable state for yourself. It feels like the information makes sense and plugs into the right places. 

When you come in for a Reiki Session or Intuitive Reading, you get to check if your intuitive compass is still pointing north. You get to compare your interpretation of the energy to somebody else’s. It’s like a signal check.

Going for a session or reading helps strengthen your own intuition by getting confirmation. We are often reiterating what you’re already receiving. And when we’re accurate with the message, you get an internal resonance feeling inside, or even shivers or goosebumps. Truth resonates like a bell ringing inside you.

You keep learning and evolving in your spiritual path. And it is so nice to get support along the way; we do the same! Asking for help and guidance from others is a big part of the practice and healing journey.


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