Connect with the Healing Force of Nature

In this guided tree meditation, you access the grounding and nourishing energy of the earth.

As you visualize and connect to the energy flow within a healing tree, you align all your chakras and balance your energy field, your aura.

This meditation is a favourite of our Reiki students! In fact, we’re posting it here by popular demand. 🙂 And we love the grounded feeling we get from just a few focused minutes.

Why do this one? It supports and balances your root chakra at the base of your spine. Your root chakra helps you feel supported, nurtured, and safe.

Tree Meditation

Tree Meditation - Guided Meditation -


Feel Calm and Grounded

One of the requests we hear most often from our clients is to feel calm and grounded. Really, don’t we all want that? We all need a space where we can breathe.

Meditation is so very important to your wellbeing. It gives you a chance to take a breath, find some calm, and press the reset button on your day.

As you incorporate just a few minutes of meditation into your self-care, you’ll begin to notice a real change taking place in your life.

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